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The lingam massage is not about orgasm it is about the journey in itself.   The Lingam massage is a whole sequence of techniques, strokes, and moves that massage the whole lingam (penis) and entire pelvis area. The best Massage Agency in London will supply you with a therapist that is highly skilled in this unique form of massage.

Does the lingam have pressure points?Lingam massage

A lingam massage can be a highly orgasmic therapy as well as a healing and nurturing process for the individual. It can be integrated into learning how to cultivate one’s seed. There are pressure points all around the lingam, penis area that promotes vitality and healing throughout the whole body.

Taoist Lingam Massage

Is it possible to learn how to harness and cultivate sexual energy in Lingam massage? Learning to circulate sexual energy can enhance your love-making abilities. In the Taoist traditions, they focus on the microcosmic orbit, which is an energy pathway that circulates around the body, the energy can travel around this circulate, building and re-energizing you.

Why is Lingam massage different from masturbation.?

During a massage session, movement and different techniques of touch provide energetic and orgasmic responses that are different from the usual ejaculation. They result in a kind of “dry” ejaculation known as a full body orgasm, it can also be multiple energetic orgasms. This is where you experience intense pleasure but are not left feeling depleted afterward.
During a Lingam massage, there is a complete integration of sensations: touching helps to spread consciousness throughout the body and focus it in the genital area.

What are the different types of lingam massage?

There are many types of lingam massage, but they are all a combination of many different movements, strokes, pressures, and techniques.
When sensuality and eroticism come into play, opinions sometimes differ widely from one another. For some, sensuality and eroticism have no place in the massage and for others, massage is a highly arousing journey that nourishes the soul. We are from the school of pleasure and believe that beautiful full-body massages or body2body sensual massages should be cumulated with a lingam massage, is heaven itself and should be enjoyed by all.

Advantage of Lingam Massage?

• Spiritual impact
Many men report after a lingam massage that they have not experienced anything like this in their life.
The pleasure spreads in waves from the epicenter in the lingam, penis to other body areas, allowing them to eliminate negative energy, thereby increasing spirituality and inner harmony.
• Promote physical health and relaxation
It provides benefits for mental and physical health and promotes relaxation and relaxation. This practice helps to neutralize the sources of feelings of fatigue and muscle blockage, stress, and eliminate tension.
• Increases potency and improves erectile function.
During a Lingam massage, there are powerful endorphins released into our body that promote a feeling of well-being. The endorphins bring us an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Some of the endorphins are called oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin, dopamine. These natural antidepressants create a sense of well-being, wholeness, and peace; a reduction of stress hormone level – cortisol.
Other benefits are;

• To prevents premature ejaculation.
• It noticeably improves hormonal levels,
• Improves blood circulation, ensuring a stable erection; normalizes lymph outflow.
• Incomparable pleasure.

Booking your Lingam massage with London’s best Massage Agency.

All our therapist’s photos are genuine and up to date, so you can be sure that the lingam massage therapist you pick on the website will be the therapist that greets you warmly at the door.
Having regular Lingam Massages has many benefits and is completely normal it should not be seen as a luxury, it is essential.

How do you find a good tantric masseuse for Lingam Massage?

Simple, consult The best Lingam massage Agency Tantric Massage London, we have listed London’s finest selection of Lingam Massage therapists for you, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

Lingam massage

Things to remember when booking an erotic massage with a lingam massage

• It is essential to have a good shower before starting any session with the masseuse. Luxury showering facilities are available with all the masseuses.
• There are different sessions, and it is best to make plenty of time for your appointment so you are not rushing and stressed.
• Do not worry about your session beforehand you can be sure that all our Lingam Massage specialists are experts and will make you feel calm and welcome. These feelings will then transcend into feeling blissful and joyous, you will leave your therapist completely transformed.


Where is the Best Area in London to get a Lingam Massage?


Bayswater W2 in London is the best place as there are a wide range and variety of masseuses in that area.

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The Art of Conscious Touch in Tantric Massage

The Art of Conscious Touch

The Art of Conscious Touch in Tantric Massage, when one experiences a conscious touch healing in a sensual massage, it communicates infinitely more to the body than spoken words.   When you receive a massage that is performed by a professional Tantric masseuse, you will experience a divine difference in the sensuality of the touch. This is due to the nature of the masseuse’s training and her mindful intention that she channels to you throughout the therapy.

Conscious Touch Can Speak a Thousand Words

The Energy in Conscious Touch

Conscious touch offers a gateway to awakening the life force energy within, connecting heart, soul, and sex.  How will you know when you experienced conscious touch?  If you have a sensual massage with The London Tantric Temple and you have also experienced massages from other therapy centers, you will know the innate difference we are describing. With the crescendo of sensations, you feel almost an electric pulse run through your body as you receive the touch in that moment. With a different style of massage therapy, the masseuses are not following the Tantric path thus not performing a sacred ritual.  A Tantric masseuse uses conscious Touch as she works from a space of true authentic selfless worship of the body.

Conscious TouchYou can experience conscious touch throughout many walks of life, it is not only within a sensual massage.

In fact, any person that touches another, with a loving mindful conscious intention, is touching consciously!  When we talk about conscious touch for the purpose of this article, we are relating it to the use of within a sensual massage.  But conscious touch can come in other forms for example a hug, not just any hug but a heartfelt true hug. The body reacts in such a way on a  neurological level, that our brain releases a chemical called oxytocin into our body. This is what makes us feel loved and connected and is sometimes known as the cuddle hormone.

There is an Indian Guru lady called ‘Mata Amritanandamayi’ if you google her, you will read that she has a huge fan club and travels all around the world with people paying her to hug them!

But the reason these hugs feel so amazing is because she is consciously channeling love at the same time, it is a form of ‘conscious touch’ as the bodies make contact. It is not a hug where her mind and heart are not involved, it is a hug where she consciously holds you within her mind, her body, and her spirit.

Many healers use conscious touch as its healing qualities are profoundly recognized within the results of alternative therapies.

How to give a Conscious Touch Sensual massage to your partner.

Invite your partner into the bedroom after you have created a beautifully soft and warm ambiance for them. Remember that preparation is key when performing a sensual massage at home.

Achieving Conscious Touch Through Mindful Meditation

As you are applying oil to your partner’s body, do not allow your mind to wander onto other things. This can be a challenge for some people as they often experience what we call the ‘monkey mind’ where they are unable to really focus on one thing for long and their mind brings up lots of different subjects jumping from one subject to another.

A proven technique for quietening the ‘monkey mind’ is to use breath and meditation. Start by using a technique called Prana Sukha, this is on a ratio of breathing in for 1 holding for 4, and releasing for 2.  This is one of the simplest Tantric breathes and is known to be the exact ratio for extracting the life force in the breath.   Put your full focus of thought on the feeling of your breath rising up into your nostrils and your chest expanding with the inhalation.  On the exhalation focus your attention on the air leaving through your lips and your chest falling. So, if you breathe in you focus your attention on the breath going up your nostrils and as you breathe out you blow the air out through your lips,  noticing the sensations as the air travels through your mouth and leaves through your lips.

This simple breath will bring you into your body and a very present feeling, off being in that moment and experiencing everything within that moment.

Another great way to experience; to give and receive conscious touch is by using a blindfold. If you are learning conscious touch and are the giver in this instance then by using a blindfold you are removing one of your senses. You will notice that if you start to massage your partner’s body with the blindfold on, it will be like you are touching them for the very first time.   You will experience a touch that is much deeper and more intriguing. When you remove one of your senses the others are heightened.

All of the sensations will be within your fingertips and your palms and you will be utterly conscious of every sensation.

A Conscious Touch Massage blindfolded is a fun and intimate exploration to do with your partner enhancing the loving connection. It opens new channels of communication and is also an excellent way to spend quality time together that is healing for both parties involved.

We invite you to practice touching with true mindful authentic loving intention, within your relationships from here on out.

To be mindful in all walks of life is most beneficial and likely to result in lasting feelings of happiness.  Learn to seize the beauty in the present moment, not only in the touch but in ALL that is.

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6 Steps to giving yourself a Tantric Massage in lockdown.

The Best Self-Massage in Lockdown.

Read on, we have listed below 6 vital steps to giving yourself a Tantric Massage in lockdown. Self-Massage when performed in a Tantric Massage ritual can be a phenomenally ecstatic journey. Okay not quite as heavenly as it would be if performed by a professional Tantric Massage Therapist, however in lockdown our mental, physical and emotional health is of the utmost importance.
Everyone needs to give themselves a Tantric Massage, self-massage style during lock-down.

lockdown stress

Depression in Lockdown

Over this last year, our planet has gone through so much and many people have been severely affected by the long periods of isolation. Depression has crept in for many as lockdown has taken its hold over the country and the whole world. Through raising our sexual energy through Tantric Massage, it is a proven scientific fact that when our vibration level is high it encourages our brains to release the pleasure endorphins the most commonly recognized ones are oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. When these chemicals flood our body as we journey through the tantric massage, this is what gives us lasting feelings of happiness, optimism, creativity, and a balanced feeling.

Tantric Massage, giving yourself sensual touch

Sensual touch is something that we all have the innate right to experience such pleasure. And I’m sure as many of you will have experienced during lockdown our bodies crave touch. We lay at night remembering having our previous Tantric Massages and realizing just how lucky we were to experience such freedom. If you are self-isolating, the thought of being able to pick up the phone and call Tantric Massage London for one of their exotic massages right now would be like the best thing that could ever happen in the entire world. No, you just have to sit and continue to gaze out of your window daydreaming about such past Tantric massage memories that feel like far-off fantasies from another realm.

Tantric Massage, giving yourself sensual touch

Self Massage

Sensual touch is something that we all have the innate right to experience such pleasure. And I’m sure as many of you will have experienced during lockdown our bodies crave touch.

We lay at night remembering having our previous Tantric Massages and realizing just how lucky we were to experience such freedom. If you are self-isolating, the thought of being able to pick up the phone and call Tantric Massage London for one of their exotic massages right now would be like the best thing that could ever happen in the entire world. No, you just have to sit and continue to gaze out of your window daydreaming about such past Tantric massage memories that feel like far-off fantasies from another realm.

So, let’s do a little Tantric Massage Exercise.

  1. First, find a nice and quiet space, preferably your bedroom! turn on some transient ambient music, not too loudly just so it is softly playing in the background.
  2. self massage candelsLight some candles its nice if you have candles with a fragrant scent or dim the lights at the very least. You will be surprised by the difference burning a candle makes to a room.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position closing your eyes taking a few deep breaths. As you take these deep breathes concentrate on how your body feels. Concentrate on the feeling of the fresh air going in your nostrils and how it hits the back of your throat. On the exhale notice the sensations as your body contracts when you push out the air, and how it feels going through your lips.  Next concentrate on your chest area, feeling your lungs expand with the intake of air and how they contract as you exhale, connecting with your muscles pushing out the contraction. This is a good technique to help you slide into your body and become very present in your physical being. It enables you to awaken into deepened self-awareness during your very own little Tantric Massage session.
  4. Take a moment to scan your emotional body to see what emotional sensations you feel in your stomach and your heart. Move now to breathing into any areas of discomfort.
  5. Now start to concentrate on relaxing each muscle in your body so you can start by relaxing the top of your head, your ears, your cheeks and do a mental list as you work down. So next letting your shoulders relax, let your back muscles relax. Go through a mental checklist of each piece of your body focusing on letting it hang loose and soften until you get to your legs and toes. Ensuring that you are breathing into each area as you focus on relaxing it.
  6. Your self-Tantric Massage Begins: Starting at the top of your body, but this time using your fingers and palms to massage the scalp area. Tantric Massage is conscious touch, so as you massage your scalp, drink in every tingle on your scalp and hands as you slowly make a shampooing motion all over your scalp and taking time to notice how your skin feels when it’s being touched and caressed. Make love to your scalp through your hands, touching with Tantric conscious self massage

Move around your face just massaging your cheeks your eyebrows and your temples you can use a combination of soft-touches. Also, try a friction motion to awaken the sensation on your face by rubbing your hands all over your face to awaken the pockets of numbness.

Neck and Chest Massage

Now move down to your neck and your chest if you come to your chest area if you’re a female this is a highly arousing area for Tantric Massage. You could use oil if you like, or feathers? or both. Gently and softly drinking in every moment of ecstatic pleasure and breathing deeply with each of your massage strokes.

Arm Massage

Next, you can move onto your shoulders and your arms, listen to where your body is calling you.

Listen to how your body tells you what it needs and be guided by your own intuition. Tantric Massage is a very intuitive journey of adoration and pleasure.

Allow your hands to wander and explore perhaps your subconscious is leading you to your stomach area.

Abdomen Massage

It is best when performing a Tantric Massage to always massage in a clockwise motion on the abdomen. Start with small circles around the bellybutton expanding into wider circles.

And allow your massage to flow in sync with the areas that your body calls to.

Remember take time, there is no rush. A tantric massage is one thing in life you should never rush. Perhaps your body will guide you to your more intimate areas?

Lingam or Yoni Massage

You are in the sacred space completely safe and completely Private if your body calls for you to massage your Yoni or Lingam then nourish your vessel with what it needs.

Remember you cannot be of service to others if your cup is empty you need to fill your own cup sometimes.

This is about you giving your body the nourishment, love, and tenderness that it deserves.

So, allow your fingers to be led by your instinctual desires, if this heightens your arousal sensations and leads into the orgasmic then go with the flow.


Orgasmic Energy

There are different types of journeys into the orgasmic, some are high vibration frequencies of pleasure, tingles, and waves that ride for some time on an energetic level, some are blissful relaxing high vibrational states. And some of course are the conventional orgasm.

With a Tantric Massage, there is no goal, only the experience of whatever is.

I encourage you to complete your-self Tantric Massage for at least 15 to 20 minutes minimum and then once you feel fully held, draw to a close.

Take some time to just lie back and float, just being.


Remember to breathe deeply throughout your massage this will ensure you are utterly present and can expand your experiences through conscious touch.

Tantric Massage is an integrative self-awareness, allowing strength to regenerate and inspires clarity of mind.

Once you are out of self-isolation give Tantric Massage London a call and book yourself in, remember massage is not a luxury it is essential for your health and well-being.

Tantric Massage London’s Mission

Our Mission, to work towards global healing, the planet needs conscious- touch more than ever before. We aim to make Tantric Massage an accessible pleasure to all humankind.

Feel free to contact us if you wish for more information on our selection of Tantric Massage Therapists.

0203 773 8374

We are a team of dedicated Tantra Massage professionals. we offer a wealth of knowledge accumulated from over 15 years of experience in the practice and development of Tantric massage. We are leaders in the field and pioneers in the on-going development of Neo-Tantra.

This article is a guide to help all our beloved fellow humans who have suffered in the isolation of lockdown. To invite them into the nourishment of self-massage to raise sexual energy and nourish the soul.

These 6 steps can be practiced by anyone at any time to enter the awakened realms of ecstatic pleasure. It is a scientifically proven fact that receiving pleasure encourages our brain to release serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. These chemicals are what keep us mentally happy and feeling balanced.

Self Tantric Massage

Check out this lovely music for your self-massage SENSUAL MUSIC

Tantric Massage Central London

tantric massage london logo

Tantric Massage Central London

Nowadays, most people opt to relieve their daily work stress through an effective solution or treatment. Well, instead of going for other options, there is an increasing trend towards natural and holistic treatment. There is a range of therapeutic massages or customary massage techniques to make you feel thrilled both physically and emotionally. One of the most renowned Tantric Massage Central London is a massaging technique that assists to get rid of stress and relax your body, mind, and soul.

Tantric massages permits you to submit to pleasure, assisting you to discover the off switch for your ever busy mind, to redeem an enduring relaxation, learning to obtain pleasure, without having to offer anything in return, which can be a remedial experience. Our sessions using slow, soothing, sensual massage strokes, massaging each point of the whole body, holistic in the most real feeling, the sessions similarly comprise body to body massage performances, then emphasize on balancing energy in the entire body, particularly heart and base chakra, preparing you up for a passionate, powerful and completely distinct body experience.

This method links sexual energy with spiritual energy for the intention of spiritual restoring and illumination. The London Tantric Temple Group is a worldwide renowned massage agency for offering Tantric Massage in central London in the past decade. If you are in search for the best massage therapist then head to Tantric massage Central London for the ideal stress and muscle tension antidote giving you nothing but complete relaxation. Our highly experienced and well-renowned massage therapists flawlessly deliver their prowess to absolutely and undoubtedly meet all of your bodywork needs.

Tantric Massage Central London appreciates the value of their visitors; to go give you the Tantric massage wherever we offer off-the-shelf services by bringing the experience to you. In your own environment, you get to experience our quality services. A Tantric Massage is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind experience for clients to fulfill pure ecstasy, pleasure, and refined sensual delights. Erotic Massage London employs a blend of petal of roses, soft candle lights, feathers, scented oils, stones, and different body touches to create absolute relaxation healing vibes to stimulate your soul and body, as well as give you the ultimate massage experience. Every one of our masseuses is beautiful with an excellent physique for spontaneous magic that provides you a sense of awareness so as to give you peace of mind and drive you to realize the utmost pleasure, contentment, and delight.

The Tantric Massage Central London, you will receive a wide range of massage therapies comprising Nuru Massage, Adult Massage, Body to Body Massage, Sensual Massage, Erotic Massage, as well as Happy Ending Massage. Tantric Massage Central London services make you feel more inspired, relaxed, leaving you with positive energy for a joyous moment. Whereas every range of body massages possesses its individual perks, a Tantric Massage Central London leads because we stimulate the body, spiritual and sexual strength of each of our distinguished clients. Couples may pick to take this massage together, having a long-lasting impact on their relationship as husband and wife.

Tantric Massage Central London ~ Massage Central London ~ Tantric Massage in central London

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Tantric Massage In Central London

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Some general in formation on getting a Tantric Massage when visiting Central London

Tantric massage is one of the greatest experiences you can have and one of the best places to get one is London. With lots of different therapists to choose from, this city is the perfect place to get one.

 If you are not sure what to expect, here is a little information on getting a Tantric massage in central London.

Just like a traditional massage parlour, you will find establishments in central London to be set up very similar. Unlike a traditional massage, Tantric massage is both sensual and relaxing. This form of massage therapy has been practiced for hundreds of years and recently it.

Some more Tantric Massage facts.

Tantric massage has been used, throughout history, for medical and erotic purposes.

Central London is the Mecca, the International Global heart of England. If you visit Central London be sure to seek out a Tantric Temple and treat yourself to an amazing gift. 

Part of a Tantric Massage is a delicious full naked body massage, the main idea behind this practice that combines sexual energy with traditional massage techniques is to awaken the seven energy centres.

The energy centres, also known as chakras, are located along the spine. The masseuse aligns these to release the energy stored within, allowing blocked energy to unravel and flow throughout the body; from the base of the spine and rising throughout the rest of the body. When finding a Tantric massage in Central London, there are health benefits that can be achieved such as improved breathing and relaxed body and mind can be drawn from tantra massage.

London Tantric Massage Centres often have session that usually combine with breathing techniques, these are called pranayama,. The aim is to move energy throughout the body more effectively. A regular performance of the combination improves alertness and exercising capabilities. Improved relaxation and breathing are also known to improve the healing time from diseases and injury.

On relaxing the body and mind, tantric massage can be used to relieve emotional pain. Many people have reported reduced feelings of guilt and fear a receiving a tantric massage. Some people have also said that they feel more alert and energetic. With this, they are more active during the day and have a sound sleep at night.

Lovers can derive immense benefits tantric massage when used a method of creating sexual arousal. When performed between couples, the technique is beneficial in strengthening their connection and lead to a more intimate moment. Sexual arousal can also happen when getting a tantra massage from a professional. In such case, it is important to inform the masseuse of any feelings of intimate sensations that make you uncomfortable.

With tantric massage, people with sexual problems such as low libido and premature ejaculation, are able to enjoy optimum sexual pleasure. This is mainly due to how slowed down and focused the process is; much less than how we are used to. The improved breathing techniques also has a role to play in the control of men’s sexual performance, as far as tantric massage is concerned.

Whenever in the need for some therapy, just to release tension and stress, or whether you need some sensual and erotic therapy, professional tantric massage is the way to go. In the UK, the city of London is known worldwide for this kind of massage.

Tantric Massage in Central London offers the finest and complete erotic massage therapy. This is the place to find extensively experienced and sexy masseuses that will offer you a wide range of tantra style massage services. With a wide variety of therapists to choose from, tantric massage in London will not only give you an unforgettable experience but also leave you energetic and rejuvenated.

London Tantric Massage ~ Tantric Massage in Central London ~ Massage in Central London ~ Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage in London W1

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Tantric Massage in London W1

Hi my name is Adam and I am a reporter, writer and life experience traveller. I was in fact travelling up to West London W1 for a business meeting and was booked into a rather plush hotel.

I actually live in Kent, so had travelled all the way up to London and I was somewhat jaded after the long journey to be honest.

On arriving at my hotel in West London W1, I called my friend John complaining of backache and total tiredness. He just listened to me, when I stopped talking to wait for his comforting message, but he just burst out laughing!

This caught me by surprise and I could not understand what was funny with what I just told him. I even got mad and almost cursed him. He told me that I just so happened to be staying right next to the ‘London Tantric temple’, where I would be able to get the best Tantric Massage in West London, well not just West London, the whole of London, but yes it was on my doorstep!

He asked me whether I have massages, and I immediately answered that I don’t do massage! He answered with a voice that clearly said, “really dude?”. John then told me that one of his favourite life’s joys is to go for his tantric massage, but none beats tantric massage in London w1,

He gave me the contact to The Tantric Temple, apparently known for being the best tantric massage parlour in London. I was hesitant at first. The thought of its kind of scared me to say the least, who would be waiting in there for me? What would it be like?.

After a long debate with my inner self, I finally decided to give tantric massage in London a try. I dialled the phone number and a sweet and relaxed voiced picked up the phone.

I enquired about their tantric services and they informed me they offered sensual therapy, for both sexes. I was informed that the massage therapist will massage me from head 2 toe.

Tantric massage West London W1The sweet voice went ahead to tell me the benefits of tantric massage which include relaxing the muscles, relaxing the mind. I immediately made the decision to visit their tantric temple in central London W1 for a tantric massage, why not?!

Within half an hour, I was there as I entered, the door was opened by a beautiful woman with a swanlike neck, she was elegant and had hypnotic seductive eyes.  She introduced herself to me as Penelope, and she beckoned me in to follow her up the hall and into her Tantric massage Parlour. I felt swept away to faraway lands with the exotic ambience.

I was invited to take a quick shower and then, yes the moment came!

I wish you could see the smile I am wearing as I type this, the first touch by the beautiful and skilled masseuse took me to heaven literally. I can’t remember when I closed my eyes, but the feeling travelled deep into my veins. It felt some energy generating from a point that I could not exactly tell you and then travelling throughout my body. This is how I spent my whole hour, in total bliss.

The entire experience was absolutely mind blowing, from the moment I arrived to the moment I only left (and I didn’t want to leave, ever).

I have since then referred my friends for tantric massage London w1.

If you find yourself in Central London the try the Tantric Temple and have the best Tantric Massage in London W1.

best tantric massage parlour in London ~ tantric massage in London w1 ~ tantric massage ~ tantric massage London w1 ~ best tantric massage in London W1