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Nuru Massage In London

Nuru massage London | London Nuru Massage

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Right now let’s start by explaining what a good NURU MASSAGE actually is. ! A London Nuru Massage is a slow and sensual massage in essence, but the element that gives it the super twist is, that a nuru massage is performed with Japanese Nuru Oil. Your deluxe treatment by London’s leading massage experts is a full body massage performed in the nude, it is a Nude Erotic Massage style.

Nuru Massage basics

Once you arrive at the door to one of our beautiful Nuru therapist’s apartments, you will be warmly welcomed in by your charming seductive goddess.

You are offered the option to take a shower or simply slip into something a little more comfortable.

Nuru Massage In London is performed on either a PVC mattress or PVC sheet over the bed (or table if you prefer), towels are some times preferred by clients, whatever you wish is okay. The room will have soft lighting to create a beautiful ambience and will be nice and toasty, warmth is essential. Each room has light aromatic fragrances of exotic seduction subtly wafting in the air.

The main ingredients are the NURU MASSAGE is performed using Nuru Gel and your therapist is skilled in massage as she uses her whole body in this treatment with the infamous exotic body slides.

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What is a Nuru Massage Body Slide?

Not every body can do a beautiful body slide, it takes strength, agility, intuitiveness and an ability to touch with presence. Your therapist applies the Nuru Gel to her body also, and will slide and glide all over you in a very slow, sensual and erotic technique. This creates a connection in a way that is indescribable in words it is something that is just felt. The only way to try to put it into words is to say ‘when 2 bodies become one’ the intimacy experienced is incredible.

Nuru Massage balances the body on many levels and releases stress. It builds sexual energy to phenomenal levels until it cascades in waves of passion and the pleasure endorphins flow uncontrollably leaving a high that can last for days.

Japanese Nuru Gel

This is a special gel that has sulphated polysaccharide funoidan in which comes from the seaweed plant, Sphaerotrichioa divaricate and Chamomile. These are the technical names but Nuru Gel also has many other minerals that are excellent for nourishing and revitalizing the skin. Nuru Gel can also be good as an anti aging oxidant as soaks deep into the cells of your skin tissue moisturizing creating a soft silky and smooth feel to your skin.

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Nuru Massage in London by delivered by the Tantric Temple Team

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At the London Tantric Temple our massage therapists take great pride in delivering an uber professional service. There are masseuses on every corner these days yet we stand above the rest with confidence as our Nuru massage specialists are the pinnacle of perfection. Each Nuru Massage therapist is a fresh and beautiful pearl. We also know that the physical body is important to! So some of our therapists are gym regulars, with a toned and tight curved appearance. However, or course everyone likes something different !!!! we also offer some fuller figured beauties that offer the more curvaceous pleasures. We have therapists in a variety of size and age. But this is the skin deep stuff. The most important assets ALL our Nuru Massage Therapists that offer nuru massage in London have is, guess what ? a charismatic personality !

They are warm, interesting, individuals who are intuitive. They can be mysterious, seductive, sensual and quiet, but yet engaging, stimulation and interesting!!

Each of these incredibly talented young women LOVE giving Nuru massage in London.

They are well practised, and skilled in the sexy delicious wet and wild infamous body slides.

Here is a link to our therapists page, browse here the Nuru Massage Therapists and give our friendly team a call to hook you up with the best Nuru Massage in London ! click here to see our THERAPISTS

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How can releasing Sexual Energy help you?

Sexual energy is one of our most powerful energy forms that our body produces, it can be very under estimated. In some cultures, sexual energy is blocked, held in, stuffed back down with an air of shame attached to it. This is not what nature intended. We at the Tantric Temple hold the belief system of Tantra. We believe in embracing our entire being our physical, mental and energetic systems. Each molecule of our existence is important and needs to be honoured and nurtured.

The benefits of a Nuru Massage with a Happy Ending

There are actually too many benefits to mention but I will go ahead with just a few. With a NURU Massage, you enjoy a beautiful sensual massage that relaxes your muscles, it helps them to unravel and unwind, releasing all the tension held in your body. You also get what is effectively a spa treatment for your skin with the exotic nourishing Nuru Gels soaking deep into the skins cells. Then to top it all you get a HAPPY ENDING when your brain is completely cleared of all thoughts; You experience a total ‘present state of awareness’.

When one’s sexual energy rises you will have the phenomenon of being able to experience a deeper more profound level of sensitivity, pleasure and happiness.

Your sexual energy will rise into great a crescendo of unparalleled pleasure as the well known pleasure endorphins flooding your system.

When the Nuru Massage you will ever get to discover in London is finished, you will be left with a total feeling of happiness and balance, a completely happy ending. Your will get the best massage experience nowhere but Tantric Temple.  You will feel like a new person totally regenerated and recharged ready to take on the world.

A Mind Body and Soul treatment for men women and couples. Get wet and wild today.

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