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Outcall Massage

Visiting and OutCall Massage Service in London

Are you in need of some massage therapy. Not sure you feel up to traveling to a clinic. If you don’t want to go to a clinic to get your massage you can get a massage therapist to come to your home. There are many benefits to using a visiting massage agency. In fact, at-home massage has a lot of benefits over traveling to a day spa or massage centre.

No Drive Home
After you have a massage you are super relaxed. If you have to drive you have to be alert. Having to suddenly be alert can cut short the relaxation you feel from the massage. When you get a massage at home you don’t have to worry about driving yourself home when you are done. You can just put your feet up and enjoy the relaxed feeling you have.

Extend the Relaxation Benefits
Since you will be in your home you can enhance the massage by planning another relaxing task before or after your massage. For instance, you plan to take a long bath before or after your massage. You could also plan to take a nap after you get your in home massage. Whatever helps you stay relaxed and extends that euphoric feeling.

Deeper Relaxation
To relax you need to focus your attention from within. You need to focus your five senses on the world around you. When you have to go out somewhere to get a massage your sense are going to be harder to focus because you are taking in the new environment. When you have a massage at home it is easier for you to relax your senses and focus on the massage. At home you will achieve a deeper level of relaxation than you would in a clinic. An at home massage can provide more stress relief than one at a day spa or massage centre.

More Time
When you go to a massage parlour it is not uncommon for your massage time to get cut short. This is because they have other clients waiting in the wings to get their massage. If you are supposed to get an hour massage it will usually get cut short at 50 minutes. When the massage therapist comes to your home she is focused solely on you and your appointment. She will plan her visit with enough time to spend an hour with you and still account for her travel time.

You are More Than a Number
When you go to a massage parlour or day spa the massage therapist usually only has about 5 to 10 minutes between clients to change the sheets on the table and set up the rest of the room. This can be very stressful. When you compound that with the fact that they usually do between 5 to 7 massages a day you can see how the quality of service can lack a little bit.

When a massage therapist comes to your home you are able to have a more personal connection. They see your family photos and maybe even meet your family members. Its a much easier for them to develop a connection with you.

Higher Quality
When a massage therapist comes to your home she is focused solely on you as her client. She doesn’t have to worry about other clients. She doesn’t have to worry about a boss looking over her shoulder. This leads to a higher quality massage.

Comfort Level
Getting a massage can feel awkward sometimes. When you are at a massage centre or day spa it can feel strange to get undressed for a massage because you are not in a comfortable environment.When you are at home you are in your element. You are in your own surroundings so it doesn’t feel as off putting to get undressed and wear only a robe. Chances are you do this all the time.

Closer Bond
When a massage therapist comes to your home it is more likely you will develop a close bond with them. This is because you are both more relaxed. Your therapist can be more relaxed because she doesn’t have a boss looking over her shoulder. You can be more relaxed because you are in the comfort of your own home.

Tantric Temple are a outcall massage agency in London providing a prompt efficient visiting tantric massage service to discerning clients in London

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