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Body to Body Massage
Lauren body to body massage

Our Body-to-Body Massage Adventure: Imagine unveiling the Ultimate in Sensory Experiences

Here is a review we received via email from an anonymous visitor.

Hello team tantric massage London, I am actually a blogger and I fancied writing about something different, so here I am. I decided I would have a little pamper journey so indeed researched what a body to body massage actually is and decided to try one myself.

With a spark of curiosity ignited, I dialled your conspicuous number, I must say your receptionist was very perky and after a few questions paired me with my therapist. She was very helpful, and the booking process was very smooth so 10 out of 10 for that. With that out of the way I could now enjoy the anticipation coursing through my veins. I was actually embarking on my journey to experience the famous body to body massage.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a stunning blonde therapist named Lauren, she had a warm and friendly smile that kinda put me at ease to start with so that was good cause I was a tiny bit nervous. She explained to me what would happen in my body-to-body massage and then lead to the bathroom where I took my shower. In those moments, I noticed the water cascading over my skin, leaving me tingling with excitement.

As I emerged from the shower, Lauren led me into an ambiently lite room, I just noticed a sort of warm glow of purple linens, lots of cushions, and dark curtains. Instantly, I felt myself surrendering and thought I’m just going to lean into this and trust, allowing her to guide me.

The Body to Body Massage begins

Laying down, I surrendered myself to Lauren’s expert touch as she began to weave a symphony of pleasure and sensation with her nimble fingers. With each stroke, she ignited a fire within me, her hands dancing across my body with effortless grace. Then for the body-to-body elements, I was curious as to how this would take place. I then saw out of the corner of my peeking eye Lauren applying the oil all over her breasts and belly, she then glided effortlessly up over my bottom, onto my back, sending shivers down my spine as we melded together in a sensual embrace.

Lauren seemed to move with exquisite grace as she traced circles of ecstasy upon my skin, each slow and sensual movement was rendering me breathless with anticipation of what would come next. I actually felt emotionally as if standing atop a snowy mountain, basking in the warmth of the sun with the majestic Alps surrounding me. I could see the vision in my mind’s eye, every word she whispered in my ear, conjured up emotions from deep within my soul.

The Body to Body Massage concludes

As we were reaching the end of our beautiful time together I felt a yearning wash over me that I wished I had booked for longer, next time for sure I will.

I wanted to share with you that I honestly felt rejuvenated at the end, I felt courageous, I felt filled with confidence, I felt like I could achieve anything.

I am now a dedicated follower of body-to-body massages in London my favourite is always my beloved Lauren.

Indulge in Sensational Bliss: Experience the Ultimate Body-to-Body Massage

body-to-body massage is a sensual and 4D immersive experience.

It is designed to be an experience of sensual connection, it is close and intimate, after all you are both body to body much of the time within the massage. There is a deep sense of trust through this process and this trust also helps to build a very deep connection. Each experiences is unique as each person is different and their goals desires and needs vary. How much is a body to body massage?

How much does a body to body massage cost?

Our body-to-body massage sessions start at £200 but prices vary due to different options within the massage. Just give our receptionists a call today and check out our full price list for our extensive options


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