Tantric Massage London

We are Tantric Massage agency located in London. Experience a high class Tantric Massage in a luxurious environment at the hands of our expert model masseuses
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Tantric Massage London – Give Your Sex Life a New Birth

Tantric Massage London

The London Tantric Temple Group has over a decade of experience in the research and practicing of Tantra, tantric massage London the sacred sexual arts and sensual healing, the merging and entwining of modern day knowledge with ancient eastern wisdoms. Tantra is a beautifully sacred ancient art form that unites sexuality with spirituality through a divine transformation that unfolds within a deeply loving Tantric union. A tantric massage in London weaves together all the pieces of our life, the spiritual puzzle of our existence, honouring existence, and acknowledging our true nature in a sacred and loving way.

A journey into Tantra through Tantric Massage London opens channels of awareness. We are accustomed to using our five senses and relying on these as a boundary for reality.

Tantra helps us align ourselves from within on a higher frequency. We know there is more than the eyes can see or the ears can hear, as we know we are created by atoms, we cannot see the atoms or the energy that binds them together. Our eyes are limited by viewing between infrared and ultraviolet light but we know there are prisms of light bouncing all around us. Our ears can hear a tiny decibel of range they cannot hear the noise of a dog whistle and many noises animals can hear.

So there are other forms of life, other frequencies, energies and evolved consciousness forms, we just need to open ourselves up to accessing these and evolve from our physical plain.

A highly developed intense pleasure sensation. A tantalising massage experience that will leave no stone unturned. From your head to your toes, a smooth massage experience, incorporating body to body to bring you closer to ecstatic pleasure.

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This is a sensual tantric massage agency, we do not offer sexual services of any kind.


Tantric Massage Temples in Central London

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tantric massage london

Looking for Tantric Massage whist you are in London?

Look no further we have exotic ecstatic heavens of pleasure perfectly scattered all over Central London.

Ask any of our friendly and knowledgeable receptionist team, they are highly trained and polished to perfection, providing you with the pinnacle of customer service.

Our receptionists aim to match all your requirements, from geographical locations to tantric massage therapy desires.

The full package : In-Call Tantric Massage service and Out-Call Tantric Massage Agency

Along with our collection of Tantric Massage boutiques across London we offer a Luxury visiting massage service,so you can experience the ultimate in pampering and pleasure in the comfort of your own room.

Discover how easy it is to have a stunning goddess arrive at your central London Hotel room within 30-40 minutes of booking and provide you with your very own 5 star Luxury bespoke Tantric Massage.

Voted number 1 best Massage Agency in Europe on performance, pleasure and professionalism.
The London Tantric Temple boasts over a decade of experience and are recognized pioneers in the evolution and development of tantric Massage.

Merging ancient tantric techniques with modern massage thus creating the perfect fusion of un-parallel pleasure and beyond.

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What is Tantric Massage

The Million dollar question, What exactly is a Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a unique and liberating fusion of ancient and modern techniques, it is sexuality entwined with the highest and purest form of spirituality.
Each Tantric Massage when performed by one of our highly skilled and intuitive therapists is a bespoke experience, tailored to everyone’s individual needs and desires.
You can open the gates of discovery to a new experience, a sumptuous indescribable tapestry of exquisite pleasure.

Balancing mind body and soul, every cell in your being is re-charged and re-generated through a voyage of pure ecstatic heaven.

Tantric Massage balances and nurtures the physical body as well as the energetic, it touches all Facets of our being.
Through the techniques, your senses become heighten, this is amplifies the profound sensory explosion you experiences.
Through Tantric Massage you can access the secret door of exquisite pleasure and new dimensions.
Visit any of our beautiful Tantric Temples in London for the ultimate experience of opulent epicurean indulgence.

Whats different between a classical massage and Tantric massage?

Unlike a classical massage that only concentrates on your physical enjoyment, a Tantric Massage also opens you to a sense of spiritual enlightenment; divine energy flows through you creating a pleasure that merges sexuality and spirituality, a pleasure that really is like no other. Our Tantric masseuses are fully trained in the art of Tantra and are dedicated to giving you the pleasure that is your birthright. This is a truly blissful journey into pleasure and sexuality that will never be forgotten.

As the pleasure builds in intensity your sexual and spiritual energies are released, and you can open to the amazing experience of pure unadulterated ecstasy and the deep wisdom of sexuality held only by those who have experienced this unforgettable journey. We understand that privacy, comfort and discretion is of paramount importance when relaxing for a Tantric Massage, and our Tantric Massages are available to you wherever you are in London, all you need to do is pick up the phone and one of our skilled and professional Tantric masseuses will be at your door.

Erotic Massage London

An erotic massage London focuses on both the spiritual as well as the material, uniting mind, body and spirit, and is beneficial to your entire well-being. Open to a deep level of divine relaxation beyond words as your tantric massage therapist takes you on a journey to the highest plane of pleasurable delights. Every single part of your body is pleasured and caressed, with your experienced and beautiful masseuse artfully building your pleasure by massaging and focusing on your entire body. As your energy builds, you will feel indescribable pleasure, a luxurious, electrifying experience that opens you to divine ecstasy.

Many have heard about the benefits of a tantric massage or erotic massage London, but very few have experienced it in its purest, most pleasurable state. Tantric Massage uses a combination of modern massage techniques, sacred sexual arts and highly effective pleasure techniques used by Goddesses throughout the centuries going back to the temples of Babylon, it is a journey of wonder and enlightenment. Powerful energy flows throughout your entire body as you experience a pleasure exclusive to only a true authentic Tantric Massage.

>A journey of luxury and indulgence leaving you in rapturous ecstasy, every aspect of Tantric Massage is pure decadence from the silky massage oils to the sweet and sensual atmosphere created by your masseuse.

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Every time I book with the London Tantric Temple my expectations are exceeded. I have been booking with them for over 10 years now and cannot recommend this company enough. They are the best agency in London in my opinion. 5 stars all the way.  


Our Location

We are open all Bank Holidays

Our Tantric Massage Temple Locations are based across Central London:

Marble Arch W2 , Baker Street NW1, Sloane Square SW1, Old Marylebone Road NW1,  Notting Hill Gate W11, London Bridge SE1, Paddington W2, Chalk Farm NW5, Shorditch E8, Chelsea SW3, Sloane Avenue SW3, Kensington SW5, Earls Court SW5 and Many more locations please ask our informative receptionists to locate the massage therapist nearest you.

In addition to the above locations we have a wide selection of therapists based in Bayswater and Paddington W2,  Please see our therapists page to view which therapists are in what locations.