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Incall Massage
InCall Massage London

What is an Incall Massage London Service ?

Discovering London’s Finest InCall tantric Massage agency

The term Incall massage refers to the therapist being an independent tantric massage therapist, with her own salon, so you would attend the tantric massage at her personal boudoir.
You will be pleased to know that we have incall tantric massage havens of pleasure, sprinkled sexily all around the heart of London. All of our incall massage salons are what’s called ‘sacred spaces’, especially ambienced out to create a luxurious epicurean experience of tantric massage bliss, just for you, yes ! because your worth it.

Which massage therapists have incall locations in London?

If you would like to take a few moments to peruse our massage therapist gallery you will note that 95% of our tantric masseuses all have their own incall massage locations in London. So pretty much wherever you are in London there should be an incall location not far from you, whether you are North, South, East or West London. You will find that nestled in a little corner, on a leafy street or sometimes in the heart of prominent opulent areas there will be an unassuming little doorway discreetly located, beckoning you to enter the gateway of bliss.
All of our tantric masseuse’s that we collaborate with are stunning, independent, educated, and well-heeled young ladies, whose passion is to bring you nothing less the best tantric massage in the whole of this great metropolis of London and beyond.

Incall Massage London

Discover a Luxury Incall Massage Service

We pride ourselves on facilitating the most distinguished of ladies and gentlemen on the inner circle of London’s secret erotic pleasures.
Tantric Temple’s clientele visit our incall massage locations from all around the world. We have clients from Dubai, Monaco, Switzerland, USA, and many other destinations globally.
Our London incall massage parlours are globally renowned for their unique sense of sophistication and opulence. We are dedicated to continuously striving to exceed your expectations and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing unparalleled luxury.
We always have the most beautiful, relaxing and ambient tantric tunes playing to help transport you to the exotic lands in our incall massage salons.

Impeccable Hygiene and Dedicated Service

At the London Tantric Temple, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence. Our Incall massage salons are not just clean; they are immaculate, with every surface meticulously sanitised to guarantee your comfort and well-being. From the moment you step inside, you are greeted with the soothing aroma of high-quality oils and the promise of an unforgettable journey guided by our dedicated therapists.

Impeccable Hygiene Massage

At the Tantric Temple, we leave no stone unturned, you can be sure that all of our Incall massage parlours are not just clean, they are immaculate, with every surface meticulously sanitised to guarantee your safety. This includes fluffy towels, crisp sheets and quality products to enhance the glow of your skin.
Our products are cruelty free and we aim to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. Please be sure to let our therapist know if you have any allergies so she can accommodate oil perfect for your skin type.
We ask you to always take a shower on arrival as our need for cleanliness goes both ways, don’t forget our incall massage is an intimate experience and you want to have fresh breath and embark on your massage journey with a fresh start and a fresh finish.

Incall Massage

What type of therapies do we offer in our incall massage parlours?

Our catalogue of luxury treatments encompass all of your needs and can even be created bespoke just for you.
Our goal is to meet you each and every one of your needs, and then to go above and beyond all your expectations, taking your wildest fantasies and transforming them into your reality. That said, in terms that people recognise, we in our Incall massage service we offer.
Nude massage, a hedonistic luxury full body massage
Silky body to body massage,
lingam massage and extended lingam massage
Swedish massage with a twist
Our signature tantric massage
Slippery Japanese Nuru Gel Massage
Deep Tissue and releasing massage.
Erotic Massage unleashing your passion
Tantric Kink BDSM session.
Fetish and role play
Some of our incall massage locations also have fantasy rooms full of fun toys if you fancy a walk on the wild side.
If none of those jaw dropping sessions take your fancy then you can tell your therapist exactly whatever your heart desires and allow her to create a treatment just for you. Perhaps you have a unique fantasy that you would like to live out. Just e-mail us the scenario you would like and we will match you with one of our incredibly talented pearls of the season.
Our incall massage locations range from Bayswater, Nottinghill Gate, Bond street, Oxford, Victoria, Paddington, Gloucester Road, Earls Court, Edgware Road, London Bridge, Queensway, Marylebone and many more.incall img4


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