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Full Body Massage
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How does a Full Body Massage in London Feel ?

If you would like to get some serenity and simultaneously get your body and mind reawakened, then you should get a full body massage.Are you thinking of going to London to have some fun, or do you reside there? For sure your bucket list should have a Full body massage on it .What is a  Full Body Massage ? Well let me give you a little insight to a full body massage journeyClose your eyes and envision…

I invite you to create a vision in your mind’s eye, just imaging, you approach what seems like a very unassuming building, you ring the bell. The door is answered by a vision of beauty, a big and welcoming smile. Your therapist smiles and says “ why you must be here to receive your full body massage, my name is Penelope  and I am your tantric masseuse today,  do come in” And so you do.

Full Body Massage in London
She invites you to take a shower and you do so. You then enter her beautiful boudoir, the room is adorned with funky artistic pictures and bright colours twinkling with dimmed lights, she invites you to lane down after removing your silky sarong.

The air is filled with exotic aromas that fill your body with anticipation. As your lay down on the soft and warm massage table, you make a pledge with yourself to completely let go, that this is your time and your time only. After all its not every day you treat yourself to a full body massage like this.

As she starts the full body massage, and her fingers hungrily explore your body, you notice her fingers feel like little whispers of silk, each stroke sending ripples of pleasure coursing through your veins.

The world outside becomes nothing but a distant memory as you allow yourself to be carried away and everything just melts into oblivion.

Full Body Massage

Penelope delivers her signature full body massage like your body is a piano, and she is conducting the philharmonic orchestra, a symphony of utter pleasure. Each touch blends into many touches, your mind fuzzes over as the fire of passion is ignited deep within you, like a primal flame thats bursting with an insatiable hunger.

Let the feelings of bliss, and euphoria engulf your being as the full body massage reaches it crescendo.

This is a little how your full body massage would go, but even much better in person.

Remember which ever massage therapist you pick because we have such high standards you can be sure that each session will be delivered with the same epicurean of exquisite pleasure.

What is the difference between Regular Massage and Full Body Massage?.

When you are entering a regular salon there are actually local laws that massage therapists have to abide by, and this prevents them actually massage in the entirety of your body. So it is full of limitations. The limitations are not understood by your physical body, yes your mind gets it, but your body is left yearning for more.

However, when you come to an establishment such as the Tantric Massage London team, you are entering the world that operates outside the regulations of those that society imposes upon us.

We are the wild untamed ones, that will not succumb to their limited believe systems, we will not have our lights dimmed. We at team tantric massage London are a group of collaborative, intelligent, and wildly sexy women, embracing our full sensuality.  We are not afraid of our sexuality; we embrace these elements within us. We are passionate about delivering to the world full body massage, with no borders, that bring beautiful individuals’ boundless pleasure, thus making this world a happier place.

We shine our light bright, we at tantric massage London are a beacon of truth in this dark world, we bring raw and unbridled joy into the lives of all whom cross our paths.

If you are ready to let go of your inhibitions and know that you are worth it, leave the constraints of the world outside and book yourself a full body massage today.

Remember every single cell is included, where every touch is a testament to the beauty and wonder of the human body.

Read about the history of full body massage therapy here.

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