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Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage London

Erotic Massage London

Having an erotic massage London can change the entire balance of your body. The long-term benefits of erotic massage are very clearly Proven time and time again and heavily documented in this day and age. The main problem is preconditioned outdated old belief Systems against erotic massages are what prevents people from their inherent right.

The Powerful healing effects from an Erotic Massage

Our erotic energy is one of the most powerful sources our body generates.Pleasure endorphines Having an erotic massage changes the entire frequency of your body, and raises your vibration on a profound level. Our erotic neural pathways generate, activate and release powerful cocktail of pleasure endorphins. During the Erotic Massage these endorphins such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin flood our body, transporting us into a euphoric state of ecstasy.

These are the body’s natural healing and balancing chemicals, released into your body in a natural way, bringing your body into alignment.

Are you looking to get the best erotic massage in London?

Our team of skilled massage therapists at the London Tantric Temple are intensively trained in the Sacred Arts of Tantric Erotic Massage. You will experience a flawless service, from booking your Erotic massage to the actual exotic transcendental journey itself.

We have many expert erotic masseuses based in West London, Bayswater W2 and Paddington particularly. So, if you should find yourself visiting the many attractions already in West London, for example Kensington Palace the home of Princess Diana or Hyde Park. Hyde Park spans over 350 acres of beautiful country side, so you can experience the best erotic massage in Bayswater W2 and simply float up the road in your bubble of Bliss, enter the park and immerse yourself in nature. That, is what we all a perfect happy ending to an erotic massage!

History of the Erotic Massage Arts

You could in fact call a Tantric massage an erotic massage as it is in essenceAncient erotic massage an erotic experience. Erotic massages are performed in the nude, so this is a form of naturism. Naturist massages have been popular all over Europe since as far back as the beginning of time. After all we all came into this world with no clothes on, and we leave this world with no clothes on let’s face it!

The most natural way we are, is when we are just in our skin, in our body and in the moment.

In the beginning of time our ancestors knew the healing effect of massage, the word itself means rub and lead. The oldest documented history about methods come from Egypt. It was considered in the Far East healing out of touch, it is the same in many cultures. For example, in ancient Japan the Nuru massage is an ancient erotic massage. In the Chinese culture they refer to acupuncture and acupressure. Many of the more classical massage styles were developed in Rome, through history we have heard of the many sexual scandals in the Imperial Court in Greece, these left a mark on history.!

Erotic massages were often performed as rituals in ancient times as our ancestors realised that sexual energy is the most powerful within the human body.

It is important that all of the elements of our being are balanced in order to be healthy, in Chinese tradition that was the ‘Taoist about it Massage’. This works on the ethos that is important for the energy channels to be free-flowing to have an enlightening sexual experience.The ancient Indians recognised the importance of sexuality and developed the famous Kama Sutra book with over 80 positions including touch, movement and breath. All of these designed to unlock sexual energy so it is free-flowing.

Sexuality and Religion

The subject of sexuality especially erotic massage and orgasms are completely taboo in many cultures and religions. The church is especially against the erotic arts and it is regarded as a sin to which people are punished.

In the 16th century the healing power of erotic massage was rediscovered around the time of the Renaissance. There was a condition they described in females as hysteria, this was treated by doctors who gently rubbed their clitoris until they reached orgasm. This was basically in women who were quite possibly sexually frustrated, probably because the relationships were based on marriages for money and family alliances. It is quite probable that many people experienced lifelong relationships with people they were not attracted to and had no sexual chemistry with. They developed their treatment and enhanced the affect by using a tool, or what we now know as vibrators.

It has taken centuries, going back to the dawn of the human race, for the styles of Erotic Massage to be developed into what we are lucky enough to get to experience in this day and age.

Erotic Massage Oils

If you wish to give your partner an erotic massage at home and were wondering what oil is best for those amazing body2body super-slides!! check out our full guide on all the different types of oils and what their advantages are and disadvantages. Click the image below to take you to our full erotic massage oil guide.

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