Lingam Massage

Your guide to giving the best lingam massage

A Guide to Giving an Awesome Lingam Massage

Are you a lady struggling to heat up things in your bedroom with your man? If yes, then this article is made for you. While it’s good to give your man a mind-blowing hand job, if well undertaken, it increases intimacy, connection and is an excellent way of showing him your appreciation.  Tantric massage London experts will guide you through lingam massage to help you get the best out of your man. So, let’s start.

Lingam Massage

What Does Lingam Massage Mean?

Lingam massage is a sensual massage on a man’s penis. It’s often called ‘lingam worship ritual.’ Lingam massage is designed to foster deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Creating the Scene

Setting a serene environment when giving your man a lingam massage is vital to achieving the ultimate pleasure. Here are several tips to get you on track when setting your massage environment.


  • Soft Lighting: don’t underestimate the impact of lighting. Soft lights enhance relaxation.


  • Gentle Music: songs have a significant impact on ambience. Go for soothing and soft background music.


  • Fragrant Delicate Aromas: the man’s senses are sensitive during a lingam massage. As a result, experts advise you to use scented candles, have flowers in your room, or burn incense to captivate your man’s senses.


  • Massage Oil: Lingam massage sessions get better with massage products. Whether it’s silicon-based lube, oil-based cream, or even massage candles, ensure that you perform a spot test beforehand. Remember to have a towel around to avoid staining your sheets.


  • The ‘little details’: Pay attention to detail, it’s the little things that can sometimes help make things special. You want your lingam massage to be a mind-blowing experience. Such specifics include the room’s temperature, fresh fluffy clean bedding, and plump pillow’s.

Lingam Massage Steps

Step 1: Breath, Relax and Connect

Sit facing and holding each other’s hands. Breathe together as it helps you connect with your partner. You can take off your clothes one cloth at a time while voicing the item you’re taking off, that is, judgement, fear, shame, and stress etc.


Step 2: Position Yourself Strategically

You can opt to sit closely next to him on a sofa or bed. Alternatively, you can kneel down in front of him and let him open his legs. You can change your positioning until you find one that suits both of you.


Step 3: Start Massaging

Let your man lay on his back while facing upwards. Massage him until he’s relaxed. Hold his lingam (penis) decisively while placing the other hand around his heart. Use massage oil and let the party begin.


Step 4: Skiing Stroke

Hold his penis side by side using both hands. Massage it while alternating your movements. Try applying different pressure levels and speed while carefully monitoring his responses.


Step 5: Shiatsu Stroke

Tenderly press his lingam using your index fingers and thumbs, and release it afterwards.Move down or up about one centimetre, depending on where you had held originally and repeat the process. Here, don’t focus on how erect or flaccid his penis is.


Step 6: Frenulum Stroke

Gently massage his frenulum located beneath his penis head. This massage stroke is exquisite for moving inward and moderating the meditative moment. Circle the frenulum in all directions using your thumb and index fingertips.


Step 7: Screwdriver Stroke

As the name suggests, this stroke replicates screwdriver movement. Circle his penis robustly using both hands. Turn them around softly in the opposite directions. Don’t squeeze his penis hard. This stroke gives your man a revitalizing and distinctive sensation.


Step 8: Crossed-Prayer Stroke

Interlace your fingers like you’re praying and worshipping your man. Open and slide your thumbs down and up along both sides of your lover’s penis at different speeds.


Benefits of Lingam Massage

Why should you give your man a lingam massage? Is it worth it? Of course, yes, you should. Here are its benefits:

  • Increased intimacy
  • Extraordinary sexual satisfaction
  • Relief of physical, mental, and emotional ailments
  • More intense orgasms


Where Can I Get a Lingam Masseuse?

You can engage your partner in lingam massage. However, if you want a professional lingam masseuse, choose from any of our stunning experts and drop us a line. THERAPIST GALLERY