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What is a Nuru Massage?

What is Nuru Massage?

Hundreds and thousands of people search on Google every month for NURU MASSAGE in London. Nuru massage is the new ‘buzzword’, it has taken over from ‘Tantric massage’. But if your one of these people that like to do your homework first and you want to find out exactly what a Nuru Massage is to know when you are getting the best Nuru Massage in London, then we will furnish you with that very information right here!


Firstly, to give you a little bit of background information, Nuru Massage actually originated in Japan. It was created at a time when sex was illegal and yet people still had human needs that needed to be met, so of course, they found a way around it.


Nuru MassageHow is Nuru Massage different from Tantric Massage?

This website has different sections so you can easily find Nuru Massages or Tantric Massages.

The Nuru Massage itself it’s similar to Tantric massage in the sense that it is ‘the strokes of adoration’. The Massage strokes involved are very slow and sensual. The difference with Nuru massage is the therapists actually use their body to massage your body within the treatment.

They delicately lay their sculpted bodies upon the recipient and skillfully glide slowly and sensually up, down, and around the recipient’s body and it sounds like you are about to be that lucky recipient if you are reading this.

Nuru Gel

Nuru Massage experts use a beautiful natural gel, it is super silky and the ultimate in sensually arousing.


What is this magical Nuru Gel stuff made from?

There are a few different ways Nuru gel can be made, you could even try to make it yourself at home if you are feeling creative.

The Nuru Gel that you buy online are generally the traditional gel.

This will basically be made from extracts of the nori seaweed, combined with beautiful natural healing plant extracts like aloe vera.

They are all made rich in vitamins and very often contain anti-aging oxidants.

Everything in the ingredients is completely natural and full of healing qualities.

There is a wide range of companies that sell slightly different ingredients, but all Nuru Gels have the integral extract of nori seaweed along with plant extracts including Alo vera.

Getting an authentic Nuru Massage

So if you have booked yourself a Nuru massage, make sure that you ask the massage therapist if she will be using the Nuru gel.

If she is using regular massage oil, then this should be a red flag for you that the therapist does not really know what she’s doing.

Best Place to find a Nuru Massage

If you go to therapists’ profiles on the gallery page you can be sure to get yourself a truly authentic Japanese Nuru massage.

As I mentioned before it is important to do your research because Nuru Massages can cost anything between £200 and £300 if it is with the happy ending.

So, let’s say you have consulted The Tantric Massage London’s therapist gallery page, found yourself a perfect masseuse, and made your booking, this is what to expect.

What to expect and in your Nuru Massage.

You will be greeted at the door by a pristinely presented beautiful model like masseuse, she would of course invite you in with a big warm smile.

You will then be encouraged to take a shower as it is highly intimate and much more enjoyable for both parties if one is clean.

Now there are several ways that your Nuru massage can be performed. One is on an air mattress, this is a PVC mattress blown up with a pump a little bit like the kind of bed you would sleep on if you were going Glamping. This of course is a bit of a mission so it is equally as effective to have the Nuru Massage using a PVC sheet or mattress cover that goes over the mattress off the bed.

Some people do prefer to lay on warm fluffy towels so it’s down to personal taste, however, traditionally it is done on a PVC textured cover or mattress to ensure maximum slipperiness and sliddy-ness.

After your shower, you’ll be invited to make your grand entrance and lay upon either bed or mattress as discussed previously. The Nuru Massages normally start with you face down to begin with. The massage therapist will start with a very slow sensual massage on your feet and legs.  The Nuru Massage itself can be tailored to your specific requirements for example; if you have a bad back, be sure to tell your masseuse whether it’s lower back or if you have a sprained muscle somewhere again be sure to tell your masseuse.

Your massage can be a beautiful combination of light and deep strokes and techniques, depending on your needs, everybody’s taste is different.

The Nuru Massage Room

The Massage room will be toasty and warm as will the gel be all extremely conducive to melting slipping, sliding and gliding.

So to continue our journey through your Nuru Massage, masseuse will then move on to your legs, buttocks and so forth.  Now the exciting part that starts to get juicy is when she reaches your buttocks.

Body2Body Massage

Once your masseuse reaches your buttocks she will mount you, yes you heard right she will mount you. The masseuse will nimbly slide up on top of you, sitting straddled across your bottom or around the top of your legs.  At this point, she will start the infamous body-to-body massage techniques that are sensationally oozing with seduction.

Using her arms to support her weight she will place her plump soft breasts upon the tops of your buttocks massaging your buttocks with her breasts in slow delicious circles. She will then expertly glide slowly, sensually and with desire and passion up further up your body.

As this process unfolds you will find your mind becomes a blur as you drift off into the most ecstatic cloud of divine bliss.

Many describe the experience as very much like your two bodies merging into one.  It is an absolutely incredible sensation that everybody deserves the right to experience.

This will continue for quite some time though I’m pretty sure you will completely lose track of time. Time will become an abstract concept long forgotten, as your mind and spirit soar up above the clouds.

They will unfortunately come the time when your masseuse has completed the rest of your back massage and does ask you to turn over.

The front side of your Nuru Massage.

At this point you have the incredible honor of meeting her hypnotizing seductive gaze and casting your vision over her sculpted glistening perfect body. Sometimes the masseuses start at the head and work towards the middle and then they move to the feet and work upwards towards the middle or vice versa.  The sensual massage itself can vary from therapist to therapist, as it can from client’s wishes to client’s wishes. But the important thing is that it ends in the middle of your body around your pelvic area.

She will then again, yes you guessed it! enthusiastically mount you.

More Body2Body Massage.

She will use her breasts to massage your lingam (penis) and work slowly up your body, gliding slowly towards your chest until ultimately tell her cheek rests next to yours and you can feel the soft warmth of her hungrily wanton breath on your neck.

The entire phenomenal experience combined with the lingam massage (penis & genitals massage) which is the ultimate icing-on-the-cake for this insanely liberating, sensation extravaganza.

It is what many have described as divine heaven on earth.

That is pretty much what a Nuru massage in London would consist of.  Varying of course as I’ve previously said from therapist to therapist depending on the client’s particular wants, needs, and ultimately desires.

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