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What is a Happy Ending Massage ?

Happy Endings Massage Explained

You have heard people talking about happy ending massages, right? This type of massage is not just a fantasy on television. It exists in the real world if you know where to look. Happy ending massages end in clitoral stimulation or ‘yoni massage’, for women and hand jobs, for men. There exist many stereotypes surrounding happy ending massages. Tantric massage London experts will explain accurate details regarding happy ending massages. Also, you’ll learn about how and where you can get one, if interested.

 A Step-by-Step Guide to a Happy Ending Massage

The steps may vary from one massage therapist to another. However, these are some of the steps you should expect: 


  1. Massage Preparation

Preparing your body for massage and the environment where it will take place is a critical step. Your massage therapist is likely to give you a guide to help you get ready for the massage session. You will be asked to take a shower beforehand, take off your clothes, and lie down on the massage bed.


  1. A Slow Beginning to the Massage

The massage therapist begins to work on your back. They can use hot lotion or oils, based on your preference. Your therapist might be topless, clothed, and at times naked. The duration can vary between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your agreement.

Happy Ending

  1. Taking the Massage Session Higher

Midway through your massage session, the massage therapist will ask you to turn around and face up. Here, they focus on massaging your breasts, chest, thighs, and face. They clearly ask for your consent before proceeding to erogenous regions. Furthermore, they can use your non-verbal cues to decide whether or not to go down there.


  1. The Happy Ending

You’ll experience this feeling towards the end of the session. If you covered your genitals with a towel, the therapist will go underneath it and give you clitoral fingering/stimulation (for women) or a hand job (for men). However, you should never touch your massage therapist unless they give their enthusiastic consent. In this step, ejaculation and orgasm often occur but are not mandatory.


  1. Refresh Yourself

Once it’s over, you can clean up yourself. Your therapist may leave, allowing you to redress yourself at your best time.


  1. Tipping

Traditionally, tips are accepted. Tipping beliefs differ based on your massage provider and your location. As a result, we advise you to use your judgement well. Always remember to thank your masseuse.


Who Can Receive a Happy Ending Massage?

This massage type is designed for anyone who is legally qualified. It is for your sexual wellness and positivity. So, get off those stereotypes.


Why is it Important to Get a Happy Ending Massage?

  •         It relieves you from sexual and physical tension, anxiety, and stress
  •         Enhances your body confidence
  •         Improves your mood
  •         Ameliorate your emotional well-being
  •         Lowers your blood pressure
  •         Improves conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Is It a Must to Request for a Happy Ending Massage?

Massage therapists operate differently. Some of them will prefer discussing it upfront, while others opt to discuss it in later stages. For instance, you can ask them if they provide ‘extra’ services. That said, it’s all about your agreement with them.

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Where Can I Find a Happy Ending Masseuse?

Legally, exchanging money for sexual activities is allowed in the UK. However, there are many ethical and legal considerations surrounding the advertisement of such activities, including happy ending massages. As a result, you can’t find flashing posters written ‘happy ending massage available here’. There exists many risks, malpractices, and hygiene issues surrounding happy ending massage. As a result, it would be best if you considered getting your happy ending massage from reputable massage parlours. To get professional help and direction about where to get the Best Happy Ending Massage Services, contact tantric massage London here