What are the Different Positions of Classical Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is not only about improving sexual energy and your erotic prowess. It entails a lot of other things. Yet, all said and done, the improving the erotic prowess of the recipients, is one of the chief objectives of tantric massage. Thus, while serving their clients, the highly experienced experts offering tantric massage in London like anywhere else would put emphasis on a lot of aspects, including the right techniques, the right ambience, and the right postures, to trigger the right results. 

Here on this page, let us discuss the various postures in Tantric Massage, which the experts would maintain while conducting the massage. 

Lotus or Tab-yum

This is one of the most common postures in Tantric massage, wherein one partner crosses legs while sitting  on the upper thigh of the other partner and they cross their ankles behind each other’s back. While the tantric massage expert in West London places her palm on the recipient’s knees, the person has to breathe slowly and deeply, in order to synchronise with the recipient. 

Hand on the Heart

The recipient needs to sit cross-legged, while facing the massage expert face to face. Once  done, the expert and the recipient have to place their right hands on each other’s heart. Both  will then close the eyes and feel the energy surrounding them. Sharing of emotions and the rhythm between the two partners is an extremely important  part of tantric massage, and that is precisely what the experts offering Tantric Massage in Bayswater will practice. It is all about connecting to the prevailing silence around. 


The Relaxed Arch

This is another very essential position, wherein the recipient will sit in an upright position on the mattress or bed, and the therapist will sit the knees on the recipient;s lap. Once the posture is comfortable, the two partners will arch their bodies slowly. 

They  should rest in between each other’s legs, while holding their feet.

The Butterfly

Also termed as ‘amazing butterfly’ one partner will lie down on the bed. While the upper part of the body lies on the bed, the lower part of the body will be held by the other partner. Both of them will rest their palms on the bed, facing downward, and loosen their body. 

Thereafter, the Tantric Massage expert in Queensway like anywhere else, will stand upright and hold the recipient’s hands on the butt of theirs and lift the individual on the bed. They will raise the body  till the spine of their partners is not touching the bed. 

Once done, the partners will then press each other’s genitals gently to create the friction. 

The Final Words

Tantric massage is all about syncing the mind, body and spirit besides, adding on your sexual prowess. It is all about fulfilment of the innermost desire of the body, and stabilising the flow of sexual energy. 

And to do so, the experienced tantric massage experts offering outcall and incall massage in London would follow these postures for the best results. 

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