Types of Tantric Massage that You Can Try At Home

Types of Tantric Massage That You Can Try at Home

Tantric Massage, contrary to popular belief, is not only about enhancing sexuality and eroticism. It is also about enhancing general health and well being. However, all said and done, there is no denial of the fact that tantric massage will take the sexual prowess of the individuals to a different level altogether.

When it comes to taking tantric massage, there are two ways – taking the massage at a massage centre, and taking at home.

On this page, let us discuss the types of tantric massage you need to take at home.

The Lingam Massage

The Lingam massage is one of the most ancient Indian forms of massage that is immensely beneficial for the sexual health of males. This particular form of massage involves a systematic stimulation of the penis (or lingam), with a synchronised application of pressure as well as friction by the professional applying tantric massage in London. This form of massage is expected to improve blood circulation inside the penis and increase sexual stamina.


When you try out a lingam massage at home you either need a comfortable partner or a professional who will help you with all the necessary strokes and movements that will result in relaxation of your penis. You have to just lie on your back in a position that is comfortable for you and keep on breathing deeply. The position will be such that the professional or your partner will be easily able to massage your shaft using varying strokes, grips and sequences. Here however, your partner will have to make sure you do not reach orgasm and ejaculate. Rather, you are required to retain your orgasm by getting to the edge of orgasm and returning back. This technique is called edging and it goes a long way to control your breathing prowess.

The Yoni Massage

This is a typical tantric massage that a woman can try out at home either with the help of her partner or by a professional tantric masseuse in London. This particular type of massage, as the name suggests, is meant to focus on the vagina (or yoni). If you are willing to try this type of massage, you need to keep in mind a few things. It is a very intimate form of massage and will go a long way to release the tension of the pelvic area.

At first, what you need to find is a comfortable place where you can be with your partner and undisturbed. Also, you need to have any type of lubricant on your partner’s hand along with massage oil. Once you have all these, your partner will begin the yoni massage by massaging the exterior lips of your vagina in a very gentle way. The movements will then shift inward and then stimulate your clitoris while the movements keep on alternating between circling, pulling and pushing. As your partner continues with the movements you keep on breathing deeply. And again, your partner will have to make sure you do not reach the orgasm. This will help you to improve your breathing technique.

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