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Are you too body conscious for Tantric Massage?

Are you to body conscious for a Tantric Massage?

Are you deterred from enjoying the fruits of Erotic Tantric Massage because you are worried about how your body will look to the therapist.?

There is such a condition and it is more common and you know, the term is ‘body dysmorphia’. This is in fact when people look in the mirror and continuously compare themselves with other people, finding fault with themselves.  Are you deterred from enjoying the fruits of Erotic Tantric Naturist-style Massages because you are worried about how your body will look to the therapist.?

Theology of Tantra

The theology of Tantra is, that it is based around our body being our temple. Therefore when having an authentic Tantric massage with a Tantric practitioner, she is of this belief.

Tantric practitioners see male, female & in-between clients from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds shapes, and sizes.

When entering the realms of an authentic recession tantra session, the male becomes Shiva and the female becomes Shakti. They take on the form of being the masculine entity and the feminine entity representative of all human beings. The entire Tantric process is about honoring your body in a ritual format embracing all aspects of your being. There-fore adoring every inch of your body.

Even when having any kind of erotic massage, you have to bear in mind that therapists work with everybody, short, tall, large, small, and all races. They embrace everyone wholeheartedly, this in itself is Tantric.

To some people, the thought of having a nude full body massage and being naked is absolutely terrifying, yet phenomenally exciting. Unfortunately, the ‘terrified’ elements prevent many people from enjoying such divine pleasures.

Since when did being thin and ripped become so cool?

Victorian eroticism: In Victorian times, carrying a bit of extra padding was extremely erotic.

Are you to body conscious Tantric Massage

Cellulite and Tantric Massage

The word cellulite Is a relatively new word, before this word was invented we didn’t even know what it was, let alone spend our life trying to rid ourselves of it.

It is like we were infected with an incurable lifetime disease.

Guess what? During a Tantric Massage no-one else cares if you have cellulite!

Turns out, it was invented by Vogue magazine. On the 14th of April 1968, nobody even knew what the word

‘cellulite’ was, until that ill-fated day when the Vogue released their magazine.  On the front cover, they used the term cellulite


“Cellulite, the new word for fat you couldn’t lose before.”

Up until this point, we were blissfully unaware of our impending agonizing future spent worrying about our thighs, bottoms, stomachs, arms.

Many spiritual healers believe that if we speak about our body in a negative manner that our body hears us. For example, if you say out loud ‘I hate my stomach’ that you hear what you’re saying with your ears, and this plants into your subconscious. Self-hatred is like swallowing poison for the Soul. Tantric Massage will flush this toxic poison right out of you.

Breaking free from the bondage

We at the London Tantric temple invite you to break this psychological detrimental pattern. If you book one of our massage therapists for anyone of our scintillating erotic massage therapies, you will experience nothing but an envelope of passionate warmth that carries you away that feeds the soul.

We believe in our bodies are created as they were supposed to be and with incredible beauty in every curve and every crinkle. We as a team work towards the mission of global healing.

To bring nurturing, loving warmth to all, because this is what will help towards healing our broken planet.

 Through Tantric Massage we bring healing to the planet.

The media has a lot to answer for in this current climate of body dysmorphia. It can even start as young as in children and can lead to all sorts of other life-threatening illnesses like anorexia.

It can even result in suicide in some more extreme and sad cases.

Tantric Massage for women.

Many women will not leave the house, without their make-up on.

I strongly believe that every woman is beautiful and does not need to wear make-up to become beautiful.

We particularly reach out to women to embrace and empower their sexuality. To come to us and allow themselves to become utterly alive and free from the bonds society chains them to on a daily basis.

Receiving a Tantric massage is utterly liberating and there is no reason to be held back because of stupid media expectations that have been infiltrated into your subconscious.

Everyone has a divine right to such sensuous and transcendental joy.

A beautiful tantric ritual exercise that you can try at home whether you are male, female or anything in between;

  1. Stand in front of the mirror completely naked.
  2. Take time to look at every part of your body.
  3. Scan your body for an emotional reaction with each piece of your anatomy that you gaze at.
  4. Consciously send / Channel each part of your body love from your heart.
  5. Concentrate on putting all of your sensation into your fingertips and palms, gently massage and caress each area of your body.
  6. Whichever peace of your anatomy is your least favorite normally, say out loud for example

‘I love my stomach, I love my stomach, my stomach is part of me and it is beautiful, I am beautiful.’

  1. Repeat this process going through each part of your beautiful Tantric body.
  2. When you have spoken love to each part of your body smile at yourself and say

‘ I love myself, I am perfect just as I am. I will no longer hold myself responsible for having to meet the expectations of the media, I break those chains today.

Through these actions, you are consciously breaking the contract that you were lured into subconsciously conforming to.

And ladies, make sure you pamper yourself this weekend with a delicious Tantric erotic massage.

Allow nothing and no one to prevent you from experiencing your rightful pleasures.

Your body was created for you to enjoy and as the vessel that will carry you through this life-time, it deserves honoring, nurturing, and respect.

We look forward to seeing you awakened rebel women.

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