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Tips on how to find the right Tantric Massage Therapist for you

Tips on how to find the right Tantric massage therapist for you. 


Finding the right Tantric therapist for you can be quite tricky at times. As we say in the Massage industry ‘different strokes for different folks.’

Tantric Massage London are here to give you the expert top tips that we know you need to look for when finding that perfect therapist for your taste.

If you are searching through the Internet you will see many pictures of beautiful model-like masseuses or Tantric massage therapists, that in the pictures look stunningly gorgeous. You end up being left confused and just don’t know who to pick.

You need to think of exactly which qualities that it is you would like to find in your masseuse!

Tantric Massage London have compiled a list of points to help guide you when deciding which qualities are important to you that your Tantric massage therapist would need.

You must first decide these details, in order to find your soul mate Tantric therapist.

Deciding which Tantric Massage Therapist skills to take into consideration.

Massage Therapist


For some people, it can be very aesthetic with simple basics such as they are looking for large breasts, slim waist, rounded bottom, or blonde hair but I think you get the picture.


Qualifications in Therapeutic Massage

Other people are looking for somebody who is perhaps qualified in Therapeutic Massage because many people have office jobs and suffer from back and shoulder pain. So when they go for their Tantric massage they would like to ensure that they have certain areas of their body treated.

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The age of your Tantric Masseuse

The age of the Tantric Masseuse may be of importance, some people prefer a younger model like Tantric Massage Therapist, other people prefer mature experienced Therapists.  Tantric Massage London have a range of masseuses of all different ages.

Some people like the sweet innocence of a younger masseuse to give them their Tantric Massage or perhaps they would only feel comfortable with somebody in their same age bracket.

Whereas other people see a more mature Tantric Massage Therapist as being more experienced. Or perhaps a man has a daughter of a similar age and feels uncomfortable with this.

So, as you can see age could play quite a factor in whether you would feel comfortable with your Tantric Masseuse for them to deliver to you the perfect Tantric Massage.



Height can also be a consequence when planning your perfect Tantric massage, depending on your own personal height and preferences concerning height. Some people of course love lovely long legs on their massage therapist, whereas other people can feel intimidated by tall women. If you are looking online it is always worth taking time to go over the Tantric masseuses ‘personal’ profile and look at details like her size and height.

At Tantric Massage London, each Tantric masseuse has a personal profile page with all of her statistics clearly stated to make it easy for you to be sure you make the right choice.


If you can see a live Video of the therapist first also this will help you decide,  if you are drawn to her. Tantric Massage London show Videos of some of our therapists.





Watch more Videos of our therapists on OUR CHANNEL onVimeo.


Experience in Tantra

Being experienced in massage is one thing, but to be awakened and connected with one’s sexuality and able to hold space for others in the sexual realms is completely different. If your Masseuse has a more traditional massage qualification and perhaps less experience with Erotic Tantric Massage, they may not flow as energetically In sync with sexual energy. A Tantric massage is diving deep into the realms of exploration, sexual discovery, with a deeper level of pleasure and connection. It would be worthwhile when enquiring for a Tantric Masseuse to ask how long they have been performing Tantric massages.



Contact with your Tantric masseuse is important. For example, if you find an advert on a mainstream directory from an independent Tantric Massage Therapist. You ring the phone number and there is no answer several times, eventually, you can secure an appointment.

It’s worth bearing in mind that if it is a one-off tantric massage you are looking that’s one thing. But if you are looking to build a rapport for regular Tantric Massages it might be less easy.

Most people are looking to make a connection with their Tantric masseuse. The relationship builds naturally over time as one continues appointments, evolving into an intimate journey of pleasure in discovery. Rather like peeling the layers away.

If she is unable to be accessible to you for appointments, the likelihood is that in the small windows of time you have in your busy schedule to enjoy your personal Tantric massage pamperings, that she will more than likely be unable to accommodate you on a regular basis.

When calling an independent Tantric massage therapist, they will generally be less accessible because they are treating clients most of the time, you will have to leave messages and voicemails and they will get back to you when you can.


It is better to choose a Tantric therapist that works with an agency such as Tantric Massage London, as she will have a receptionist that answers the phone for her and lines up her bookings. This way the receptionist will be able to accommodate all your timings and know your favourite Tantric masseuse’s schedule.


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Receptionist Team

Tantric Massage London offers receptionist services operating between the hours of  9 am – 11 pm 7 days a week. So, you will always be able to get an informative, warm and helpful voice on the other end of the phone, ready to book you in.

All our therapists are fully trained in the art of tantra, they have all danced in the erotic realms. When you book a Tantric Therapist with the London Tantric Temple they will lead you with experience on sensual journeys that awaken the senses.

We are passionate about bringing pleasure and satisfaction to our beloved loyal clients. Our Tantric Therapists are equipped to hold space for you to unleash your creative forces and expand into consciousness.


So, if you want any help looking for the right Tantric Massage Therapist, give our team of receptionists a call now and they will be happy to go through each therapist we have and ensure the perfect match is made for you. 02037738374