London Tantric Temple
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Learn Tantric Massage

Private 121 tutorial with an experienced Tantra Teacher & Masseuse.


improve Your Love Life. 

do You Want To Begin Your Pathway Into Becoming The Ultimate Tantric Lover ?

would You Like To Learn How To Give A Tantric And Yoni Massage To Your Partner? Let Our Expert Masseuses Train You.!

leave The Women In Our Life Begging For More !!!!!

we Collaborate With The Uk’s Most Renowned Tantra Teacher. You Get A 121 Tutorial Working With One Of Our Model Masseuses That Love To Receive These Delicious Treatments.

we Offer A Luxury Day Of 121 Training On How To Give A Massage Like The Experts.

the Exclusive Ultimate Advanced Tantra Day Is Taking Place In Prestigious Mayfair W1 London, Offering A Bespoke And Personalized Tantra Immersion.

during This Luxurious Experience, Held In An Upscale Mayfair Studio, Participants Will Enjoy A Healthful Gourmet Lunch Featuring An Array Of Fresh, Nourishing Dishes Crafted From Premium Ingredients. Expect An Assortment Of Seasonal Salads, Lean Protein Choices, And Wholesome Snacks To Nurture Both Body And Mind. We Accommodate Dietary Preferences And Allergies To Ensure Guests Remain Energized And Focused Throughout The Day.

cost £1800 1 Full Day

indulge In A Range Of Practices And Techniques That Deepen Your Understanding Of Tantra And Heighten Sensual Experiences.

this Event Is Fully Tailored To The Goals And Desires Of The Participants, Delivering An Intimate And Customized Journey. Throughout The Day, Attendees Will Be Expertly Guided Through Various Tantra-related Practices, Including:

  • Learn What Tantra Is And Means And How You Can Incorporate Into Your Life.
  • A Practical Demonstration That You Will Participate In On Learning Conscious Touch Massage And How To Guide Your Partner Into Pleasure.
  • Connecting On A Deeper Level With Yourself Or Your Partner.
  • Integration Of Yogic Breath-work And Postures Into The Massage
  • Mastery Of The Microcosmic Orbit, How To Build The Pleasure Between You And Your Partner Into More Powerful Orgasms.
  • The Art Of Yoni Massage, Leave Your Partners Begging For More.
  • Receive A 4 Handed Massage
  • Learn How To Raise Your Own Sexual Energy And Circulate This Building Into A More Powerful Orgasm.
  • Learn The Art Of Sexual Kung-fu.
  • Transmutation Of Kundalini Energy Into Creative Vitality


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