The Zones that Trigger the Best Female Orgasms During a Full Body to Body Massage

Experiencing orgasm is one of the nicest chapters of women’s sexuality. And when we speak of Nuru massage and other forms of body to body massage, triggering the best and the wildest orgasms is one of the principal objectives. So here on this page, let us discuss the points in the female body that trigger the best and the most intense orgasm. 

Her bosoms…

Her breasts are the two volcanoes of lust. Hence,  a therapist giving body to body massage in London as anywhere else cannot ignore them in the first place. Caressing the breasts will trigger off intense sexual arousal leading orgasm. The fondle has to be gradual, it has to start from the base of breasts around their circumferences and should end at her nipples. Gentle tickling of the nipples and rubbing them during body to body massage will make them hard and erect. The motions need to vary in terms of speed and pressure exerted, for the right effect. A professional will ensure that the rhythm is properly maintained for the right effect so that she can be turned on. 


Her Neck…

The neck is another zone that can turn a woman on, when handled  properly. During the full body massage in London, the therapist will caress the neck with utmost tenderness, slowly, fondling it with fingers, occasionally increasing the pressure and realising it in the very next moment. When carrying out a full body to body massage, the therapist might indulge in some soft bites on the neck to take the sense of sexuality to the next level, which will open the floodgate for the juicy nectar down there in the small island between her limbs. 

Her Ankles….

If you had given her ankles a pushover, amend it the next time you are in bed with your partner, for they play a major role in the foreplay before the climax. The professional providing nuru massage in West London will take care of her ankle as well, cautiously touching and fondling from toes to the ankles in circular motions, taking special care of the achilles tendon. The motions, coupled by the gel used during the Nuru Massage  will increase the sexual pleasure intensely. Besides, the specialist will also deal with some other pleasurable zones of the leg like the spot behind the knee joints and the sole of the feet, to maximise orgasnmic pleasure. 

Her mons…

The zone just above her vagina is known as mons. This is another extremely sensuous zone that is caressed during the massage. The professional would use the hands to caress the zone to give that intense sexual feeling, which will trigger of organsm.

Besides these pressure points, other zones include the abs, her hair, the navel, and her torso. While hair is not taken care of that intensely during the various forms of body to body massage, these other zones turn into important playgrounds during the outcall and incall massage sessions in London. 

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