The Healing Secrets of Tantric Massage Only a Couple Can Feel

Let us divide the populace in two different categories – the ones who do not have an active sex life and the ones who have it. Now coming to Tantric Massage, it has a lot for both these categories of people. However, for a couple, our Tantric massage in London will have certain effects or impacts, which a single soul will never be able to apprehend. Now let us discuss the effects a comprehensive tantric massage session will have on a couple. 

Secret 1: it keeps the spark between the two alive

Physical intimacy is an extremely important aspect, on which the relationship between the partners stays alive. However, with time the attraction between the two starts reducing and that all important spark starts dwindling. A number of factors may be responsible behind it – lack of time in a hectic schedule,, stress, strain, presence of  kids and their upbringing…the  list will go on. It is then, when the relationship nosedives. This is where tantric massage makes a difference. A visit to our tantric massage experts in Paddington will go all the way to amend this lack of physical intimacy between couples. It helps to keep that spark between the two alive. 

Secret 2: It removes the goal element from sex

Sex, it is believed is predominantly masculine and is objective-oriented. However, the reality is, sex is much beyond foreplay and penetration, followed by organsm. This goal of achieving the orgasm during sex is somewhat wrong and is removed by tantric massage by our experts in Gloucester Road. Once this goal of achieving a volcanic orgasm is removed, sex becomes more enjoyable and long lasting, letting the couples enjoy the intimacy between each other in a more boisterous way. Newer ways of exploring each other, and turning the sexual fantasies into reality becomes much easier. It opens multiple avenues of hitherto-unknown pleasures that make the relationship deeper and more committed towards each other. 


Secret 3: It teaches the art of going slow

Sex is not about hurrying. You need to have patience to go slow. You need to have the patience of starting off in a subdued way, starting off with little and superficial steps and then getting to the next level, gradually, while exploring every nook and cranny of your partner’s body. It also helps in building up the energy within and gives yourself the time so that your mind, body and spirit are synced.  Thus, with a slow and steady approach you can enjoy the fullest satisfaction and help your partner in the same. This is what our Bayswater tantric massage experts would help you in. 

Secret 4: Embodiment 

To be frank, embodiment is one of the most significant secrets of tantric massage that is taught by our Queensway Tantric Massage expertsIt is all about syncing the mind, body and spirit. In other words, both the partners have to be present not only mentally, but also physically. In most cases, sex is experienced through fantasy.  When you do this, you can feel sex only through brain. But in reality, you need to feel sex trough every nook and cranny of your body, which only tantric massage can give you. Thus, our Tantric Massage specialists in Marble Arch will go all the way to teach you how to feel sexual pleasure through body as well as brain. 

Therefore, when you opt for an outcall massage session in London from us at Tantric Temple, you learn all these secrets. 

We also offer incall massage sessions in London. So call us as per your wish to know the secrets of sex throught the best tantric massage.