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The Best Naturist Massage in London

A Naturist Massage in London with Lexie

Hi my name is Jim and I am going to tell you about one of my sweetest memories! About 2 months ago I decided to visit London! My friend was very involved in the naturist community and had suggested I take a naturist massage whilst In London.

I researched on the Internet for the best naturist massage in London. I found a place called London Tantric Temple, I had heard a lot about this place, it was highly recommended.

So intrepidly I rang the phone number on the website and spoke to a very pleasant woman and found the booking process was very simple! My appointment was made for that day, in the afternoon time for a Naturist Massage.

I travelled to West London, Bayswater W2, to a private apartment, I was a little dubious to begin with I must be honest. I was met at the door by a beautiful woman called Lexi, she met me with a big warm smile and welcomed me in. As I entered the candle lite hallway, I smelt the aromatic smell of incense, carrying me away as if beckoning me.  She took me by the hand and lead me to where I should put my coat and shoes.  I expressed my interest in getting a naturist massage in London, and she smiled and told me I was in just the right place to get the best naturist massage in the whole of London.

As she led me down the hall she invited me to take a shower, the bathroom was spotlessly clean, with fresh fluffy towels waiting there for me.  Once I had finished my shower, I slipped on the sarong that was put on the side for me and emerged from the bathroom.

Lexi lead me into the naturist massage room, as I entered all of my fears instantly melted away, it simply oozed sensuality and relaxation.

There were candles all around the room twinkling and the room was toasty warm, ‘just right!’ I remember thinking to myself if one is to embark on a naturist journey.

I noticed pictures hanging on the walls with bright colors, vibrant purples and reds, that reminded me of my holiday in Morocco carrying me back to those exotic belly dancers.

I could smell a sweet scent of either aromatherapy oils or incese or perhaps both dancing in the air together.

Lexi, was like a seductive goddess as she glided around, gently leading me with those hypnotizing dark eyes.  She invited me to slip my sarong off and lay down on the naturist massage table, I felt the excitement starting to be really tangible.

She put her hand on the top of my back and the second hand on the base of my spine and asked me to take a few deep breathes in.  As her hands met my body a pulsing sensation like a current moved through me, connecting me with the heartbeat of the planet, awakening me to desire, emotion, sensation.  As I started to breathe I could feel my chest rise and fall, with each breath inwards I felt the connection with her hands in a deeper way.  I could feel her breathing with me and feel her breath on my back, it was making me feel hot and lustful. As she moved her hands off the base of my spine and the top of my back, I could feel her fingertips gliding over my body until they arrived at my feet.   As she glided skill fully around the massage table, there were moments when her silky body touched my skin awakening the sensations on the very top layer of my skin. At this point I realised that she too was completely naked, it hadn’t dawned on me that whilst I received a naturist massage, my beautiful massage therapist would be naturist to.

I felt a deep yearning to turn around and take a peek at her elegant ravishing body, but I knew it was not the right moment, that, that moment would come, but the anticipation fizzled all over me.

Naturist Massage, awakening the senses

Incredible sensations rippled through me as I felt Lexi rubbing the warm oil into my feet.  Her fingers seem to dance over my calf muscles around my feet and my ankle as if she were playing a fine-tuned piano.   It seemed a natural sequence in flow with nature, as if we were one, a rhythm much like the ocean waves.

What does a naturist massage feel like ?

The feeling of being completely naturist was liberating, it felt so natural, as if we were as nature intended. We had broken free from the chains that bind us to what society says we should and shouldn’t do, we were rolling uncontrollably into the wild.

As Lexi massaged my thighs, my buttocks and my back I felt like I had been lifted out of the realms of this lifetime, and was simply floating into and undiscovered paradise.  She encouraged me to breathe all the way through the naturist massage and she moved my body rhythmically with the flow of my breath. As I inhaled she glided seamlessly up my body, as if exploring every curve and as I exhaled the strokes flowed downwards, we were connected in a way that words cannot describe. It was energy, I now understood what people meant when they were talking about energy and naturist massages.

Naturist Body2body Massage

I felt Lexie’s   presence so close, as if her body were on top of mine, I could not tell the difference between her or myself as we seemed to have merged into one.

I do not know how she did this but she has managed to man oeuvre herself from standing next to me, to suddenly flowing and gliding her body.  From the lowest point of my back and buttocks, I could feel her breasts and her abdomen intrinsically flowing and gliding around me, ecstasy in its purist form in every cell of my being.

I had heard about this it was the infamous naturist body2 body massage, our two bodies entwined.

Time to turn over.

I do not know how much time passed, I had lost track of all time, I felt her breath near my ear as she whispered, that it was time to turn over.

For a moment I didn’t know how I would turn over, as I felt almost in another dimension, my body had totally surrendered itself to this beautiful goddess.

As I turned I let a little crack of light in through my eyelid and was met with her seductive dark eyes, I was lost in the realms of unparalleled pleasure and beyond.

Techniques of a naturist massage

As Lexi continued with the naturist massage, her touch was flowing, smooth, gliding and yet teasing and lustful.

The energy was explosive, my desires were unleashed and I had become a new person; I felt courageous, powerful, vulnerable, sensitive and yet wild. My breathing had taken on a new and dynamic motion that I could no longer control as we cumulated into the most awe-inspiring explosion known to mankind.  I knew deep in my heart at that moment, that this was the beginning of a journey for me, that I to was now dedicated to naturist massages.

Signed :

‘A Dedicated Naturist Massage fan’

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