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The Art of Conscious Touch in Tantric Massage

The Art of Conscious Touch

The Art of Conscious Touch in Tantric Massage, when one experiences a conscious touch healing in a sensual massage, it communicates infinitely more to the body than spoken words.   When you receive a massage that is performed by a professional Tantric masseuse, you will experience a divine difference in the sensuality of the touch. This is due to the nature of the masseuse’s training and her mindful intention that she channels to you throughout the therapy.

Conscious Touch Can Speak a Thousand Words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twhZ7eflTwA

The Energy in Conscious Touch

Conscious touch offers a gateway to awakening the life force energy within, connecting heart, soul, and sex.  How will you know when you experienced conscious touch?  If you have a sensual massage with The London Tantric Temple and you have also experienced massages from other therapy centers, you will know the innate difference we are describing. With the crescendo of sensations, you feel almost an electric pulse run through your body as you receive the touch in that moment. With a different style of massage therapy, the masseuses are not following the Tantric path thus not performing a sacred ritual.  A Tantric masseuse uses conscious Touch as she works from a space of true authentic selfless worship of the body.

Conscious TouchYou can experience conscious touch throughout many walks of life, it is not only within a sensual massage.

In fact, any person that touches another, with a loving mindful conscious intention, is touching consciously!  When we talk about conscious touch for the purpose of this article, we are relating it to the use of within a sensual massage.  But conscious touch can come in other forms for example a hug, not just any hug but a heartfelt true hug. The body reacts in such a way on a  neurological level, that our brain releases a chemical called oxytocin into our body. This is what makes us feel loved and connected and is sometimes known as the cuddle hormone.

There is an Indian Guru lady called ‘Mata Amritanandamayi’ if you google her, you will read that she has a huge fan club and travels all around the world with people paying her to hug them!

But the reason these hugs feel so amazing is because she is consciously channeling love at the same time, it is a form of ‘conscious touch’ as the bodies make contact. It is not a hug where her mind and heart are not involved, it is a hug where she consciously holds you within her mind, her body, and her spirit.

Many healers use conscious touch as its healing qualities are profoundly recognized within the results of alternative therapies.

How to give a Conscious Touch Sensual massage to your partner.

Invite your partner into the bedroom after you have created a beautifully soft and warm ambiance for them. Remember that preparation is key when performing a sensual massage at home.

Achieving Conscious Touch Through Mindful Meditation

As you are applying oil to your partner’s body, do not allow your mind to wander onto other things. This can be a challenge for some people as they often experience what we call the ‘monkey mind’ where they are unable to really focus on one thing for long and their mind brings up lots of different subjects jumping from one subject to another.

A proven technique for quietening the ‘monkey mind’ is to use breath and meditation. Start by using a technique called Prana Sukha, this is on a ratio of breathing in for 1 holding for 4, and releasing for 2.  This is one of the simplest Tantric breathes and is known to be the exact ratio for extracting the life force in the breath.   Put your full focus of thought on the feeling of your breath rising up into your nostrils and your chest expanding with the inhalation.  On the exhalation focus your attention on the air leaving through your lips and your chest falling. So, if you breathe in you focus your attention on the breath going up your nostrils and as you breathe out you blow the air out through your lips,  noticing the sensations as the air travels through your mouth and leaves through your lips.

This simple breath will bring you into your body and a very present feeling, off being in that moment and experiencing everything within that moment.

Another great way to experience; to give and receive conscious touch is by using a blindfold. If you are learning conscious touch and are the giver in this instance then by using a blindfold you are removing one of your senses. You will notice that if you start to massage your partner’s body with the blindfold on, it will be like you are touching them for the very first time.   You will experience a touch that is much deeper and more intriguing. When you remove one of your senses the others are heightened.

All of the sensations will be within your fingertips and your palms and you will be utterly conscious of every sensation.

A Conscious Touch Massage blindfolded is a fun and intimate exploration to do with your partner enhancing the loving connection. It opens new channels of communication and is also an excellent way to spend quality time together that is healing for both parties involved.

We invite you to practice touching with true mindful authentic loving intention, within your relationships from here on out.

To be mindful in all walks of life is most beneficial and likely to result in lasting feelings of happiness.  Learn to seize the beauty in the present moment, not only in the touch but in ALL that is.

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