Tantric Yoga, Tantric Sex & Sexual Energy

The Unique Relationship between Tantric Yoga and Sexual Energy

Is Tantric Yoga the same as sex? Most people erroneously believe that tantra is synonymous with supercharged sex life. On the contrary, tantric yoga aims at enhancing spiritual growth and at the same time strengthening body-mind connection in an individual. Tantric yoga holds that sexual energy is the most concentrated biochemical energy in the body. This energy is imperative for physical wellbeing and the growth of consciousness. For this reason, Tantric yoga does not diminish sexual energy but rather invigorates it, thereby boosting spiritual growth.

Raising Sexual Energy

Sat Kriya is the primary technique Kundalini Tantra designed to raise sexual energy. It is recommendable for everyone on a daily routine. Men who are at crossroads about which yoga technique to use can choose Sat Kriya sessions at Tantric Massage London Team Sat Kriya Session.


Fast facts about tantric yoga:

  • It is a link between yogic practices and numerous meditations.
  • It helps participants get a real connection with themselves.
  • Tantric yoga can be a solo endeavor.
  • It has variations since there different ways to integrate it into your life.
  • You can have a Tantric Massage after Tantric Yoga

Types of Tantra

Tantra is two-fold, that is, white and red. White tantra is practiced solo through the mixing of yoga and meditation. In the recent past, Americans and Europeans have shifted their attention to teachings that blend spirituality and sex to change the sexual relationship to physical ecstasy, a route to personal growth and liberation.

Red tantra, however, is related to sex and aims at orgasm. It also moves sexual energy to the entire body for transformation, healing, and enlightenment. At Tantric Massage London Team, we pride ourselves on tantric yoga with similar outcomes as the red tantra performing with the best Tantric Massages in London.

Benefits of Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga, like Tantric Massage, boasts many benefits such as; improved sleep and self-esteem, diminished anxiety and body pain, a boost in sexual confidence, enhanced intimacy and self-love, and Sat Kriya-tantric yoga treats sexual dysfunctions.

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Sexual Energy and Tantric Massage London

How Tantric Massage London team designs Tantric Massage sessions that include Tantric Yoga to raise sexual energy:

First, we stimulate your kundalini through sat kriya. In this manner, we approach your kundalini with both reverence and respect. We cultivate a humble attitude and devotion for trouble-free and peaceful assent of energy through this mantra.

Second, we use vibrations from the mantra to hit the sleeping energy below the spine to stimulate her. Our movements and posture strengthen your sexual energy, directing it upwards for use by the higher centers.

Last, we permit your sat kriya to employ the bandhas (your body locks) to direct your sex energy upwards for spiritual growth.

Let’s get started

To get started for tantric yoga, we advise our esteemed clients to observe the following:

Spend between 5-10 minutes clearing your head before kick-starting the exercise. Ground yourself in your body and observe your breath during this time.

Drink some water to keep hydrated throughout the exercise and keep off or switch off gadgets that may interfere with your concentration. For a client willing to take up lessons from home, we advise that you should clear space to clear up sufficient space by removing obstacles that may increase your anxiety levels. Finally, you can play some soothing music and light a well-scented candle.

Tricks and tips of tantric yoga

Begin at a slow pace since yoga is not all about speed. Be patient as you move from one position to the next. You may not bend to your satisfaction initially: remember flexibility, balance, and endurance are like Rome-they cannot be built in a day. Our dedicated yoga trainers will help you a great deal.

Concentrate on breath because this is the central part of tantric yoga. Your focus should be on the power and quality of breath for the poses. Besides, ensure you are in comfortable attire. Your clothes should not distract your sessions.

Furthermore, the choice of the right partner goes a long way: it is still imperative to have a partner who guarantees you comfort. Remember that tantric yoga can be both intimate and emotional in equal measure.

The bottom line

There exists a stark contrast between Tantric yoga and sex. Tantric yoga aims at strengthening spiritual growth while lignifying body-mind connection. It results in the sexual vigor and spiritual growth of participants. Tantric Massage London team offers the best tantric yoga session in the western hemisphere entwined with Tantric Massage.

We help our customers achieve the best through our professional Tantric Masseuses.