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Tantric Sex Guide

Tantric Sex 


Perhaps, you have heard about tantric sex, right? However, you may lack a clear understanding of what it is and what makes it unique. If you’re this person, then this article is primarily designed for you. The tantric massage London team will guide you through tantric sex. By the end of this article, you’ll learn many things about it, including its techniques and tips to get you started. So, let’s start with the basics.

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What Is Tantric Sex? 

This question is the most basic of all. Tantric sex is making love consciously. When doing this type of sex, you do it out of awareness and love. During tantric lovemaking, you create an extensive energetic bond with your lover. Tantric sex is distinctive in that it is a relaxed discovery journey, whereby both your heart and sexual organ participate simultaneously. Usually, it is a passionate, cheerful, and unrestrained playing off each other’s sexual energy. As a result, your body and your partner’s body are merged into one through ecstatic sexual experience.

Tantric Sex Facts Verses Fiction

A Guide to Practicing Tantric Sex

Now that you’ve learned what tantra sex is, it’s time to explore some tips to help you put it into practice.


  • Ensure that you are consciously present during lovemaking
  • Feel the body by utilizing your senses directly.
  • Communicate from deep inside your heart.
  • Go beyond your mind- into your heart, body, and physical presence.


The Impact of Tantra on Sex Life

Do you experience a turbulent sex life with your partner? If yes, try introducing tantra in your lovemaking. Here are ways in which it can improve your sex life:


  • It lengthens your lovemaking:  tantra tends to be energetic and more relaxed, enabling you to enjoy longer.
  • It eliminates shame, guilt and fear:  tantra sex enables you to accept who you are, thus helping you cope with natural fears associated with lovemaking.
  • You become a sexual master: tantra enables you to master tricks to make yourself or your partner feel extraordinary during lovemaking. As a result, you enjoy the best out of lovemaking exercise. How cool is that?
  • It creates energy circles: tantra helps you generate sexual energy. It results in more intense lovemaking sessions.
  • It enables you to overcome mind constraints into soul and body: you enjoy the ultimate benefits of sexual life.


How Does Tantric Sex Differ from Typical Sex?

As previously stated, tantric sex is exceptional. But what makes it that unique? You’re about to find out here.

  • It goes beyond the primary instinct (it’s about conscious lovemaking)
  • It drifts away from pleasure-searching to true happiness.
  • It transforms lust into pure love.

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