The Million dollar question, What exactly is a Tantric Massage?

Our research over the decades has led us into developing a unique and mind-blowing, sensation crescendo. Within each Tantric Massage Journey, we have skilfully enveloped the sacred sexuality elements in an all-encompassing divine mind, body and soul experience.

All of our Tantric Massage extravaganzas are delivered to you passionately and can be tweaked to accomplish maximum pleasure for our esteemed clientele to ensure total satisfaction.

Our stunning team of passionate professionals lead you into the forbidden realms of unashamed indulgence with overflowing inspiration.

A Tantric Massage ultimately is a whole full body naturist massage experience that is used as a tool for tapping into and raising our sexual energy. As we raise this energy by following ancient Taoist and Tantric philosophies we unlock areas of our brain that are not usually accessed.

After a Tantric Massage you will find that you feel a new level or creative passion, that ideas flow and self-confidence is boosted through a feeling of balance and well-being. Tantric Massage can heal head-aches, back pain and many more ailments by boosting our immune system.

Nude Massage

All our massages are performed as nature intended, we rise in our power as naturist massage therapists, empowered and unrivalled. All our tantric massages are performed in the nude, as we believe it is our birth-right to embrace the divine beauty of the naked body, stripped of the masks and peeling the layers away as we embark on the crusade of nude massage elevation. Allow yourself to embrace all the healing powers of touch, when we say a full body massage we mean a full body massage, from tip to toe. Get a Nude Massage in London and experience total liberation in its fullest sense, break free from all the chains society binds you to and be in your power, embrace all that it is.

Tantric Massage to manifest your goals.

Raising your sexual energy through tantric massage is one successful way to access the most powerful energy forces in existence, the very reason the human race exists. Sexual energy is our most potent force to connect with the universe. The most successful manifestations are accomplished when your vibration level sores un-relinquished, place in your mind’s eye all you wish to accomplish in life, your goals, aims and dreams and manifest them out to the universe.

Improve your life with regular Tantric Massages

If you have regular tantric massages you will find that everything in life shifts, good things are attracted to you. Your creative powers and wisdoms are unleashed, you will excel in your job, become more magnetic to the people you wish to attract, people will be drawn to you. You will be sourced by creativity, motivation, courage, power, patience will all flow. Regular tantric Massages help you live your live in a high vibration creating the ripple effect throughout your whole life effecting not only you but those around you.
Watch your life be transformed with the power or Tantric Massage and live the life you always dreamed of.

Erotic Massage London

What is an Erotic Massage?

Erotic Massage is an ancient treatment bestowed in ancient times upon the kings and queens by revered sacred sexual goddesses. It is becoming more widely accepted for its proven health benefits in the modern times. It’s unusual for something that will bring you such indescribably ecstasy to at the same time be beneficial for one’s health. It has been well documented that as the body enters the higher realms of rapturous pleasure something happens in our brains and bodies that awakens us.  It is traditionally in ‘Erotic Tantra’ a body-worship, so every inch of your being is caressed, nurtured and seduced.

As we submit to the waves of rapturous ecstasy our bodies transcend onto higher planes enabling heightened intense sensations to reverberate.

Erotic Massage beckons the mind to be open to new intense currents of pleasure that ripple through every cell in your entire being. As we abandon what was and enter the unknown our spirit soars in joyous union with the universe. Experience the intense liberating orgasmic states, that will inevitably lead to a whole-body explosion of utter unadulterated pleasure. Erotic massage is suitable for all, pleasure does not discriminate.

Working with the Chakra System

The Chakra system is the ancient Tantric Health system it was known that if you felt unbalanced, that through the gateway of tantric massage these energy portals could be balanced and the energy could then flow freely. Using the sacred sexual arts in an authentic Tantric Massage these Chakra spinning energy wheels will re-align leading to an overwhelming feeling of fulfilment and true joy.

Many healers going back as far as the ancient Egyptian goddesses in the temples of Babylon practiced Tantric Massage, healing the communities with their enlightened gifts.

At the London Tantric Temple every inch of your experience is decadent indulgence, sensually entwined with silky layers of authentic sacred sexual.

As leaders in the field; ‘often copied, but never rivalled.’

Tantric Massage the pinnacle of self-care, a voyage of harmonious synchronicity  between mind, body and spirit.

Why Get a Tantric Massage?

Tantric Massage London will stir the passions and moves the spirit into ethereal realms, evoking your brains chemical reaction to release a crescendo of pleasure endorphins that will cascade through your body creating a euphoric feeling of unparalleled pleasure that lasts for days.

Each tantric massage will be performed with exquisite nimble accuracy, a well synchronised ensemble of sensuous and awe-inspiring strokes, evoking the most scandalous explosions of pure jubilation.
Choose from an of our seductive sirens GALLERY to suit your individual tastes, prices are on each profile, but feel free to simply ask if you are in doubt.

‘Tantric erotic massage a quintessential experience of unequivocal pleasure.’

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