Tantric Massage in London W1

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Tantric Massage in London W1

man Hi my name is Adam and I am a reporter, writer and life experience traveller. I was in fact travelling up to West London W1 for a business meeting and was booked into a rather plush hotel.

I actually live in Kent, so had travelled all the way up to London and I was somewhat jaded after the long journey to be honest.

On arriving at my hotel in West London W1, I called my friend John complaining of backache and total tiredness. He just listened to me, when I stopped talking to wait for his comforting message, but he just burst out laughing!

This caught me by surprise and I could not understand what was funny with what I just told him. I even got mad and almost cursed him. He told me that I just so happened to be staying right next to the ‘London Tantric temple’, where I would be able to get the best Tantric Massage in West London, well not just West London, the whole of London, but yes it was on my doorstep!

He asked me whether I have massages, and I immediately answered that I don’t do massage! He answered with a voice that clearly said, “really dude?”. John then told me that one of his favourite life’s joys is to go for his tantric massage, but none beats tantric massage in London w1,

He gave me the contact to The Tantric Temple, apparently known for being the best tantric massage parlour in London. I was hesitant at first. The thought of its kind of scared me to say the least, who would be waiting in there for me? What would it be like?.

After a long debate with my inner self, I finally decided to give tantric massage in London a try. I dialled the phone number and a sweet and relaxed voiced picked up the phone.

I enquired about their tantric services and they informed me they offered sensual therapy, for both sexes. I was informed that the massage therapist will massage me from head 2 toe.

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The sweet voice went ahead to tell me the benefits of tantric massage which include relaxing the muscles, relaxing the mind. I immediately made the decision to visit their tantric temple in central London W1 for a tantric massage, why not?!

Within half an hour, I was there as I entered, the door was opened by a beautiful woman with a swanlike neck, she was elegant and had hypnotic seductive eyes.  She introduced herself to me as Penelope, and she beckoned me in to follow her up the hall and into her Tantric massage Parlour. I felt swept away to faraway lands with the exotic ambience.

I was invited to take a quick shower and then, yes the moment came!

I wish you could see the smile I am wearing as I type this, the first touch by the beautiful and skilled masseuse took me to heaven literally. I can’t remember when I closed my eyes, but the feeling travelled deep into my veins. It felt some energy generating from a point that I could not exactly tell you and then travelling throughout my body. This is how I spent my whole hour, in total bliss.

The entire experience was absolutely mind blowing, from the moment I arrived to the moment I only left (and I didn’t want to leave, ever).

I have since then referred my friends for tantric massage London w1.

If you find yourself in Central London the try the Tantric Temple and have the best Tantric Massage in London W1.

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