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Tantric Massage and Its Holistic Goals – What Do the Intimacy Experts Say?

A lot has been written about how tantric massage and sexuality are interrelated. We also had a focused discussion about the relationship between general well-being and tantric massage. But hardly have we taken a bird’s eye view of the oriental tantra and tantric massage, and their impact on human life. On this page, let us discuss the very philosophy of tantric massage carried out by the Tantric Masseuse in London, its impact, and its implications on human life and interpersonal relationships.

What is a Tantra or Tantric Massage?

Tantric Massage is often mistaken as erotic or sexual massage that culminates into orgasm, ejaculation, and sexual intercourse.  The reality is that sexual massage is conducted on a superficial level with the intention of having sexual activities. Tantric massage, on the other hand, is not about sex, or sexual activities, but about fulfilling your overall health needs. It is about slowing down and making the recipient feel what his or her body wants. That is why our experts conducting tantric massage in London are impeccably trained to meet all the objectives of tantric massage.

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What are the Key Aspects of Tantric Massage?

If we take a sneak peek into the key aspects of Tantric Massage, it will clearly show how it is different from conventional sexual massage. The key aspects include:

Deep Breathing: Tantric Massage helps both the masseuse and the recipient of the message to connect with each other on a more intense and a more intimate level. Besides, as deep breathing is analogous to mindfulness, it will help the recipient to deal with stress, negative emotions, and anxiety, and fully experience and enjoy the pleasure of life.

Delayed Gratification: Going by the natural instinct, the recipient of Tantric Massage West London will immediately feel aroused and even ready to ejaculate. However, it is the responsibility of the expert to slow things down. The expert will help the recipient to slow down and focus on deep breathing.

Spreading the Energy: Tantric massage helps the recipient in locating the disconnected areas of the body and interconnect them and lead a more holistic and satisfying life.

And when it comes to discovering the energy, it is all about feeling it in the genitals and then spreading it throughout the entire body.

What is the objective of Tantra Massage? 

The objectives of Tantra Massage in Bayswater can be divided into three segments:

  • Biological: It helps in synchronizing sex hormones, like estrogen and testosterone to work in sync with your neurotransmitters and help regulate the sexual drive.
  • Psychological: Stress tends to increase cortisol levels, which suppresses the sex hormones thereby lowering sexual arousal. Thus, tantric massage reduces stress and keeps sexual desire alive.
  • Social: This includes maintaining interpersonal relationship and taking it to new heights.

Therefore, tantric massage, as you see, is a different ball game altogether. That is why you must visit the most reputed experts who have undergone the best Tantric Massage Training Courses and are serving their clients in London.

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