Tantric Massage at home

Tantra Massage for couples- Experience Inner Happiness Together

Our Couples tantric massage sessions are more than just ‘a massage’ they are a whole ‘experience’ that deepens connection. Even if your relationship is great, it does not mean you need to ‘fix’ anything, having a couple’s tantric massage can simply be a fun thing that you both to do together and the welcome side effect is that it will strengthen your relationship and bring you closer together, when you share an experience of this nature.

Tantra Couples Massage Workshops

Tantra practices can be an integral part of maintaining that intimate bond in a relationship. If you wish to learn more about Tantra and couples’ tantric massage, why not try a couple’s workshop with the International Institute of Tantra, they offer couples private 121 sessions along with couples’ workshops. You can even learn to give a Tantric Massage to your beloved yourself in their ‘learn tantra massage for couples’ workshop. Just call our receptionist and ask the IIOT to give you a call back or pass your number on to them.

You see we also work with some of the most renowned teachers who are masters in Tantra Massage for Couples. Individuals that have dedicated their life paths to following and studying the sacred art of Tantra and all that surrounds it.

Having a Couples Tantric Massage

These types of sessions are very specialized, our therapists put themselves in your shoes, so every care is taken to design the session around your personal desires. They hold a safe space for you both to lie back and experience your wildest desires, they facilitate with every level of respect for your boundaries and wishes.

If you have found yourself on this website, if you are either male or female or anything in-between Tantra is for everyone. As you read this, just close your eyes and notice the feelings that arise, breath into these feelings. Notice if your third eye is activated and you can start to visualize how a beautiful erotic journey might unravel, allow your fantasy to become a clear vision in your mind. If you feel feelings of shame, nervousness or anxiety breath into these and let them melt away. These feelings are often caused by society preconditioning us with outdated ideals.

Some-times it can be our ancestors or bloodlines pre-programming us that we should feel shame from a young age. We live in a diverse world, a melting pot of ethnicities and backgrounds. Old belief systems that hold us back and do not allow us to live our lives and experiences pleasure in its fullest potential.

In Tantra we believe that we are not only allowed to experience pleasure but that it is our Devine right! When experiencing a couples massage you will open the path way to achieving ecstatic states. Through allowing our sexual energy to rise and the vibrations exude into the universe, it manifests throughout and with this we attract better things in our lives.

There are many ways for couples to raise sexual energy together within Tantra, the life path is expansive and every evolving. Sexual energy is one of our powerfullest energy forces and we can activate this energy through many different types of practices from Tantric Mediations, Tantric Yoga, sacred ceremonies and rituals.

Couples Tantric Massages are beautiful way to really slip into your body, into the moment, it is a passionate dynamic, so don’t let anything hold you back from pleasure, remember it is your divine right as a human being, that is why you were made that way with these capabilities, do not leave them dormant, cultivate and nourish them.

Couples Tantric Massage the ultimate sensual journey

Your Massage Therapist

Our Tantra Massage Therapists are all fully trained, highly Skilled and qualified; we ensure that all Tantric Couple Massages are completely tailored with your personal aims and goals in mind. Our dedicated massage therapists’ unique blends of ancient and modern therapies heal and nourish.