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Join a new wave of tantric practitioners in 2019 with IIOT Tantra Workshops complete course.

Tantric Massage Training Course London, Levels 1 ,2 3. Market these levels to your clients.

Are you looking for a career change and have a spiritual interest? Or are you already a holistic practitioner looking to add an extra module to your practise? Become a Tantra teacher and teach your clients Tantra and Tantric Massage. The IIOT run Tantra workshops for singles and Tantra workshops for couples to get qualified.

This is a non sexual tantric massage training course in London that can be practised in Spas and holistic centres anywhere around the world. You can attend a group training course or have an individual private one on one training to get certified.

You will also learn techniques to become a better lover yourself

Study in one of our Tantric workshops for singles or Tantric workshops for couples training and start your career change now.

Take a Fresh look into your Sexual Potential from a different prospective

Tantra is not an easy path to learn but with the IIOT you can take bite sized stepping stones into learning, in a 3 level Tantra and Tantric Massage process.

On completion of the IIOT Tantra workshop, you will be accredited with a program you can teach to your clients. You will become a Tantra Teacher/Tantra trainer to your clients and can market yourself as one.

This course includes a Full and Extensive Manual for your on going development and support and home study.Tantra Book

We offer after Care Support and assistance with your personal Tantra Therapy and with your Tantric Massage Clients.

You will receive a Full Certificate of Attainment

This certificate offers you the IIOT Association and Membership along with an Insurance Cover for you and your Tantra Practice!

This intensive Tantra workshop is run over 3 days a total of 12 hours hands on training and theory along with extensive home study. If you are single and wish to attend a 121 training course please bring a friend so you can practise on them. If you are a couple who wish to teach tantra together, you will be practising on each other in the course.

These Tantra courses are run in Australia, Spain,USA and UK
Tantra workshops 2019/20

You Will Need:

A Massage Table to bring to class.

Day 1, 2 and 3 – a ‘body Model” to practice on.

Bottle of water, massage oil and a snack.

Latest Dates 2019

Certified Tantra Practitioner Training

  • PRICE : £750
  • DATES :  November 13th, 14th, 15th 10:30 am – 2:30pm
  • Email to reserve your space
  • PRICE : £750
  • DATE : November 27th, 28th, 29th 10:30 am – 2:30pm
  • Email to reserve your space
  • PRICE : £750
  • DATE : December 4th, 5th 6th 10:30 am – 2:30pm
  • Email to reserve your space
  • PRICE : £750
  • DATE :  January 15th, 16th, 17th 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • Email to reserve your place
  • PRICE : £750
  • DATE :  JANUARY 8th, 9th, 10th 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • Email to reserve your place


  • Woman’s Circle Tantric Breath and Movement setting intentions
  • Price £30
  • Date 24th OCTOBER 2019
  • Book via Eventbrite and see for full content.
  • PRICE £80
  • Date 1st February 2020
  •  Book Via Eventbrite and see for full content.

Other private small groups are held for couples regularly please email to request full workshop calendar.

Tantra Training Retreats 2020

CERTIFIED Practitioner Training 

For more information on these courses email

DATE : Nov, 6th,7th,8th 2010

GET YOUR CERTIFIED TANTRA TRAINING in this relaxing and ambient surrounding the perfect place to relax the mind and absorb all aspects of the course.

PLACE : The urban Villa Boutique Hotel Marbella, Located in the Hills of Marbella overlooking the Mediterranean sea

PRICE : £700 Includes Accommodation, food, full training, manual and Certificate.

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​Learn in 3 days  700 GBP

The World’s First Practical Sacred Sexual Tantra Bodywork Program and become a Certified Tantric Massage Practitioner

World’s First Non – Sexual Sacred Sexuality Self Development Tantra Program

Tantric Massage Therapist Training Courses 2019

This Course will include

An Extensive 259 page manual
Levels 1,2,3 Tantra 
Certificate of attainment
IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover options for Tantra Practice
Aftercare and support
Websites : Advertising : Seo strategies
Client referrals

Everything you need to run your own Tantra or Tantric Massage business

IIOT Tantra, Tantric Massage, Therapy & Psychoanalytic Sexology


Level 1 :

In this level you will cover the fundamental spiritual pathway and philosophy of Tantra, the concept of Shiva, Shakti and all that surrounds this.

Learn how to do a beautiful heart and meditative connecting attunement, all sessions begin with an attunement.

Learn about all elements and functions of the Chakra system, do an intensive Chakra Diagnostic on your clients combined with Tantric massage.

The chakras are known to be the key to total physical and Mental health along with emotional stability.

These powerful vortexes of moving energy are the reason that our endocrine glands are stimulated and release the hormones around our body.

The effect of hormones control our moods, feelings and general state of mind.

Once our journey into the Chakras commences we open the pathway for healing on all levels including psychological development and spiritual growth.

​You will teach your client essential information about his or her chakra system whilst using psychotherapy and psychosexual techniques, gently encouraging your client to break blockages.This is a very connecting session between you and your client it is like a Chakra counselling session.

​This ancient system of healing is well established through many cultures. The Egyptians perfected the art through using exotic aromatherapy along with colour healing, the early Jews applied similar principles with the Kabbalah, there are endless examples of ancient spiritual healings and connecting with our higher energy. ​

​You will learn to start raising Tantric Kundalini energy to activate awaken and energise the Chakra system, this will increase your clients power, energy and creativity.

You will also start to introduce the idea for male clients of the ancient and popular ejaculation control methods.


​Level 2

We raise the level in session 2 covering Yogic Tantric Poses for Tantric Sex as well as introducing and incorporating the 7 breaths of Tantra.

To learn to be Optimal lovers during sex in the bedroom it is essential we learn dynamic body movements and master the tantric breaths.

The Sanskrit word Prana means life- force, when breathing in one consciously retains the prana the life-force and releasing the carbon dioxide and other gasses, storing the life force inside you.

We will cover the following breathes,

The Circle Breath, Trapeziodal Breath, Pranavayu, Prana Sukha, solar Luna Breath and Kundalini Breath

Level 2 really moves into the breaths once you complete this level you will leave with a fundamental understanding on a practical level of the different types of breaths, how to use them to find the central pathway between the mind and physical body.

You will cover massage techniques, entwined with the dynamic body movements, building and circulating sexual energy. For male clients also practicing the ejaculation control techniques.


Level 3

This session cumulates to a beautiful conscious union of Shiva and Shakti dancing in the energy.

This is what session 1 and 2 are preparing you for.

You will learn how to put together all the tantric yogic body movements along with breath techniques and dance in the Kundalini energy. This is a quieter session reaching a higher conscious state.

Awaken the powerful Kundalini energy with the dynamic movements, body postures learnt in level 2 and Merging the Chakras through the traditional tantric sex position in yab yum.

Powerfully circulating the sexual energy and feeling the power as it goes through the body like great waves.

This session needs to be on a futon or bed putting all the body dynamics learnt in session 2 and activating the chakras learnt in session 1.

This session is a mind blowing energetic accumulation of all encompassing tantric bliss.

The course will be taught in full detail explaining differences that apply if you are male tantra practitioner or a female tantra practitioner or indeed for your clients, male/female.