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Join a new wave of tantric practitioners in 2020 with IIOT Tantra Workshops complete course.

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Tantric Massage Training Course London, Levels 1 ,2 3. Market these levels to your clients. Advanced Tantra levels available on completion of 1-3 .

Are you looking for a career change and have a spiritual interest? Or are you already a holistic practitioner looking to add an extra module to your practise? Become a Tantra teacher and teach your clients Tantra and Tantric Massage. The IIOT run Tantra workshops for singles and Tantra workshops for couples to get qualified.

Latest Date 2020

Accredited Certified Tantra Massage Practitioner Training

  • PRICE : £750
  • DATES :  October 12th, 13th, 14th
  • TIME : 10:30am – 4:30pm this time is flexible and depends on the class size and experience of students, we stay as long as we need to.
  • CONTACT Email to reserve your space
  • PRICE : £750

Other Tantra Massage Dates include

November 25th,26th,27th : December 9th, 10th 11th : January 27th, 28th, 29th

and many more dates, see the website for full schedule list if you cannot do any of the scheduled dates let us know and we will try to accommodate everybody’s schedule, separate trainings can be held.

This is a tantric massage training course in London that can be practised in Spas and holistic centres anywhere around the world.

You can attend a group training course or have an individual private one on one training to get certified.

You will also learn techniques to become a better lover yourself.

Study in one of our Tantric workshops for singles or Tantric workshops for couples training and start your career change now.

Take a Fresh look into your Sexual Potential from a different prospective

Tantra is not an easy path to learn but with the IIOT you can take bite sized stepping stones into learning, in a 3 level Tantra and Tantric Massage process.

On completion of the IIOT Tantra workshop, you will be accredited with a program you can teach to your clients. You will become a Tantra Teacher/Tantra trainer to your clients and can market yourself as one.

This course includes a Full and Extensive 290 page Manual for your on-going development and support and home study.Tantra Book

We offer after Care Support and assistance with your personal Tantra Therapy and with your Tantric Massage Clients.

You will receive a Full Certificate of Attainment

This certificate offers you the IIOT Association and Membership along with an Insurance Cover for you and your Tantra Practice!

This intensive Tantra workshop is run over 3 days a total of 18 hours hands on training and theory along with extensive home study. If you are single and wish to attend a 121 training course please bring a friend so you can practise on them. If you are a couple who wish to teach tantra together, you will be practising on each other in the course.

These Tantra courses are run in Australia, Spain,USA and UK
Tantra workshops 2020

You Will Need:

A Massage Table to bring to class.

Day 1, 2 and 3 – a ‘body Model” to practice on unless you are joining a group training. See below for next group courses.

Bottle of water, massage oil suitable for your skin, towels, lunch and a snack.

Ongoing support is offered, you are not on your own after completion of the course and follow up zoom lessons can be arranged or telephone calls. You are not alone you are part of a community.

The investment you make in your training is the same cost that you will present to your client’s, therefore you get your training fee back on your first client.

Other private small groups are held for couples regularly please email to request full workshop calendar.

Tantra Training Retreats 2020

CERTIFIED Practitioner Training 

For more information on these courses email

DATE : Nov, 6th,7th,8th 2010

GET YOUR CERTIFIED TANTRA TRAINING in this relaxing and ambient surrounding the perfect place to relax the mind and absorb all aspects of the course.

PLACE : The urban Villa Boutique Hotel Marbella, Located in the Hills of Marbella overlooking the Mediterranean sea

PRICE : £1200 Includes Accommodation, food, full training, manual and Certificate.

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​Learn in 3 days  750 GBP

The World’s First Practical Sacred Sexual Tantra Bodywork Program: become a ‘Certified Tantric Massage Practitioner’

An all round self-development program.

Tantric Massage Therapist Training Courses 2020

This Course will include

An Extensive 290 page manual
Levels 1,2,3 Tantra 
Certificate of attainment
IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover options for Tantra Practice
Aftercare and Support
Websites : Advertising : Seo strategies
Client referrals

Everything you need to run your own Tantra or Tantric Massage business

IIOT Tantra, Tantric Massage, Therapy & Psychoanalytic Sexology


Level 1 Chakra Mandala

Learn Level 1: This module is includes talk therapy and self help tools. It covers the philosophies of Tantra and the spiritual pathway. Shiva & Shakti, the masculine and feminine forms and Tantra past and present.

Learn how to teach your clients to connect on deeper and more profound levels, in a sacred way. 

Learn a full body massage step by step, incorporating a ‘Shadow walk’ through the Chakra system. As we move through the process we entwine breath techniques, yoga and meditation, we unlock the pathways to the chakras and all the elements that tie in with our lives. Learn to identify blockages and invite clearing through proven techniques. Learn to lock the Muladhara Chakra (root chakra) whilst channelling, manifesting and raising Energy.

The Shadow Walk focusing on each chakra on at a time, teaches your clients all about the Chakra System and how the elements tie in with the very fabric of our lives.

We learn how to connect with Kundalini energy and how to activate and channel this powerful force.

In session one a deep connection will evolve between you and the client as they open the pathways of their life through the shadow walk. This involves conscious therapy, opening the doorways to their dreams, goals and challenges in life.

For your ‘Shakti’ clients the module covers working with the Shakti energy, learning how to heal the Yoni known as  ‘Yoni Healing’ and how to expand into deeper senses of pleasure.

We also enter the ‘Sacred Womb Space’, honouring its divine power and inviting an intense yoni re-birth .

For your male clients, ‘Shivas’ the module covers how to teach your client how to cultivate the masculine energy and how to have masculine presence throughout the challenges in every day life. How to embrace the embodiment of the potent masculine energy force. We also cover how to enhance and intensify pleasure & control.

Level 2 Our Body is Our Temple

As we move into the second level, this level has less conscious therapy in and is more energetic. You will learn and learn now to teach 7 important Tantric Breathes and 2 powerful Yoga Asanas.

We repeat the same connecting attunement as level one but building onto this, inviting expansion and transcendence.

In level 2 we focus on more advanced Yogic Breathes techniques and Yoga Asanas. We learn the importance of balancing the divine Masculine and Feminine energy within us.

During this module we invite your client to connect with the deeper desires, their passions and their challenges. Healing work can be down within these elements using transcendental guided meditations and breath.

Embrace the rules of the ‘Law of attraction’ and learn yourself how to keep your vibration level high. Learn how to share this knowledge with your client in order for them to achieve the best life possible. 

Module 2 teaches you effective clearing meditations and tantric rituals.

You will repeat the in-depth massage sequence incorporating. breath techniques, 2 yoga poses that are specific to activating the all-powerful Kundalini Energy and how to harness and circulate this energy.

We cover how to enhance our personal pleasure and feel deeper sensations. 

Chakra Balancing

Level 3 Tantric Bliss

This is a profound session, within this module you will put together all that as a student you learnt in level 1 & 2 and builds onto this even more cumulating to a powerful level 3 for your clients.

In the level 3 Module we dive into the Tantric Yoga Sex positions. 6 Tantric Sex Yoga Asanas,  5 transcendental Breath Techniques along with a combination of dynamic postures to promote energy flow.

The Yoga Asanas invite the expansion of pleasure and are important daily practises for any Tantric Lover.

We go through Asanas suitable for men, that encourage and embrace the masculine elements such as, power, prowess, creativity and agility.

Along with Asanas that are beneficial for Shakti’s divine feminine elements, Womb yoga and Yoni Power Yoga. These fundamental Yoga Asanas provoke intense awakenings and raise the Kundalini energy incorporating dynamic movement and ecstatic dance.

Level 3 is like a dance, it is where you put everything together so it flows. 
As you move through the massage you and your client will perform the 7 tantric breathes that you have previously learnt, along with the yogic postures. Everything cumulates into one flowing beautiful dance of energies.

This module is a very powerful level as the massage is highly charge with energy, you will continue to guide your client, but they will have a good idea by this stage. As you move through the session and massage putting it all together: the breaths, postures, raising and circulating of sexual energy, it is a truly profound experience. You will witness your clients really transform into their liberated authentic selves.

There are a few variations to the final elements of this module that you can use depending on your clients needs.

Yab-Yum connects all the Chakras and is the ultimate Tantric Meditation Asana.

Or alternatively a sacred ‘Earth Yoni Blessing’: a beautiful journey honouring the sacred divine feminine.

Each of these levels are packed with tools for life, practical self-development techniques that promote healing on all the human essential levels; the physical, the emotional, the mental and spiritual dimensions.

This is a program you can learn that comes in a structure that you can teach directly to your clients. It also has the option that you can intuitively expand the sessions and incorporate your own personal skills that you may be gifted in. Maybe you are a reiki teacher or an NLP practitioner or are gifted in visions or past lives, all these gifts can be intuitively used to enhance your clients experience.

The course will be taught according to the classes individual ability and needs. The variations necessary for adaption depending on if your client is male or female or indeed you as the practitioner are male or female.