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Tantra for Singles

 Tantra for Singles: Using Tantra To Reunite with Your Body


Are you single and disconnected? If yes, then this article is for you. Here at tantric massage London, we enable you to learn how you can use tantra to reconnect with yourself. While the western culture relates tantra with sexuality and relationships, it is typically beyond that. It’s a mystic and spiritual act that begins by exploring one’s sense of self. In this article, our tantric massage London experts will guide you through the process of reconnecting with yourself using several tantric techniques.


What Does Tantric Masturbation Mean?

Tantric masturbation is considered the most ideal way of experiencing tantric sex, especially for singles. Most tantric sex experts, including tantric massage London, refer to it as a self-pleasure ritual. Usually, it is an energetic exercise to help you reunite with your sexuality and body. That said, instead of focusing on ejaculation or orgasm, this type of masturbation focuses on building up your sexual energy. It fuels your entire body with excitement and pleasant-feeling energy to power you for the rest of the day.


How do I Attain ThisFeel-Good Energy? 

This question is what you’ve been asking yourself. Upon masturbating, exercise getting almost there (orgasm) but not reaching. Get as ‘high’ as possible but master the tricks of preventing orgasm or masturbation from occurring. Doing so will help you pile up critical sexual energy, which is then integrated within your body. This energy brings you stunning advantages to your sex or relationship life.


A Guide to Practicing Tantra Alone

Tantric masturbation is a highly personal experience that allows you to reunite with your entire self. We human beings exist in interdependence with our environment but not in separation. By exploring our bodies and soul, we discover our inner selves. It’s time to look at some of the solitary tantric techniques you can consider.


What Tantric Methods Can I Explore Alone?

You have many choices, but here are some techniques to help you get started. Our Tantric Massage London team will group those approaches into various categories for a better understanding.


Movement and sounds 

Tantric Dance People who exercise tantric methods love dancing. It is not only about moving the body but also a way of expressing creative abilities. Through dancing, you express your emotions and moods. In tantra practice, maintaining a healthy mind-body relationship and dancing is an excellent way of blending mind calmness and body flexibility. That said, we advise you to dance when exercising tantra alone.


  1. Tantric Sounds

When doing it alone, utilize your breath (pranayama) as a way of making tantric sounds. It enables you to feel its healing impact. Besides, tantric sounds send arousal signals when you have a masturbating partner. Here are quick steps on how to make the best out of tantric sounds:

  • Identify a calm environment that doesn’t disturb others and begin to make raw sounds.
  • Let your sound flow naturally while inspecting your vocals for those that need adjustment.
  • Ensure that you feel sound vibrations within the body upon vocalizing.


Tantric Breathing 

  1. The Fire Breath

Fire breathing helps you cleanse your breathing. It energizes and revitalizes you. However, tantric massage London experts recommend avoiding it if you fall in one of the following: pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, or those struggling with vertigo issues. Some of the steps to practicing this technique include:


  • Sit tall and upright and use your nose to breathe in and in.
  • Shorten the breath while picking up your pace. Inhale and exhale at almost the same length and strength.
  • Push the belly while inhaling and pull it when exhaling.


  1. Kickstart Breathing

This type of breathing unlocks your body and its related excitements. It’s good for getting beyond your head into the body.

  • Place fingers against your front side of the neck
  • Identify a hollow, small divot located on your throat
  • Constrict your back throat for a while until you hear whispering sounds.
  • Keep the tension at the back throat to ensure that you continue whispering.
  • At all times, breath through your nose and not otherwise.
  1. Belly Breathing

It is one of the most relaxed and efficient approaches to get air into your lungs. It unconsciously regulates your heartbeat, thus helping you calm down. Belly breathing plays a critical role in attaining ‘the big O’.

  • Lay down on a convenient flat surface
  • Push your belly when inhaling and pull it when exhaling.
  • Breathe alternately (slow and loud)


Tantric Meditation 

This category has two tantra methodologies; the use of symbolic shapes (yantra) and mantra (suggestive words)


  1. Yantra

It involves the use of geometric diagrams such as lotus, squares, and triangles, among others.

  • Draw any diagram of your choice
  • Look at the image keenly to gain the mind’s focus and connect its energy.
  • Meditate on it and fill it with additional elements and color.
  • Appraise the elements you have drawn and their impact on mental, physical, and emotional state.


  1. Mantra

This meditation approach involves the repetition of a phrase or word. It can be done through whispering, chanting, speaking, or repeating it in your mind.



  • Think about any phrase and repeat it during your meditation session.
  • Lean back in a comfy posture and silently repeat the identified phrase.
  • If other feelings or thoughts try to enter your mind, identify them and get back to reciting the identified mantra.

Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga

  1. Kundalini Yoga

This type of yoga combines multiple mystic sounds, yoga postures, symbolic ritual contractions, and gestures of your body’s muscles. It arouses your kundalini (sexual) energy that lies dormant within ourselves.


  1. Conventional Tantra Yoga

This type of yoga combines multiple positions: floor-based and standing positions accompanied by breath-holding. It constructs patience within each of those positions and an innate understanding of the body’s capabilities. For an additional guide on this type of yoga, click here.



Advantages of Performing Tantra Alone 

ü You gain a better understanding of your authentic self.

ü It breaks any sense of confusion, desperation, insecurity, and self-doubt, among other resentments pulling you back.

ü It helps you work out any sexual dysfunction issues that block sensation.

ü It reunites you with your inner self.

ü It cultivates your mental, emotional, and physical intimacy.

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Are You Looking for a Tantra Specialist? 

The tantra’s main aim is to help humans learn their true nature and inner selves. Are you afraid to perform a tantra solo? Worry no more as tantric massage London is here to help you through it. Click here and get served by one of our highly qualified massage professionals.