Some Intimate Moves That Take a Tantric Massage to a New Dimension

Tantric Massage is the gateway to the world of ecstasy, eroticism and a state where there is a seamless sync between the mind, body and spirit. But then, the massage you take up has to be the best of its kind and for that, you need to visit the best provider of tantric massage in London. One big advantage of it is that the therapists out there are extremely talented and are experienced enough to come up with the best moves that will tickle your senses and the erotic insticts in the best possble way. 

Setting Up the Mood by Incorporating Massage Candles

Candles that are used in tantric massage sessions are especially  formulated to melt down into a wax that is safe for your body. These candles will not burn your skin upon contact. Rather, they will emit a relaxing fragrance, which will add to that special vibe. Thus, London tantric massage therapists would at times incorporate these candles on your back, as that will help enhance  the pleasure in your erogenous zones. 

Trying a Blindfold 

Experienced therapists would at times, try blindfolds as that will help the recipient concentrate on the effect of touch – solely, and it has been observed that the effect of a blindfolded massage is far greater than a normal budget. Thus, do not be bemused if you suddenly find your London massage therapist blindfolding you in the midst of the massage session. 


Taking on the Scalp Helps

Massaging the scalp helps a lot. Your scalp may be the most underrated area of your body, in the context of tantric massage and is where getting the massage from a highly reputed Tantric Massage therapist in Bayswater will make a difference. A sensual little tug of hair can make a lot of difference. As per the experts, “a gentle tug of hair can open the floodgate of passionate feelings’. 

Exchange Multitasking 

This is another very important and effective move that helps the recipient. While the therapist will caress your testicles and tickle the tip of your male hardness, you need to return it by pressing her buts with one hand and slowly  squeezing her clitoris till she is at the verge of reaching the orgy. 

Using Two Hands for Massaging the Taint

The area between anus and your genitals, aka the taint, is a highly sensitive spot. You will find your massage therapist using her two fingers to massage the area gently to take you to the cloud nine of ecstasy. 

Taking Special Care of the Male Hardness

Remember, a good tantric massage is not all about reaching the orgasm. It’s all about attaining the ultimate terotic pleasure and sustaining it all throughout, but stopping just short of the orgasm. That’s why, when it comes to dealing with your penis, the tantric massage therapist in Bayswater will take special care. She will gently squeeze the base of your penis  with her right hand, pulling up over and across the head till her hands slide off and repeat the same with her left hand. Also, she will start from the top of your penis and pull down till the base of the shaft alternating it with massaging only the tip of the penis. 

If these moves do not take you to the seventh heaven, what else will? For that call Tantric Temple, if you are in and around London, as we are the best. We offer incall as well as outcall massages