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Sloane Square
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Getting a tantric massage in Sloane Square

History has it that a tiny class of London has since the 1980s been called the Sloane Rangers or Sloanies.

Sloane square is thought by many to several as a little landscaped square in central London. If the daily work load and family issues seem to be catching up, do not worry.

We are here to administer you a chance to relax. We have tantric masseuses never to far away from you see our therapist gallery here for therapists in Sloane Square, who can offer you a well deserved Tantric Massage.

A tantric massage may be a special form of massage that uses energy and chakras (a center of energy within the body, consistent with Indian belief).

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Local tourist attractions in Sloane Square whilst getting a Tantric Massage

Not withstanding it’s seemingly small size, relatively young, underemployed and ostentatiously well-off members of the upper classes who linguistically have their own evolving lexicon, the Sloane Square boasts of some mouth watering and eye catching tourist centres which are expertly accommodated in it’s program architectural design.
  • Venus fountain
  • Sir Aurthur Charles Wellesley plaque
  • Bayswater Street
  • Royal Mews
  • Eccleston yards
  • Sloane Square
  • Holy Trinity Church

Travel to Sloane Square by road and train

The square itself is found on the boundaries of Chelsea, Belgravia and Knightsbridge. the world forms a boundary between two large aristocratic estates in London, one called the Grosvenor estate and also the other referred to as Cadogan.

The Sloane Square bus and train station- the doorway to the station is on the side of Sloane Square (A3217). it’s adjacent to the Royal Court Theatre and is that the nearest station for King’s Road shopping, the Peter Jones emporium and also the Cadogan Hall


Although the Sloane Square is predominantly dominated by a gaggle of commoners who are slightly separated by choices, they still harbour an awfully sizable amount of restaurants to confirm that style of recipes are made available for the various choices.

A few names of restaurants within the area:

  • The Botanist Sloane Square
  • Cote Sloane Square
  • Colbert
  • Royal Court bar and kitchen
  • Carrafini
  • Top floor restaurant
  • Granger & Co. Chelsea
  • Kahani
  • Hans bar & grill
Tantric massage Sloane Square


With it’s magnificent architectural design and setting, hotels still have an excellent influence on the world as they provide an oversized option for tourists and visitors within the area.

Some hotels within the Sloane Square:

  • Beaufort house apartments
  • Sloane Square hotels
  • The Hiring hotel
  • Astor’s Belgravia
  • Chelsea Cloisters
  • The Carlton tower Jumeirah
  • Millennium hotel
  • 11 Cadogan gardens
  • Double tree by Hilton Hotel London
  • San Domenico House Hotel
  • The Hari
  • The Warwick by Aura Collection
  • The White Ferry Victoria
  • Cheval Phoenix House
  • The Z Hotel Victoria
  • Bulgari Hotel London
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