Signs You Need Nuru Massage to Rejuvenate your Ageing Sex Life

Has your better half reached menopause and has lost interest in sex, while you still want to ‘steam around’? Are your inviting moves landing on a flatbed with a cold response? Fret not – she is suffering from postmenopausal syndrome and has retracted from any kind of sexual activitity. What she needs is a nuru massage session that will go all the way to revitalise her mind, body and spirit. 

But how? Take a dig at the issue. 

Nuru massage is not just about eroticism – it is something more

The first and foremost thing that one needs to take into account is that Nuru massage is not like those conventional erotic massages that will only tickle your libido and will lead to more intense orgasm, and a volcanic climax! Experts conducting nuru massage in London will conduct some specific moves after setting a certain environment, which will have a positive effect on the mind, body and spirit. 

Now let us get back to the story of your wife. Like many women, who are under the premonition that onset of menopause marks the end of sexual life, she is uncertain, tensed and may be suffering from an inferiory complex. This is where our experts will chip in. They will talk to her, gauge her trouble and will take the steps necessary. Our professionals will use all their knowledge, their expertise, and acumen to come up with the best moves on various trigger points, to relax the muscles and release the tension. Now when the tension is released and the muscles are relaxed, this is transmitted to the state of the mind as well, thus making her feel relaxed and free of the thoughts that are making her tense and subdued. 

She will get back to her jovial self and behave normally the way she used to. 


Then there is that sexual edge – of course

Let us  get back to where we started from – nuru massage is not about sex. But there is something about sex. In other words, there are certain moves in nuru massage, which are specifically meant to revitalise libido and sexuality. The moves around the breasts, the waist, the yoni massage or the massage around the vagina and the pelvic region will go a long way to revitalise the sexuality of the individual. 

When menopause sets in a woman undergoes a series of hormonal change that triggers the behavioral and sexual changes. Our therapists conducting Nuru Massage in Bayswater will use all their expertise to come up with results that will negate those effects and revitalise the sexual life.

Remember, manopause does not mark the end of sexual life and sexuality. Our nuru massage therapists have proved it time and again. 

So if your wife is showing such symptoms, she must get herself to the best name in London for Nuru Massage. What better name she can opt for than Tantric Temple when she is in London? Call us now to fix an appointment. We are amongst the best in the business.