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Sensual Foods and Tantric Massage

Sensual Foods & Tantric Massage

So, you are fed up with the regular kind of relationship with your partner? The fact is that it may be the fault of no one, rather in the approach of loving each other. The relationships do not stay the same with time. What may be making it worse is the conventional way of loving your partner. Thus, you should try something new differently. This is where you should try a tantric massage with sensual food.


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What is Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a special kind of body massage that has its roots in Asia. It allows you to feel immense pleasure with special moves. One can experience this ancient spiritual message in different parts of the world. In this massage, a person massages and stimulates your body focusing more on some particular organs such as the vulva and penis. In addition to being an erotic massage, this also involves a lot of mediation, breath tasks, and yoga activities. With its wonderful energetic and spiritual part, it gives an inner peaceful state of mind, thereby promoting healing.

Thus, unlike all other massage types, the tantric massage allows a person to enter into a state of power. It will feel like all the universal forces enter your body allowing you to feel everything. The sensitive touch enters deep into you different layers of your body enhancing the emotional and spiritual feeling. The word tantra has its roots in the Hindu religion with modern tantric massage focusing more on sacred sexuality.

Sexy food and tantric massage

Enjoying Tantric massage with Sensual Foods

What you should prefer next time having a tantric massage is incorporating some juicy food into it. This is going to feel better taking advantage of juicy sensual foods. The concept is not new as people have been utilizing the concept of upraising sensuality using food for centuries. Thus, nourishing the body with several plant foods is a great idea. Humans have been using the plants and their products for healing and nourishing their bodies.

These days the world has changed as we are in a hurry of using hastened means to fill our hunger. Thus, the connection that humans had in the past with these plant food items has been lost somewhere. Thus, eating more plant-based healthy foods will nourish the bodies as using them is quick and simple. This is what sensual tantric massage along with the juicy food items does. This is why tantric massage believes in using raw and unprocessed foods full of nourishment.

This gives you a chance of getting nourished and feeling your surrounding in a better way. This is something like eating with all of your 5 senses. Eating the food this way energizes all of your body and lets you enter into a new world of sensuality. A person feels incredibly well taking the food inside. This improves your relationship with your partner owing to a sensitive and healed body. Thus, the joy and energy that come with the sensual food during a tantric massage are irreplaceable.


What happens after taking the sensual food?

Taking sensual food at the time of a tantric massage helps in several ways. During the massage, the person’s body including sex organs is stimulated and massaged. The juicy food that you take enriches your body and feels good. With the mediation and spiritual work that accompanies it, you enter a whole new world. A person uses all the 5 senses to eat some juicy plant-based food. It improves your health as well as mood. This way you enter into a new level of relationship with your partner. A person can form a more intimate contact with his/her partner.

You can use the technique to form a more intentional and sensual contact with your partner. Many people think massage being a sexual thing only. However, this is not the case as it focuses on releasing energy, relieving your tension, and enter a new state of pleasure. A more spiritual contact is formed with your partner.

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Using sensual food for higher pleasure and a peaceful mind is not a new idea. Our ancients have been using this technique for a long time. In a world where using plant-based and unprocessed products has decreased, tantric massage along with sensual food are reviving it. People use the technique to eat some juicy food with all their senses and entering into a new level of pleasure with their partners.

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