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Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms 4 Pack


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Edible Condoms.WOW! let your fantasies run wild.because Lollipop Licks is for all seasons and most of all, for all reasons! For your enjoyment, they come in several delicious flavours. Put one on your mate, moisten the outside seam, seal, and let yourself go. The more you lick, the better it tastes. LOVE is better with flavour.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, Monoacetin, Artificial flavor-Pina colada/Wgite, Chamoagne-Powder pink, Cherry-Red, Passion fruit-Oragnge, Banana-Yellow 5, Mint-Green/Yellow 5, Chocolate-Brown, Strawberry-Pink, Starch.
Contains 2 Percent or less of the following-Potassium stearate, Saccharin a non nutritive sweetner, Propylene glycol monostearate, Artificial color, Titanium dioxide and Butylated hydroxyanisole.

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4 x Condoms


4 x Condoms


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