Pressure Points Exploited By Tantric Massage Therapists for a Better Sex Life 1

Pressure Points Exploited By Tantric Massage Therapists for a Better Sex Life

If you are of the notion that erotic or sensual massage is all about fiddling with the sex organs and private parts to increase libido, it is time to take fresh guard. Erotic or tantric massage is not about dealing with certain specific parts and areas of the body, but the entire body, to result in a holistic improvement. Here on this page, let us discuss the various body parts that the specialists conducting tantric massage in London will deal with.


Head is one of the most notable body parts that are dealt with by the London tantric massage specialists.  The reason being the brain is considered as the greatest and the most crucial sex organ. That is the reason a comprehensive head massage using the right techniques will go a long way in giving the sexual urge a shot in the arm. And it is not sex or eroticism that it will improve.

It will also do a world of good to the general health by releasing tension, easing out headache, and migraine related discomfort, and ensuring general mental and physical relaxation of the body. It also helps to calm down any hyperactive mindset. Thus you see, with the head massage, a Tantric Massage therapist in London would ensure not only sexual wellness, but general health improvement as well. 

Pressure Points Exploited By Tantric Massage Therapists for a Better Sex Life


Ears are considered to be another erogenous part of the body. In fact, ears and the areas surrounding it are considered one of the most sensitive zones, as far as sexual stimulation is concerned. The reason being, the zone contains around 200 pressure points, which are directly linked to different parts of the body, including the sex organs. That is the reason, therapists offering erotic massage in London would use various techniques to massage this area to stimulate the sex drive in their clients. 

Interestingly, massaging the left ear and its adjoining areas will stimulate the right brain and the pineal gland, and massing the right ear will instigate the left brain and the pituitary gland. Thus, by ensuring specialised moves sensual massage therapists in London would do whatever it takes to increase the sex drive of their clients. The moves also encourage secretion of endorphins, which releases muscular discomfort and pain. 


Massaging the stomach in the right way not only improves digestion, reduces bloating, and alleviates constipation, but it also tones up the stomach muscles. Besides, it also helps release tension and helps in weight loss. But they are not all! Proper massage of the stomach and abdomen region by professionals offering the best erotic massage in London like elsewhere also calm down senses and help in delayed, prolonged and more intense orgasms while having sex. 

Back and Butt

Back and butt massages do a world of good things to increase libido. Specified movement techniques followed by the best tantric massage therapist in London or elsewhere would go a long way to release muscular tension from the spine, waist and the butts. 

These movements increase blood circulation to the muscles and tissues all over the body, and this helps immensely in sexual activity for obvious reasons. Also, fiddling with this entire area will stimulate the ‘feel-good’ hormones that will give fillip to the sexual desire. 

Therefore you see, the tantric massage therapists in Paddington or elsewhere in London will deal with all these areas during an erotic massage session to take you to the cloud nine of excitement that you are looking forward to.

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