how to prepare for a tantra massage

Preparation needed to give a Tantric Massage

How to prepare properly to give your partner a Tantric Massage like the professionals do!

Preparation is key to giving an authentic Tantric Massage.

Have you ever found yourself idly surfing the Internet and as you click on links, you have stumbled across articles about Tantric massage?? They are filled with promises of how wonderful and amazing it can be for relationships???

Guess what it’s actually true!!!! Tantric massage is a highly Intimate and pleasurable experience for 2 people.

So, if you are considering doing this to your partner/lover/husband/wife it will bring your relationship much closer and allow you to both connect on a much deeper level.


This is not to say that there is anything wrong with your relationship in the first place, there does not need to be ‘something wrong’. On the contrary. Although Tantric rituals and Tantric connections attained through Tantric massage, can be used to heal deep wounds and rebuild intimacy within a relationship (thus transforming the relationship into a dynamic and balanced loving union). They Can also just be a loving, selfless and fun thing that you do for your partner, as a gift or perhaps a surprise if you know your lover is in need and feeling run down.

If you are single of course and happen to meet an attractive individual that you feel that magical chemistry with, then Invite them around your apartment and as soon as you give them one of your mind-blowing Tantric massage extravaganzas, you can guarantee their heart will be yours forever.

Tantric massage can turn you into a total sex god/goddess and leave the men/women in your life lusting after you.


Understanding the Principles of Tantra

First of all, you need to understand some of the basic Tantric principles.

The life path of Tantra celebrates the divine intrinsic union of masculine and feminine. This beautiful entwinement of energies between masculine and feminine, is honored as a divine and sacred union.

When these two entities come together, they merge into heightened states of bliss, connecting with the universe. Through Tantric Massage you can experience not only profound awakenings but utter unparalleled pleasure on a different level.

Once you start opening your mind up to the fact that the dance you are about to lead, is a beautiful and sacred dance, honoring all that you are! That It is not just ‘a massage’ it is spending moments of time; moment by minute.

Tantric Massage is selfless adoration

As you are leading the way (this time), you come from a heart centered place of selflessness, sending love and being 100% conscious and present in each and every touch.

What is conscious touch?

Conscious touch is when you put all of your attention in your fingertips or in the areas of your body that are connecting the Touch. Conscious touch is admiring and honoring every single cell of the receiver, allowing your hands, fingers and body to explore their magnificence.

Conscious Touch is to appreciate and feel honored to explore, stroke and caress their temple (In Tantra your body is your temple) and to channel them conscious love in every moment.


Preparation Before a Tantric Massage

It is most important to create a warm, relaxing, safe and cozy environment. So definitely have some ambient lighting set and candles if possible.

If you can, take the time to place on the shelf or a table, some natural stones from the Earth or crystals as the healing energy will radiate out.

Anything that feels sacred to you, place on that shelf (In Tantra it is the Altar), It will raise the vibration and energy level of the room.

Take time and pick some really sensual music for your Tantric Massage, have in mind your partner and their tastes.
You could always go to YouTube or Apple Music, they have a big selection of spa and ambient play lists perfect for this.



Your bag of Tantric Pleasure tools

You can be as adventurous as you like with your bag of pleasure tools, for example some large feathers, these feel absolutely delicious on the skin, angel fingers (this is like a tiny garden rake), some silk material. Anything that you think you could use to enhance sensation, experiment with things!

Heat your massage Oil up, as warm oil on the body is divine

Tantric Meditation

Once you have created your little corner of paradise it is important to prepare yourself mentally.

Spend 10- or 15-minutes meditating on your own, listen to the sound of your own breath and concentrate on your chest rising and falling. If random thoughts come into your mind, just take a step back and observe them as if they are thought clouds floating past.

There are many different Tantric meditations that you can practice, to help you connect you with your sexual energy and grounding. Simply google Tantric Mediations on YouTube and you will find a wide selection to choose from. Tantric Meditations is a whole other world.

Meditating allows you to really clear your mind and helps you to become more present and to ‘come into your body.’

Invite your tantric partner into your sacred massage space.