Erotic Massage in Marble Arch w1

Meet Katrina based in Marble arch W1H offering Erotic Massage.

We invite you to reform your expectation when travelling to Marble Arch, it is not only the heart of London’s shopping district, but it is actually also the location of a sophisticated and rather splendid massage therapist called Katrina, offering London’s elite ladies and gentlemen an utterly incredible erotic massage service.

We invite you to book with Katrina and try one of her signature sensory erotic massage journeys.  Awakening your entire sensory being with a wild, erotic, journey of unapologetic, undeniable and utterly delicious mind-blowing experience.

And erotic massage with Katrina located in Marble Arch W1 is rather like spending an entire weekend in a luxury spa in the Hamptons.  You will be able to raise your Kundalini energy as it is known as in the erotic world of Tantric a.k.a. your sexual energy.  This will open the gateway to new realities, you’ll be able to access higher realms of pleasure and experience a full rejuvenation.

Tantric Massage in Marble Arch W1Erotic Massage in Marble Arch W1

Katrina is conveniently located behind Marble Arch tube station, easily accessible for a quick break when shopping on the world-renowned Oxford Street W1.

We encourage you not to suffer relentlessly shopping with no break, and implore you to ‘love yourself,’ take care of yourself, and pamper yourself but giving us a call today.

A few reasons you may find yourself in Marble Arch London W1.

You will find countless of experiences for all walks of life in Marble Arch, it is well-known for luxury hotels and a central shopping Mecca but amongst those things are few more you may not know about.

Odeon Cinema

Marble Arch is home to one of the famous Odeon Cinema, it is just off Leicester Square and is often graced by the stars. We rather modestly admit that quite a few of these famous stars after they have watched a movie in the cinema, pop along and finish the evening off with a sublimely ecstatic erotic massage with Katrina in Marble Arch London W1.

GT Adrenaline Rush

This is where you take a Maserati and drive all around London, it is called the Maserati driving experience. It is a unique experience as most of us would never get to try them after it in our life. The people that have experienced adrenaline rush and found it also rated their sexual energy. How do we know so much about this?  Because we have many drivers high on the excitement after their try driving experience that call us and make the wise decision to top the day off with a total immersion into the erotic world of Katrina and her sensual erotic massage journeys.

History of Marble Arch W1

Marble arch itself is an actual 19thcentury white marble faced arch in the heart of London, it has great historical reference. In the 19th century there was a tremendous amount of traffic coming up from Oxford Street, Park Lane in Edgeware Road so when the royal family needed to travel that way, it was built for them to pass through the traffic.

Since the 19th century there have been many massage parlours and Massage salons, people were away even in the 19thcentury of the first healing qualities received through erotic massage.  The massage techniques that Katrina uses in her massage salon are the advanced techniques entwined with ancient sacred erotic arts cumulating into a powerful or inspiring experience.

So next time you visit London and find yourself in London’s most popular destination for shoppers ensure you make time for a liberating and wild erotic encounter.

Best Massage in Marble Arch W1

Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted brands across London by expanding our branches of our massage Salons all across London as well as Marble Arch W1.

In-call & Outcall Massage Agency

Incall and Outcall Massage Agency W1In addition to our incall massage service, we also offer a luxury outcall massage service, so if you do find yourself tied up all day, and exhausted once you are back at your hotel feel free to give London Tantric Temple a call. Our delightfully informative and helpful team of receptionists with arrange through our visiting massage service in London, that a therapist can visit your hotel, bringing luxury to you.