Lingam, Yoni & Breast Massage – The 3 Pillars of Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is not only about sex and  augmenting the sexuality. It helps in a holistic improvement of mind, body and spirit. Yet, eroticism plays a pivotal role in Tantric Massage. As such nevertheless, a typical tantric massage session conducted by a professional depends on three pillars  – Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage and Breast Massage. But before we discuss them, let us first discuss the principles on which the tantric massage is based.

As per the experts offering sensual massage in London, tantric massage is based on the following essential principles:  

  • For the recipient, it is all about receiving pleasure without the feeling of compulsion to reciprocate. 
  • For the giver, it is all about the will to provide the recipient with the pleasure without the need or expectations to get the same from the recipient, in return. 
  • For the giver, it is all about learning to know and understand the body language of the partner and fathoming the importance and necessity of touch. 

Let us now get to the topic and discuss the three main elements one by one. 

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage emphasises on pleasuring and honouring the penis during tantric massage in Bayswater as in any other place. This massage has the following steps: 

  • Getting the recipient relaxed, letting them lie on their back with their legs apart. 
  • Lubricating and massaging the areas of penis, sliding the hand up and down the things, the pubic bone, the perineum, massaging the testicles, pulling them gently, cupping them, fondling them  and using fingernails to softly tease and tickle them, till they are almost to the climax, but stopping just short of the orgasm. 


Yoni Massage

This is all about honouring and pleasuring the vulva and the vaginal area.  Yoni massage comprises the following steps conducted during tantric massage in Marble Arch like anywhere else. 

  • Getting the recipient to lie on the back with a pillow under her hips, with her knees bent and the legs apart. 
  • The first step should be breast massage, followed by caressing the vulva and stimulation of the clitoris, and alternating between pulling and pushing, circling and tickling, rolling and tugging, tapping and G- spot massage. 
  • Again this should take the recipient to the edge of orgasm, but stopping just short of the climax. This however, will increase the vaginal fluid substantially and ultimately lead to multiple orgasmic waves. 

Breast Massage

The Breast massage conducted by professionals offering erotic massage in Paddington includes: 

  • Dripping oil between the breasts and the belly
  • Massaging the belly to for stirring up the sexual energy before turning on to the breasts. 
  • Circling the breasts, softly and massaging and squeezing them firmly
  •  And as the body gets eager to get more, the next step involves moving to the nipples, rolling, pinching and squeezing them, moving to the back, running down the torso to the buttocks, squeezing and rocking them to take the recipient to the cloud nine of ecstasy. 

Besides these three, tantric massage is also about full-body orgasm, tantric masturbation, semen retention and energy orgasm. 

Our experts would follow the same while conducting tantric massage, and one of our experts offering the best erotic massage in London or its suburbs. 

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