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Learn Tantric Meditation to intensify your next Tantric Massage

Learn Tantric Meditation to intensify your next Tantric Massage

Try these meditations on your next Tantric Massage and experience more intense sensations. Tantric Meditation brings lifelong benefits into our lives: through the power of meditation, we can reduce stress, and really get to know ourselves again. When we do Tantric Meditations especially when having a Tantric Massage we become more connected and increase our focus and sensations.

Let’s look at Tantric Meditation basics in our little mindfulness guide below brought to you by your Tantric Massage London team of experts.

Tantric Meditation Techniques

When getting a Tantric Massage you can use these Meditation methods.

How do you learn to meditate as a Tantric Practise? In mind meditation, we learn to pay attention to the breath as it goes in and out, and we notice when the mind strays and keep returning to breath each time, repeat this exercise as this builds the mind and attention muscles.

When we pay attention to our breathing, we are able to become more present it brings us back into our bodies – consciously anchoring in ‘the here and now without judgment.

The first thing to clarify: What we are doing here is Tantric Mindful practice, It is not instant magic, it’s a skill you need to practice to achieve results.

Remember Practise makes perfect. Practice focusing your attention on your breath if you notice your mind has wandered, just bring it back to the breath each time. This is normal.

Tantric Man

Start your first Meditation now

1)Sit in a comfortable position get a pillow for your back if you need it or sit on a cushion, just make sure you’re comfortable.

2)Focus on your breath. Where do you feel your breath the most? in your stomach, in your nose? Try to keep your attention when inhaling and exhaling focusing only on those actions.

3) Follow your Tantric breathing exercise for two minutes.
Take a deep breath, expand your stomach, then exhale slowly, extending the breath until your stomach contracts. Notice how your stomach pushes outwards as you breathe in and inwards as you breathe out, feel into the sensations. Continue to do this for a few moments.

How Was it ?

Welcome back. Sooo what happened?
How long does it take for your mind to clear? Have you ever noticed how busy your mind is without making it consciously think of something in particular?
Did you find yourself daydreaming?

A guide to Meditation by your Tantric Massage London Team
Meditation is easier (and more difficult) than most people think.
Read through these simple and clear steps, make sure you are in a relaxed and quiet place, set a timer, and try these few steps:

Tantric Meditation

1) Sit down
Find a room or space that feels calm and quiet to you.

2) Set a time limit
If you are just starting out, this can help you choose a shorter time, maybe even just a few minutes, or go for it maybe try an ambitious 15 mins.

3) Treat your body with love
Sit in a completely comfortable space, you can sit in lotus postion or even lay on your bed.

4) Feel your breath
Follow the feeling of your Tantric breath as you go in and out, connect with your pelvis area, feel your lingam or yoni as you breathe and breath into those areas

5) Send yourself love, scan your body for areas of discomfort, and breath love into those areas.

5) Pay attention when your mind wanders
Your attention is sure to leave you and wandering elsewhere is normal. If you notice that your thoughts are sneaking off again – for a few seconds or perhaps minutes- turn your attention to your breath.

6) Be kind to yourself always.
Don’t judge or be negative with yourself

7) Finally as you allow yourself to just ‘be’
When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and notice all that surrounds you. Notice how still everything is. Pay attention to how your body is currently feeling. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Congratulations you just did your first step into Tantric Meditations.

Here is some music to accompany your meditation PLAY NOW

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a type of sacred sexual massage or journey into spiritual practices that involve bodywork. Tantra is based on the principles of an ancient spiritual practice that originated in Central and Southeast Asia.
In Neo-Tantra this involves the more erotic elements of Tantra. It can be also an erotic massage as that in itself is a Tantric experience. Tantric massage embraces the whole body. In Tantric massage, we use meditation as a gateway into a deeper relaxation. Tantric massage also includes breathing, meditation, and mindfulness, it is a whole life path.
Next time you get a tantric massage practice the key elements that we listed above to help enhance your massage experience. It will help you soak up every molecule of pleasure

Tantric Meditations