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In What Ways Is Tantric Massage Different from Other Kinds of Massage?

You can opt for various kinds of massages to stay fit or to alleviate various types of conditions. Tantric Massage is one of them. Yet, this form of massage is different from the other forms in a number of ways. It is very much distinctive and belongs to a different class of massage altogether.

On this page, we discuss the difference between tantric massage and other forms of massage.

To start with, ordinary massage is only meant for relaxing the entire body and helps your body as well as your mind to release all the stress and strain. In particular, it also puts emphasis on the body parts that we use on a day-to-day basis.

The Preamble

The tantric massage in London, on the other hand, typically includes a sensual massage, which primarily focuses on the sexual urge and sexuality or rather the lack of it. It also focuses on various erogenous zones of the body like the mouth, female and male genitals, breasts, and anus.

In other words, Tantric Massage is a particular type of bodywork or massage, which is based on the fundamentals of tantra, which is a spiritual and sacred practice.

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The Postures and Touches

Other massages involve just a set of superficial moves and touch that are aimed at stimulating the blood flow, causing relaxation of massage and release of stress and strain.

Tantric massage in West London on the other hand is all about incorporating and rubbing the entire body of the masseur against that of the recipient to stimulate sexual energy. The process puts the focus on particular sensual parts like the penis and the vulvar region of the vagina, thus taking the recipient to the zenith of the eroticism and as close as possible to orgasm, but stopping short of it.

Thus, unlike other forms of massage, Tantric massage is all about taking into consideration the sexual energy of the whole body, which can only and only be performed by the experts offering the best Tantric massage in London.

Categorisation of Tantric Massage

Based on the objectives and the fundamental principles, Tantric Massage can be divided into the following categories.

Lingam Massage: As the name suggests, this tantric massage is meant for men and it focuses on the release of sexual energy as well as relaxation. This message is meant to create an ambiance of satisfaction and relaxation for the recipient.

Yoni Massage: Again, it is evident from the name that this massage is only meant for women and it focuses on various female body parts like the g-spot, the breast, the female genital – more so the vulva, anus, and the mouth.

Unlike other conventional massages, the Yoni massage does not put emphasis on the orgasm of the recipient, though it may result in an orgasm.

Therefore you see, there are quite some differences between conventional massage and tantric massage. That’s why you need to get the best name for Tantric Massage. Tantric Temple is the best choice you can opt for if you are in London. Call us at 0203 773 8374 or mail us at tantric_bookings@live.co.uk to book a session.