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How to give a Tantric Massage at home

How to give a Tantric Massage at home.

Learn how to give your partner a Tantric Massage like a seasoned pro! read our blow-by-blow description on how to drive your partner wild with passion.


Tantric Massage at home


First, it is important to ground and connect yourselves using Tantric Meditations.


Eye Gazing

Once your partner is with you, invite him to sit opposite you in Lotus position and just take a few moments to sit and look at each other in the eyes.

This can be a very transcendental experience, as you both gaze into each other’s eyes, caught in space and time.  Breath together, breathing a natural rhythm of the breath. In and Out, naturally. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

how to give a tantric massage

Tantric Heart Connection

Placing your partner’s hand on your heart and your hand on his/her heart, start to connect through the heart.

We have meridians running all through our body those of you that are familiar with Chinese medicine or style massages like shiatsu will be familiar with the meridians. The meridians in our hands link directly to your heart, so you are channeling love from your heart to your partners. Do this for 2 – 3 mins, consciously sending and receiving love.


Tantric Massage

You can then invite your partner to lay facing downwards, as you were about to begin the body worship ritual Tantric Massage.


Joining the Love Chakras with Sex Chakras

kneel next to your partner, softly placing one hand on the top of their back behind the heart chakra and the second hand on the base of their spine, behind their base chakra.


Close your eyes and with all of your concentration channel love from your heart into their body.  Breathe slowly and deeply as you do this. Invite them to join you in breath as they receive your love.


Starting your own Tantric Massage

Moving yourself down to your partner’s feet; do not lose contact with your partner’s body, as you move to their feet so you can walk your hands down their body like cat paws.

When you arrive at your partner’s feet, placing your attention in your fingertips and the palms of your hand, explore and caress their feet. You do not need to be a professional masseuse, just follow your intuition. Moving your hands and fingers into different positions to caress, knead, press, and stroke the feet.


Move into longer deeper strokes along the calf muscles, up the back of the legs until you reach your partner’s thighs. Always breathing and placing full attention in every touch.

Once you have massaged both your partner’s legs thoroughly and you are at the top of your partner’s final thigh, ask him/her to place their attention in their pelvis area and to connect with the muscles in that region.

You can explain to your partner that this is where the base chakra lies, their sexual energy, and encourage them to feel the sensations in the lingam/ yoni.


tantric massage


Practicing to channel sexual energy.

Invite your partner, to connect consciously with his/her sexual energy and start to draw it upwards. As you massage up both legs at the same time in an upward stroke, one hand on each leg, invite them to take a deep breath in, then hold and squeeze the entire pelvis area, on the upward stroke.

Do this breath together in unison.

So, on the upward stroke of both legs, from the ankle to the top of the leg, breathing in and squeezing and holding.

This is the initial stages of learning to harness sexual energy consciously and to channel the energy upwards.

You can do this several times, you will find you are both in rhythm like the ocean waves, great waves of breath and energy flowing upwards.


You can then complete the legs with some light feather strokes, just stroking the backs of the legs all the way up.


Massaging the Buttocks

Moving onto the buttocks, this area can be massaged with a deeper pressure you can use your hands or your elbows and forearms. Do this for however long feels right.!



tantric sex

Fusion of sensations

Moving up to your partner’s back, you can reach over for your large feathers and stroking these slowly in upwards motion on your partner’s back. This is the time for the sensation extravaganza, you can use your angel comb, your silk scarfs and a soft stroking and caressing with your fingertips all around their back.


Moving around and sliding in between your partner’s legs, so you are sitting on your knees, you can bend down and breathe a warm breath of air from the base of their spine all the way up to the back of their head.


Use your hands and arms to walk your upper body forwards and leaning down, breathe in your partner’s ear. You can also combine this with whispering words of adoration in your partner’s ear. They will feel the sensation of your upper body, your breasts or chest connecting the very top layer of skin on their back.

It is nice if you can lean on one hand, and use the other hand to caress the back of your partner’s head and run your fingers through their hair as you whisper sweet adorations in their ear.


Next, moving slowly walking your hands backward taking your upper body weight so you can move back down into your original sitting position between your partner’s legs. As you move down, cover your partner’s back with butterfly kisses, also If you have long hair, allowing your hair to silkily snake along their back as you move down their body. You will eventually arrive back kneeling between their legs.


Tantric Back Massage

At this point, you can now apply some oil to your partner’s back and sit across their buttocks to get a good position in for their back massage. Massage rhythmically backward and forwards. Use needing and rolling techniques that are intuitive to you, to relax and soothe their muscles and skin tissue.


The key to Tantra


The key to Channeling Sexual Energy

Whilst you are straddling your partner’s buttocks ask your partner to breathe in and squeeze his/her pelvic floor muscles as you place both of your hands on either side of their spine. In this position massage all the way up their back, to the top of their shoulders and around and down the sides.

Invite your partner to breathe in and squeeze their lingam/yoni as you massage up either side of their spine, ask them to hold and squeeze as you reach the shoulders, and exhale losing the muscles on the downward massage motion.

You accompany your partner with this breath, so you both breathe and squeeze rhythmically together.

This helps activate and charge the sexual energy, channeling it up through the chakras and into the crown chakra, known as the point of bliss.

Repeat this several times, you will feel the sexual energy levels rising.


body 2 body massage


Tantric Body2Body Massage

Once you have massaged your partner’s back for a few moments, apply the massage oil to the front of your body.


You can then straddle with one knee bent on the outside of your partner’s body and the other leg straight between their legs to integrate what is known as a Tantric body slide, part of the Tantric Body2Body massage sequence.


This is known as in Tantric Massage ‘when 2 bodies merge as one.’


Using your hands and arms to support your weight, you softly place your chest on the base of your partner’s spine and move slowly, sensitively, and intimately upwards.


Continue using your body to massage your partner’s back and placing your full consciousness in the magical connection as 2 become one.



ChakrasAs you are massaging your partner gently invite him to take long flowing deep breaths throughout in order to help draw the sexual energy from the root chakra, up the back of the spine to the Crown Chakra.

In Tantra sexual energy is represented as a Cobra, this is known as the kundalini energy. When the kundalini energy is awoken and aroused the sexual electricity travels up the spine to the top of the head connecting with your point of bliss, this can unlock the gates to Tran- sendal bliss.

Perform the Tantric body2body massage for several minutes, or as long as feels right to you, remember this is your dance. Consciously allowing yourself to be open to the pleasure, allow your pleasure to show and to ooze out of you. Loosen your throat chakra and make noise, let your partner know how much you enjoy worshiping his body. Being wild and free is very liberating.

In this moment, nothing else matters, you are the ultimate seductive sexual god/goddess, revealing in orgasmic energy.


To represent the end of the back massage, delay completely still just breathing slowly and deeply together rhythmically.


You can now sit slowly up and ask your partner to turn over.





Starting the Front of your Erotic Tantric Massage


As they turn around you can apply a silk scarf across their eyes they are unable to see you instantly.


Moving around to start your partner’s feet, applying the warm oil and massaging intuitively around their toe’s an

kles and up their legs.

Once you reach the top of the thighs, repeating the same technique as before.  You sit in between your partner’s legs and start to massage both legs with each hand upwards. Remember you ask your partner to breathe in on the upper stroke, squeeze the perineum and pelvis and hold and release on the downward.


You move then upwards massaging the abdomen, chest, arms, and hands.


Then for the exciting finale, you perform the body-to-body Tantric massage on the front side of your partner’s body.  When your upper body reaches their face, you can remove the silk blindfold from them and both your eyes will meet.


Ensure that the breath is flowing throughout and the massage strokes are consciously moving the energy upwards.





Sexual Kungfu

In Taoist Tantra, it is believed that a microcosmic orbit surrounds your body, by breathing deeply and squeezing your pelvis rhythmically you can control and circulate your sexual energy. Invite your lover to squeeze and draw the energy up the base of his spine. As time goes by and with practice, he will master this art and be able to hold is sexual life force for extended periods of time.

As you continue to massage their body with your body, both breathing together whilst you consciously caressing and explore him/her, you can cumulate this mind-blowing tantric massage experience with a lingam massage or making love.

It is highly possible that at this point the vibration level in both of your bodies will be utterly lost in rapturous pleasure.

As you cumulate your Tantric Massage, bathe in the ecstasy, and be at one with the universe. Tantric Massage entwines the sexual with the spiritual, nourishing every cell of your being.


Let us know how your Erotic Tantric massage turned out!

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