How is Nuru Massage Therapy Performed by Expert Masseuses?

Among the top erotic massage therapies, you will always find ‘Nuru’ being recommended by masseuses. This is because the therapy involves the application of a slippery gel that helps relax your muscles. Also, since the masseuse can apply stretching and rub her entire body, you can quickly get the pleasure that you are looking for out of a massage.  

If you are in London, or specifically in the Bayswater area, you can find several places near you that provide this massage. But if you are wondering how this massage is performed by the masseuses, this discussion will give you some ideas.

  • Preparing You For the Massage

After you reach the place that offers sensual Nuru massage in London, the therapist will prepare you for the therapy.

This will include controlling the temperature of the room where the therapy will be provided. Ideally, a warm place is always recommended since it helps in achieving calmness. After that, the masseuse will light up candles and maybe some soft music to set the mood.


  • Prepare the Massage Oil

Before the application of the oils to your body, the masseuse will prepare the gel by warming it in a bowl. She will also mix some water to adjust the viscosity of the same. 

The oil, if too thick, can lead to stickiness. So, combining water in appropriate amounts is extremely necessary.

  • Application of the Oil

Now, the Nuru massage therapist in London will start the application of the gel to your body. But before that, you will need to get naked and calm yourself down, especially if this is your first time. Then, when you are ready, you will need to lie down on your back so that the therapist can apply the oil and lie on you. After that, she will start to slide up and down slowly. If done right, this will lead to immense sexual stimulation.

  • Massage Specific Parts of Your Body

The therapist performing Nuru massage will also stimulate your sexual organs with her hand. For that, she will be applying oil to these parts. 

If she is an experienced masseuse, she will be gentle so that you can get maximum pleasure out of the same. Nevertheless, if you feel uncomfortable or want to customise this activity, you can tell the masseuse clearly.

  • Verbal Discussion to Stimulate You Sexually 

While performing the Nuru massage in West London or maybe in other areas, an expert masseuse will always communicate with you to learn whether you are feeling comfortable. With that, they will also talk dirty to intensify the pleasurable experience.

  • Remove the Nuru Gel

In the last step, the masseuse will remove the Nuru gel that has been applied. Otherwise, if shower options are available at the centre, you can take up a shower to remove it from your body.

Generally, you will get a fascinating experience out of Nuru if you book the best erotic massage in London. So, proper research before booking the service is important.

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