How Expert Masseuses Perform an Intense Tantric Massage?

Since Tantric massage is an esoteric therapy that involves the circulation of sexual energy throughout the body while emphasising the ‘chakras’ or energy points in the body, professional masseuses follow certain procedures so that the goal can be reached through the therapy. But what is the goal? It is nothing but sexual liberation. By taking up this massage therapy, you will experience relaxation and stress relief besides the restoration of your libido.

To reach the goal, however, the masseuse in London will make the therapy effective. For that, she will follow certain steps. So, if you are interested and want to know more about the procedures involved, go through the points mentioned here.

  • Prepare the Massage Space  

The masseuse about to perform the Tantric massage in London will first prepare the area so that you feel comfortable. For this, the masseuse will prepare a massage bed, light some incense sticks and use certain fragrances in the room that will surely set up the mood. Also, the professional will use specific low-intensity lights so that you can relax. And if needed, she will also play some soft tunes that will instantly set the mood. 

  • Initiate the Therapy with Touch and Breath Control

To make the massage intense, the masseuse will do everything to make you comfortable. She will start by looking into your eyes. At the same time, she will start touching you slowly while asking you to breathe slowly. This will lead to quick arousal.

After that, the masseuse performing Tantric massage in Bayswater and other London areas will start using essential oils to loosen up your body, after which she will use her entire body to stimulate you sexually.


  • Start the Massage From Lower Body

Since the aim of Tantric massage is to promote sexual energy throughout your body, she will start the therapy from your feet and then slowly go up. She will then be massaging your genitals to restore your libido and promote the flow of healthy semen. At the same time, the massage will help in releasing the built-up toxins in your body, mainly in your genitals.

  • Focusing on the Core  

The masseuse carrying out the Tantric massage in Queensway and other London areas will be stimulating your chakras, especially the heart chakra or the energy point that lies near the solar plexus.

By stimulating this specific energy point, the professional will aim to release the built-up stress and promote the flow of life force energy throughout the body. Thus, not only will you be sexually stimulated, you will feel rejuvenated too.

  • Massage Your Genitals   

Before doing so, the masseuse performing the sensual massage in London will ask for your permission since your genitals are highly revered in the discipline of Tantra. If you oblige, she will start massaging your genitals gently in a circular motion. This will help you to get strong erections and improve semen flow. However, you will also gain the strength of semen retention to elongate the duration of intercourse.

These are a few methods that masseuses use to make the Tantric massage more intense yet relaxing.

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