How does Tantric Massage Help Overcome Sexual Trauma?

Before we start discussing how tantric massage help overcome sexual trauma, let us discuss what are the effects of sexual trauma on human health, more so sexuality. Generally, the issues that people face because of sexual trauma include: 

  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Loss of erection
  • Vaginal pain 
  • Vaginismus or vaginal muscle contraction
  • Loss of libido or sexual desire
  • Body armouring or lack of emotional feeling or sensation

Thus you see, when you have sexual trauma, regardless of gender, you face so many issues that put your sexual life up in smoke. This is where Tantric Massage performed by the London professionals will come in handy. Let us discuss on this page, the way tantric massage will help in these situations. 

Tanta helps in relaxation: 

Experienced specialists offering tantric massage in Marble Arch or elsewhere would conduct the massage in a certain way, using certain movements and techniques. They would create the right ambience to help create that healing effect on mind, body, and spirit. This holistic effect on the three mediums of the identity helps in close synchronisation with each other and when that happens, the resultant effect helps in relaxation that will only cool down the mind and the nervous system, but will also help get over the traumatic memories. 


Reconnection and acceptance of the emotion:

When we are disturbed by the memories of a traumatic experience, that happens because our subconscious mind refuses to accept those memories and come to terms with the memories,  and so it struggles to shake the memories off.  This is right here, where the specialists offering best erotic massage in London will make all the difference. Their clinically-precise approach to deal with the muscles  and nerves and the thoughts & minds will help come out of the refusal mode and accept the emotional distress that was associated. When the stage of acceptance is achieved, the emotional trigger points start sinking in. When this happens, the subconscious  mind starts getting a positive vibe, which helps in cooling down. Once that starts, the trauma starts to sink in and wane out of the subconscious mind. This is where the contribution of a quality massage therapist in London in tantric massage will make a difference. 

Tantra helps to master the practice of breathing

When tantric massage is conducted, you relax and as you relax, your breaths become lighter and more controlled. And your breaths get lighter, and you relax, you can control your respiration as well as. WIth or without erotic Massage Paddington, once you know how to control your breath you can have control over your emotions as well. This helps immensely in getting over the memories of the trauma, helping you to lead a better and rejuvenated life. 

Lingam or Yoni Massage help in revival of libido:

The lingam or yoni massage, which is often  the part of the tantric massage sessions in Bayswater goes a long way to help revive the lost libido or sexual desire, thereby helping you in a healthy conjugal life. 

Thus, if you have gone through a sexual trauma, visiting Tantric Temple will help you overcome it, thanks to the expertise of our highly qualified experts. Call us now to book an appointment.