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How do I perform and Tantric massage and have Tantric Sex with my partner?

How do I perform and Tantric massage and have Tantric Sex with my partner?

Tantric Massage & Tantric Sex

Many people are interested in knowing how to give a Tantric Massage to their partner at home and of course how to have Tantric Sex. Here is beginners guide by your Tantric Massage London Team,  so you to can enjoy the fruits of Tantric Massage and get to try Tantric Sex at home.

Tantric massage is one of the best ways to energize your body, melt tensions away, improve the circulation of your blood and fill your entire body with powerful orgasmic energy.

Tantric Massage also raises the vibration level of your body and is a fantastic way to connect with your lover, ‘friend-with-benefits’ or partner.

Massage is the ultimate way to connect with sensual conscious touch, as human beings, we physically need this.

Sounds divine right?

So how do I start?

When performing a Tantric Massage yourself on your partner or lover it is not really necessary to get a certification in Tantric massage. However what is necessary is the desire to nurture, caress and selflessly please your partner.

Tantric Sex

What Is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a sacred ancient ritual used as a pathway into transcendental sacred sexual experiences. There are different styles of Tantric massage each with the intention to honor, pamper and caress the receiver. Some Tantric massages come from what is knows as red Tantric, this is the more erotic style.

Some Interesting features of a Tantric massage to note:

Tantric Massage focuses on raising your sexual energy, allowing your wild passionate side to be free and embraced. However, the reference is on circulating the sexual energy so that you can continue receiving pleasure in many different ways without sexual energy-depleting you.

On an energetic and spiritual level, as you raise the orgasmic energy with the higher frequency vibrations rippling through your body, it has a cleansing effect.  The most powerful self-healing effects are felt, it is nature’s most effective form of healing.

Tantric massage is received in the nude normally the giver and receiver are naturists.

The concept of Tantra is to embrace your entire being without shame, your outer shell, and beneath the layers through to your soul.

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Benefits of Tantric Massage

Like most massages, some main well-known benefits are for example an increased general feeling of well-being. It has also been well established that people who have regular Tantric massages generally seem to be in a better mood, they live their life feeling generally on a happier level. As with most massages the benefits of tantric Massage can extend to boosting your immune system, which is very beneficial in this current climate. Tantric massage is also very effective as a source of pain relief for example bad backs or headaches.  Due to the unique sexual elements of Tantric massage, it is highly effective in improving one’s libido, stamina, and general sex drive. One of the differences between Tantric Massage from other massages is a spiritual awareness and conscious connection.  When receiving a Tantric massage you will also be able to experience a different type of journey through heightened more intense sensations all over the body.

Preparation for the Massage

Before embarking on a Tantric massage it is important to open your mind to the concept of spiritual realms. The concept of entwining the sexual connection with a higher divine pure essence.  For some people, this concept can be quite shocking, remember many people have different types of religious upbringings from ancient cultures and different backgrounds. Some backgrounds frown upon enjoyment and sexual pleasure so a very subtle Shame has been conditioned upon these areas of one’s life since birth.

Trying something different like Tantric massage is also really good for people with low self-esteem, as the entire concept is based around loving yourself and honoring yourself.

The Tantric teachings involve self-love, self-worth, authentic communication, boundaries, and many other what are considered self-help techniques that create clear goals and life purposes.

Note: Take turns with your Tantric Massages

As couples or lovers indulging each other in tantric rituals It is advisable to take turns, as it can be a very passionate and profound journey. One needs to take time to be able to make the most of the bliss that is felt during the experience and float in blissful feelings for as long as possible.

When it is your night to receive, then it is your night to receive!  without the thought in the back of your mind that you’ve got to jump up afterward and start doing a massage back. On the receiver’s night, they can simply bask in pleasure and loss themselves in awakened conscious experiences.

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Preparing your space

Prepare your space whether it be the privacy of the bedroom or in a living room, just make sure the space is ambient. If you can turn on a dim light or use candles and of course soft chilled relaxing music to set the mood.

You can also incorporate a little feeding Tantric ritual as well before the massage. This would consist of feeding your lover grapes or strawberries and a few squares of erotic silky milk or dark chocolate.

You can also burn incense candles or have an essential oil diffuser.

Preparing yourself to give a Tantric Massage

When giving a Tantric massage it is also important that you prepare yourself mentally and be in the right space to deliver such an exquisite journey. Meditating is a great technique for clearing your mind and allowing the stress to melt away from yourself.

Some kundalini breathing exercises are great for this, including the connection to your own pelvis area, the PC muscle group. As you meditate start to slowly and rhythmically pulse your pelvic floor muscles, the muscles that in your lingam or yoni. This helps to connect you to your sexual energy.

It Is also good to start with a bath or shower. You could join your partner in the shower and wash them massaging their back and shoulders washing their feet and legs this is a beautiful experience for the receiver. There is of course also a bubble bath ritual for the two of you to relax in, you can add rose petals to the water and listen to ambient tunes whilst feeding your lover strawberries and relaxing. But with either of those two choices, you will end up clean and due to a Tantric Massage being very intimate, it is important that you are both clean.

Performing your Tantric massage as a ritual

Once you are both nice and clean it is nice to sit with your legs crossed opposite one another for a moment to connect.

Both putting your hands in a prayer position and bending your head to say ‘namaste’. You can then take 2 to 3 minutes of simple eye-gazing whilst breathing taking nice long deep breaths. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and as you gaze into your lover’s eyes you will connect with their soul.

You can also as a variation, sit in Yab-Yum position, touching your 3rd eyes together, whilst breathing slowly and deeply together This position aligns each chakra together beautifully.

Start your Tantric Massage

Start the massage with your lover laying on their front.

Give your partner a beautiful foot massage and working up the calf and thighs, into the buttocks.

Then moving onto the back massage, you can intuitively slowly and sensually slide your fingers all the way up your partner’s back from the lower back up towards their shoulders and moving up to the neck and then down the sides and around again.

You can do figures of eight, or needing and pulling motions.  Just intuitively massage their skin and muscle around. Channel love into your fingertips and caress them. You can also combine this with a light feather stroke.

Body2Body Massage Techniques

You can then apply the oil to your body and, rubbing your body against their’s as you slide sensually and silkily in the upwards direction. This is known as the body2body element of the Tantric Massage.

The Importance of Breath

On the upward motions make sure you take long deep breathes inwards and encourage your lover to do the same. You can accentuate the breath to ensure that your partner joins you. The important thing is that you both breathe long deep breaths throughout the message. This will help you unlock the doorways to heightened pleasure sensations and to experience the transcendental realms of pleasure.

As you do the inwards breath in Tantra, you squeeze your pc muscle this is also known as Mula Bandha. (the pc muscle is the muscle group you use to stop urinating midstream)

When performing the body slides, going upwards, breathe & Squeeze. As you slide down, releasing.

Time to Turn over

Whisper into your partner’s ears, that it’s time to turn around and give them time and space to slowly do so. Starting again, massage their feet and ankles working your way up to the top of the legs and around the pelvis area.

Lingam or Yoni Massage

You can massage their pelvis area, massaging the yoni or lingam included but being careful not to encourage climax.  If you are a woman known as the ‘Shakti’ and you are giving this to your partner who is a male known as ‘Shiva’ encourage him to breathe through the lingam massage. Go slowly and gently doing different massage techniques there is a range of lingam massage techniques used to be sure not to go into an up and down friction motion. If your partner seems to be on the edge, encourage them to draw the energy up their spine and squeeze the muscles drawing upwards. As you massage, this area ensure you are both breathing long deep breathes. This is the same if it is a Shakti receiving, focus on the breath and drawing the sexual energy upwards.


Moving on

Then moving onto the abdomen chest and neck area. When you have massaged this area enough, at this point you then apply the massage oil to your body and again perform the slow sensual body slides in an upwards direction.

Ensure you are continuing to hold the eye gaze as you slide up and down your partner’s body and breathing in as you go up and out as you go down. It is important your partner does the same, both you and them should try to keep a slow consistent, and sensual rhythm of pulsing the pc muscles as you both breathe throughout the whole massage as much as you can.

Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

Once you have finished your sensual erotic honoring massage you can try some Tantric Yoga to continue the pleasure.


Tantric Sex

Sit across your partner and holding both of their hands and arms pull them up into the sitting position, so you can then wrap your legs around them.

For the full Tantric sex connection, gently slide the lingam into the woman’s yoni.  The woman should be sat on top and the man underneath. So whoever is massaging who this should be the end result of the position, maybe you need to shuffle around a bit to make this happen.

This position aligns each chakra together.

Look into one another’s eyes and start to pulse your pelvic floor muscles in slow and rhythmical motions whilst performing the kundalini breath.

Kundalini breathe.

This is a dynamic breath that is powerful and dynamic. Concentrating on the outward breath. You force the breath out of the nose or mouth almost like panting. You can alternate between nose and mouth if necessary, maintaining eye contact.

As this connection moves along it can be extremely connecting, and transcendental. We encourage you to continue this position for up to 30 minutes to experience the full power or the divine union.

You can set a timer if this would be helpful, when the timer goes off take one deep breath in and squeeze everything drawing the energy up and through the chakras and into your point of bliss.

To release or to Hold?

At this point you can make a choice with your lover if they wish to release their seed or maintain their life force, to help regenerate and recharge their power. If they choose to withhold their life force for another occasion as you both lay back and relaxed together in each other’s arms, they will feel powerfully energized with a new lease of life.

We recommend laying in each other’s arms naked after this Tantric yoga for anything up to 30 minutes or much more, as long as you want.

Some sexy music for your to listen to whilst you have a go,  see how you get on with these exercises, and let us know how it goes.! MUSIC