heart Meditation

Heart Meditation

Heart Meditation: The Simplest Way To Open Your Heart


Meditation not only calms and quietens our mind but also expands its capacity for love and compassion. There is a subtle difference between our physical heart and the heart chakra. The heart is an intriguing piece of art by our nature which science has yet not been able to unfold.

The heart is where the key elements of life- love and spirit join in sustaining our well-being. Deeper still, a part of the heart can experience the soul, which is also called the heart chakra. Getting to feel the spirit requires us to master heart meditation or take the help of experts like Tantric Massage, London, to do the same.


What is Heart Meditation?


Heart Meditation is the mode of opening the doors of perception. The heart is the centre of our physical well-being, the source of love and compassion, and to dive into the deeper levels to find the spirit, we need to be one with existence. Everything that obscures the spirit has to be cleansed, and the most effective method to find such peace, awareness and harmony with oneself is Tantra Heart Meditation.

What Is The Heart Chakra?


If you find the physical heart complex, the heart chakra is even more intriguing. It is not present physically. This means you cannot search for it, operate on it, or feel any physical sensation like other organs facilitate. The seven chakras are life’s energy pathway, through which the energy is pumped to various parts of the body. This life’s energy is existent in many cultures, including the Chinese, where they call it Chi. The heart chakra situated in the middle of the chest, and you can feel the warmth of the energy flow by keeping your hand hovering over it.


What Is The Relation Of Heart Meditation With Heart Chakra?


Heart meditation is to activate and enhance your heart chakra. With properly guided meditation from experts like Tantric Massage, London, it is possible to elevate your energy level using the correct techniques and optimise the experience.


It is not just the type of energy flowing, but the frequency of transmission of the negative energies such as anger and hate. Even if we manage to increase the energy levels of love and compassion, a high frequency of negative thoughts can negatively impact us. Experts of Tantric Massage, London, say that the trick to master the heart chakra through meditation is to see that the negative feelings of hate and anger do not last long and are replaced by the positive ones of love and compassion.

Step-By-Step Guide To Heart Meditation


Step 1: Begin the meditation by sitting comfortably, muting all disturbances like mobile phones, and finding a quiet place with no distractions. Close your eyes and sit relaxed.


Step 2: Let go of all your thoughts of the external world, and look deep inside your mind by concentrating on breathing. Focus on how you breathe. Do you breathe deep or shallow? Do you breathe through your nose or mouth? If you have random thoughts, do not suppress them forcefully. Just go with it and try focusing back on breathing. If you feel like itching, remember, it is just a trick of the mind. Try ignoring it, and with practice, you’ll have greater mind control.


Step 3: Now, slowly start to focus on the centre of the chest, the heart chakra. Feel the warmth of the spiritual centre and be aware of your heart as a space in the energy flow system. The heart is considered pure emptiness, where feelings enter and exit made rich with the essence of peace and calmness. First, focus on the heart by placing one hand on the chest and the other on the lower abdomen. With practice, you’ll be able to focus on the heart chakra directly, which is our final target.


Step 4: Maintaining focus on the heart centre, feel the breath flowing into your heart. This step is challenging because it is solely based on the power of imagination, but the power of imagination has tremendous potential in meditation. With the heart chakra being enriched with your oxygen-filled breath, feel the energy emanating and the warmth growing underneath the chest. Your heart chakra is activated, and your heart is now a source of light through which energy is radiated in all directions. Try to visualise soft light or the energy released through your chest.


Step 5: Try to understand what the heart wants to convey. Do not ask or order the heart to answer, but through the power of introspection, try to find the answer. At this stage, you are fully aware of the activation of the heart chakra and feeling what your heart desires will not be an arduous task yet may be a bit daunting for fresh starters. Experts from Tantric Massage, London, elucidate this exact point, stressing expert guidance to achieve these higher levels of consciousness smoothly.


Step 6: For the last few minutes, sit and listen to the heart. The heart will release emotions of love, memories, wishes, fears, and others stored deep inside. As the feelings flow, you’ll automatically be paying attention.


Step 7: Heart meditation triggers our painful memory for us to heal. It might not be such a pleasant experience the first time, feeling the pain and heartache brought about through painful feelings, but they are to pass as you heal. The strong outburst of emotions can bring tears and make you gasp with ecstasy. The feelings are different for everyone. You don’t need to worry, just focus your attention back on the heart centre and slowly relax.