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Health Benefits with a Prostate massage.

Health Benefits Associated with Prostate Massage

Have you heard about prostate massage before? Or have you ever tried massaging your prostate? Why not try asking your massage therapist next time you get a Tantric Massage to include the Prostate Massage! Contact our team of experts at Tantric Massage London. Despite prostate massage being a therapeutic practice, it has far-reaching benefits on your health and well-being. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located several inches inside a man’s anus. It’s located between the testicles and rectum. The prostate’s primary function is producing the prostate fluid contained in the semen.


Prostate MassageThis type of massage continues to remain a taboo that is rarely exploited. One thing that most of you don’t know is that prostate massage can give you unmatched pleasure. The reason behind such happiness is because it creates a sensual excitement and increases orgasm intensity. It is often called the male’s g-spot. Our tantric massage London experts will teach you everything you need to know about this type of massage. Also, you’ll learn about its health benefits and associated risks.


What is prostate massage?

Understanding what prostate massage means is the first step towards accepting and appreciating its health benefits. Your Tantric massage London experts define this massage type as the act of putting a prostate gland massager or fingers inside the anus to locate and massage the gland. There are several reasons behind performing a prostate massage.  Health-wise, it is used as a therapeutic intervention for prostatitis treatment. When conducted for sexual arousal purposes, this gland is massaged to produce an intense, prostate-only orgasm. When integrated with various sexual engagement practices such as masturbation, it gives you an unmatched enjoyment.

Prostate Massage


What are the advantages of prostate massage?

Don’t be stopped by the taboos associated with prostate massage. Also, don’t suffer health complications because of holding onto negative beliefs related to it. Instead, focus on the positive effects related to the act from a therapeutic perspective. Tantric massage London identifies several health benefits associated with prostate massage that worth keeping in mind.


  1. Increased orgasm intensity

Every man here loves reaching the big O, right? You can enjoy this sensation at its full intensity by performing a prostate massage. As previously stated, the prostate gland is the men’s g-spot. Therefore, when mindfully massaged, it results in multiple orgasms. Men report a spectacular sexual affair when they integrate prostate massage in a sexual environment.

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  1. Reduced premature ejaculation risks

Premature ejaculation continues to be a critical sexual problem affecting couples. Gentle massage and touches on your prostate gland reduce inflammation. Such inflammation is associated with uncontrollable ejaculation. That said, massaging this gland helps you address premature ejaculation indirectly. Besides, prostate rubbing relieves you of the tension related to excess semen, improving sexual excitement.  Furthermore, prostate massage strengthens PC muscles, which gives an unquestionable ability to control your ejaculation.


  1. Reduced prostate cancer risks

Studies show that prostate cancer has become one of the high-risk cancers affecting men. According to research, massaging your prostate gland minimizes the risks of contracting prostate cancer. Although this research’s scientific reasons are unclear, its findings support the health experts’ opinion, including your team of hands on experts at tantric massage London.

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  1. Decreased male impotence

Prostate massage facilitates frequent secretion of prostate fluid. As a result, it enhances longer erections while reducing cancer risks. When your prostate is swollen or inflamed, blood flow around the penile area significantly affected. As a result, it leads to erectile dysfunction. However, through prostate massaging, these inflammations are relieved.

Prostate Massage

Tips to massaging your prostate

Here is a quick list of things you should consider.


  • Maintain cautiousness: Anal touch is sensitive. Therefore, you should not rush into putting stuff inside your butt. Besides, it doesn’t lubricate itself like a woman’s vagina. So, take it step-wise and progress with caution.
  • Clean it up: To get a pleasurable experience, carefully clean the anal area. It will help you avoid inconveniences related to poor hygiene. Also, you will be free of bacterial germs.
  • Use a towel or its equivalent: Avoid messing up the bed or sofa by covering it with a towel.
  • Use plenty of lubes: keep in mind that, unlike the vagina, anal penetration has no natural lubricant. That said, befriend lubes your friend for a better experience. Your Tantric massage London experts advise you to select silicon-based lube over oil- and water-based lubricants. It retains moisture for a more extended period than its counterparts.
  • Start with the external anal area and then proceed to the internal: Awaken the nerve endings located around the anal area using your fingertips and lubricants. Move them circularly until you feel aroused. Now, insert your finger or massager carefully moving towards your stomach. Move it slowly until around you find your g-spot. Afterward, caress it gently until you feel satisfied.


Prostate massage risks

Although it is a pleasurable and healthy practice, prostate massage can turn messy. Therefore, it would be best if you take careful considerations to get it right. Don’t rush into the act. Instead, ensure that you are psychologically and physically prepared to do it. Also, failure to use enough lubricant can turn the massage into a hell of suffering. Furthermore, prostate massage can potentially worsen rectal condition symptoms. The following are some of its side-effects:


  1. Injury

If not done correctly, prostate massage leads to injury resulting from muscle tearing. Factors such as failing to prepare for anal penetration contribute to these injuries. Like any other body muscle, your should relax your anus before allowing anything to go inside.


  1. Aggravated hemorrhoids

While prostate massage is safe, it can worsen rectal issues such as hemorrhoids. As a result, you should consider talking to a specialist to advise you accordingly.


Where to get a prostate massage

This decision is entirely up to you. You can do it yourself. However, if you consider this option, you should consider various preventive measures to avoid any side effects. Whether it’s your first time or you prefer receiving a massage from an expert, contact us here. The advantage associated with this choice is that you’re in safe hands. However, regardless of the choice you make, Tantric massage London hopes that this article will help you make clear and concise decisions regarding prostate massage.