Essential FAQs in Regards to Sensual amp Erotic Masage Finally Answered

Essential FAQs in Regards to Sensual & Erotic Masage Finally Answered

People who are looking forward to having erotic massage for the first time, have a barrage of questions in their mind. They remain sceptical and apprehensive and have a barrage of questions to ask. They also have a number of misconceptions that they need to clear by asking these questions. Let us discuss them on this page. 

What actually is sensual massage? 

This essentially is a specific form of massage that is referred to as Full Body Massage Sensual Massage (FBSM), which involves a combination of Swedish bodywork techniques and sensual & erotic touches, which leads to intensional arousal, and orgasm. Erotic massage in London is conducted within the comfort zone, with the aim of accepting intimacy as well as arousal as normal fallout or behaviour. 

What is Nuru Massage? 

It is a specific form or avatar of sensual massage that originated in Japan centuries back. It involves use of specific types of essential oils,  which makes the massage slippery (nuru in Japanese  – hence the name). There are specific nuru massage specialists in London, who will come up with the best nuru massage. 


Is sensual massage a proper kind of massage? 

Yes it is! Sensual massage is considered by the experts as a proper full body massage. Every sensual massage in London is tailored to meet your specific requirements in terms of both dynamics of the therapy itself, and erotic and sensual content, to meet the needs of the recipients. 

What are the benefits of sensual massage? 

When you have high quality erotic massage conducted, it has a string of benefits on the recipients. Human touch always has a positive effect on mental and physical health, providing an intense feel-good factor. 

Thus best erotic massage in London willl always provide pleasure, comfort and a sense of well being, which ramps up the production of oxytocin, and reduce the decline of cortisol and adrenaline levels. It drives the recipient in a deep sense of relaxation, bringing in a sync between the mind, body and spirit. 

Are Tantric and Sensual Massages the same? 

Both are essentially the same type of massage, more or less, with slight differences in application and the same objective of exploration of sensuality and sexuality in men and women. 

What are reasons for which sensual massage can be taken? 

 Sensual Massage in Bayswater or anywhere else can be taken, if

  • You are stressed or tense or want an unconditional orgasmic experience and release
  • You have problem in reaching orgasm or having situational anorgasmia
  • You want to satisfying fantasy
  • You  have lack of sexuality in a relationship
  • You are suffering from a sudden increase in libido
  • You are recovering from any sexual abuse 
  • You have lack of sexual skill
  • You are looking to satisfy you sexual needs in the absence of your partner 
  • If you are not in any relationship
  • If you want to feel desired and sensually dominated. 

Thus, before people turn up for erotic massage in Paddington, they may need to need to have these answers for a better understanding. 

If you have any further questions, while looking for the best massage therapist in London, you may ask us. Call Tantric Temple today, to fix an appointment.