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Erogenous Zones That Are Stimulated In an Erotic Massage

In an erotic or a body to body massage, the masseuses stimulate certain parts of your body that are considered erogenous zones. But since there are several of them, the masseuses in Paddington, London and other areas will focus primarily on the ones that help you to relax and feel refreshed. 

Today, we will be discussing these zones where the therapists will apply specialised touch to help restore your libido. Moreover, the erotic massage will help you to become more confident about your body.

Now, let us take a look at the erogenous zones in your body.

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  • Lower Back

In the erotic massage in Paddington, London, or any other area, the masseuse will gently knead your lower back including your hips. This area appears strong but is still vulnerable. So, a soft touch of the hand that glides from your buttocks to the portion beneath your shoulder will give you an unimaginable comfort. Also, during the massage, the therapist will control the pressure applied to your lower back portion depending on your body structure to enhance blood flow on the back.

  • Arms and Armpits

No matter the gender, arms and armpits are the two most vulnerable as well as erogenous areas of your body. So, the masseuses will gently massage these areas as well.

It might start with a tickle in your arm, but soon the soft brushing will stimulate you. Then, you might start feeling a bit vulnerable at first but the out of the world sensation will be one memorable experience indeed.

  • Genitals  

During the body to body massage in London, the masseuses will touch your genitals as well depending on your choice because it is an erogenous zone that will give you the most intense feeling when stimulated. 

The masseuse might touch it and stroke it lightly or give it a soft massage to help restore your libido. 

In fact, you can expect a strong erection that you might not have experienced in a while.

  • Lower Stomach, Navel and the Areola

These two are also highly erogenous zones and if you are looking for a quick turn on, stimulation of these zones will be required. So, the masseuses will use their hands and other parts of their bodies to rub these areas. At the same time, they will also stimulate the areola since this is another erogenous zone that is considered to be extremely sensitive.

When these three zones are worked on in tandem, the feeling that you will get can be termed as ’breath-taking’ in one word.

  • Thighs

Who says that thighs are erogenous only for women? They are sensitive to touch irrespective of your gender and when done correctly by a massage therapist in London, you will be turned on.

The therapists will not just touch your thighs; they will massage it as well using their hands to enhance the circulation on your body. Moreover, a thigh massage will also help you reach orgasms quickly.

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