The Men’s guide to becoming Multi-Orgasmic

How to be a Tantric Multi-Orgasmic Man


Having a breathtaking massage is everybody’s desire. However, for ages, the experiences have been limited by notions of ethics. If you ever thought of massage from this perspective, you probably have been lied to because studies have shown that reliable and beneficial massage grants access to un-accessed parts of your brains. Tantric Massage London has opened eyes for many who have been blind by providing a lasting solution for men’s multiple-orgasm through enhancing their tantric experience.

The essence of multiple-orgasms

Multi-orgasm is not only designed to give you a one-time pressure because Tantric Massage London is determined to make sure you benefit from their e-course. Their course will help you in acquiring essential skills such as training your PC muscles and techniques to last longer in bed for enhancing your sexual life through orgasmic meditations.

Orgasms are feelings of intense pleasure which occurs during sexual intercourse, and at times it is referred to as climaxing. They are essential in marriage life in adding flavor to our relationships and increasing sexual desires between partners. Research has shown that numerous males have experienced more than one orgasm in a single day during their youth. Even though a peak orgasm can drain your energy, Tantric Massage London’s tantric services will enable you to have multiple of them without necessarily recovering. How does that sound? It is the very joyful experience men have looking for.

Meditation and Tantra

The training involves breathing, PC muscles, the brain, harnessing the energy, and maintaining focus. One of the essential tools the agency is aimed at ensuring most clients understand in his type of meditation is the role of PC muscles in ensuring you have more than one orgasm. These muscles x are made of numerous small muscles which are used for helping the urinary bladder to hold urine, and they are located at the lower parts of the pelvis. Training these muscles to communicate with the brain is healthy not only in giving you multiple orgasms but also in preventing prostate cancer. You can control these muscles to help you last longer in bed by preventing premature ejaculation. Our agency, therefore, equips our clients with skills for tantric meditation that enables them to have multiple orgasms.

Ways of discovering sexuality with the tantric massage London team

It is not hard for any man to have many orgasms. Besides, this is proof of masculinity and a way of experiencing optimal pleasure during intimacy. Our agency is dedicated to letting you have a more fulfilling life that encompasses a spiritual realm. Massage is not only a way of relieving you of your day’s stress but also a means of developing your love and conscience. Our agency makes you embrace sexuality in its natural state as ever. It also helps you understand sexual energy to help you in improving your self-esteem.



Achieving Orgasmic Meditation

Part of the route to discover your real sexuality comprehends orgasmic meditation. Our tantric massage therapists assist you to connect with yourself by equipping you with meditation skills. You probably could have across some ancient philosophies about ancient Egyptians and their practices for fertility. It is all about embracing the gift of the naked body during birth and allowing the brain to unlock the most sensual experiences. The act hinges around one’s ability to intimate with the self-releasing sexual energy of its kind.

Have you ever been embarrassed because of premature ejaculation? Men are always in pursuit of gaining that masculine title in their bedroom. Find your purpose at Tantric Massage London who has all the solutions you need to reclaim your masculinity. Studies have shown that most men last for only three to five minutes in bed, well that is not so good since you already have a solution with our agency. These are some of the tips we have for you. Always aim for having fun together and do not think about climaxing, which can be achieved when you slow down the action.


Tantric Massage London is the ideal place to help you reach your orgasm or climax. It is an agency that is committed to helping men regain their vitality in bed through having optimum pleasure in bed. Multiple orgasms are always the route to helping you regain sensual feelings and enjoy the relationship with your partner. Tantric Massage London ensures that these are dreams come true by equipping you with meditation techniques that help your body control ejaculations.

Check out our gallery of stunning therapists to find the right one to help you learn how to be multi-orgasmic.

How to give a Tantric Massage at home

How to give a Tantric Massage at home.

Learn how to give your partner a Tantric Massage like a seasoned pro! read our blow-by-blow description on how to drive your partner wild with passion.


Tantric Massage for Couples


First, it is important to ground and connect yourselves using Tantric Meditations.


Eye Gazing

Once your partner is with you, invite him to sit opposite you in Lotus position and just take a few moments to sit and look at each other in the eyes.

This can be a very transcendental experience, as you both gaze into each other’s eyes, caught in space and time.  Breath together, breathing a natural rhythm of the breath. In and Out, naturally. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

Couples tantric massage

Tantric Heart Connection

Placing your partner’s hand on your heart and your hand on his/her heart, start to connect through the heart.

We have meridians running all through our body those of you that are familiar with Chinese medicine or style massages like shiatsu will be familiar with the meridians. The meridians in our hands link directly to your heart, so you are channeling love from your heart to your partners. Do this for 2 – 3 mins, consciously sending and receiving love.


Tantric Massage

You can then invite your partner to lay facing downwards, as you were about to begin the body worship ritual Tantric Massage.


Joining the Love Chakras with Sex Chakras

kneel next to your partner, softly placing one hand on the top of their back behind the heart chakra and the second hand on the base of their spine, behind their base chakra.


Close your eyes and with all of your concentration channel love from your heart into their body.  Breathe slowly and deeply as you do this. Invite them to join you in breath as they receive your love.


Starting your own Tantric Massage

Moving yourself down to your partner’s feet; do not lose contact with your partner’s body, as you move to their feet so you can walk your hands down their body like cat paws.

When you arrive at your partner’s feet, placing your attention in your fingertips and the palms of your hand, explore and caress their feet. You do not need to be a professional masseuse, just follow your intuition. Moving your hands and fingers into different positions to caress, knead, press, and stroke the feet.


Move into longer deeper strokes along the calf muscles, up the back of the legs until you reach your partner’s thighs. Always breathing and placing full attention in every touch.

Once you have massaged both your partner’s legs thoroughly and you are at the top of your partner’s final thigh, ask him/her to place their attention in their pelvis area and to connect with the muscles in that region.

You can explain to your partner that this is where the base chakra lies, their sexual energy, and encourage them to feel the sensations in the lingam/ yoni.




Practicing to channel sexual energy.

Invite your partner, to connect consciously with his/her sexual energy and start to draw it upwards. As you massage up both legs at the same time in an upward stroke, one hand on each leg, invite them to take a deep breath in, then hold and squeeze the entire pelvis area, on the upward stroke.

Do this breath together in unison.

So, on the upward stroke of both legs, from the ankle to the top of the leg, breathing in and squeezing and holding.

This is the initial stages of learning to harness sexual energy consciously and to channel the energy upwards.

You can do this several times, you will find you are both in rhythm like the ocean waves, great waves of breath and energy flowing upwards.


You can then complete the legs with some light feather strokes, just stroking the backs of the legs all the way up.


Massaging the Buttocks

Moving onto the buttocks, this area can be massaged with a deeper pressure you can use your hands or your elbows and forearms. Do this for however long feels right.!


tantra massage for women


Fusion of sensations

Moving up to your partner’s back, you can reach over for your large feathers and stroking these slowly in upwards motion on your partner’s back. This is the time for the sensation extravaganza, you can use your angel comb, your silk scarfs and a soft stroking and caressing with your fingertips all around their back.


Moving around and sliding in between your partner’s legs, so you are sitting on your knees, you can bend down and breathe a warm breath of air from the base of their spine all the way up to the back of their head.


Use your hands and arms to walk your upper body forwards and leaning down, breathe in your partner’s ear. You can also combine this with whispering words of adoration in your partner’s ear. They will feel the sensation of your upper body, your breasts or chest connecting the very top layer of skin on their back.

It is nice if you can lean on one hand, and use the other hand to caress the back of your partner’s head and run your fingers through their hair as you whisper sweet adorations in their ear.


Next, moving slowly walking your hands backward taking your upper body weight so you can move back down into your original sitting position between your partner’s legs. As you move down, cover your partner’s back with butterfly kisses, also If you have long hair, allowing your hair to silkily snake along their back as you move down their body. You will eventually arrive back kneeling between their legs.


Tantric Back Massage

At this point, you can now apply some oil to your partner’s back and sit across their buttocks to get a good position in for their back massage. Massage rhythmically backward and forwards. Use needing and rolling techniques that are intuitive to you, to relax and soothe their muscles and skin tissue.


tantra key


The key to Channeling Sexual Energy

Whilst you are straddling your partner’s buttocks ask your partner to breathe in and squeeze his/her pelvic floor muscles as you place both of your hands on either side of their spine. In this position massage all the way up their back, to the top of their shoulders and around and down the sides.

Invite your partner to breathe in and squeeze their lingam/yoni as you massage up either side of their spine, ask them to hold and squeeze as you reach the shoulders, and exhale losing the muscles on the downward massage motion.

You accompany your partner with this breath, so you both breathe and squeeze rhythmically together.

This helps activate and charge the sexual energy, channeling it up through the chakras and into the crown chakra, known as the point of bliss.

Repeat this several times, you will feel the sexual energy levels rising.


body 2 body massage


Tantric Body2Body Massage

Once you have massaged your partner’s back for a few moments, apply the massage oil to the front of your body.


You can then straddle with one knee bent on the outside of your partner’s body and the other leg straight between their legs to integrate what is known as a Tantric body slide, part of the Tantric Body2Body massage sequence.


This is known as in Tantric Massage ‘when 2 bodies merge as one.’


Using your hands and arms to support your weight, you softly place your chest on the base of your partner’s spine and move slowly, sensitively, and intimately upwards.


Continue using your body to massage your partner’s back and placing your full consciousness in the magical connection as 2 become one.



As you are massaging your partner gently invite him to take long flowing deep breaths throughout in order to help draw the sexual energy from the root chakra, up the back of the spine to the Crown Chakra.

In Tantra sexual energy is represented as a Cobra, this is known as the kundalini energy. When the kundalini energy is awoken and aroused the sexual electricity travels up the spine to the top of the head connecting with your point of bliss, this can unlock the gates to Tran- sendal bliss.

Perform the Tantric body2body massage for several minutes, or as long as feels right to you, remember this is your dance. Consciously allowing yourself to be open to the pleasure, allow your pleasure to show and to ooze out of you. Loosen your throat chakra and make noise, let your partner know how much you enjoy worshiping his body. Being wild and free is very liberating.

In this moment, nothing else matters, you are the ultimate seductive sexual god/goddess, revealing in orgasmic energy.


To represent the end of the back massage, delay completely still just breathing slowly and deeply together rhythmically.


You can now sit slowly up and ask your partner to turn over.


Foot massage



Starting the Front of your Erotic Tantric Massage


As they turn around you can apply a silk scarf across their eyes they are unable to see you instantly.


Moving around to start your partner’s feet, applying the warm oil and massaging intuitively around their toe’s ankles and up their legs.


Once you reach the top of the thighs, repeating the same technique as before.  You sit in between your partner’s legs and start to massage both legs with each hand upwards. Remember you ask your partner to breathe in on the upper stroke, squeeze the perineum and pelvis and hold and release on the downward.


You move then upwards massaging the abdomen, chest, arms, and hands.


Then for the exciting finale, you perform the body-to-body Tantric massage on the front side of your partner’s body.  When your upper body reaches their face, you can remove the silk blindfold from them and both your eyes will meet.


Ensure that the breath is flowing throughout and the massage strokes are consciously moving the energy upwards.





Sexual Kungfu

In Taoist Tantra, it is believed that a microcosmic orbit surrounds your body, by breathing deeply and squeezing your pelvis rhythmically you can control and circulate your sexual energy. Invite your lover to squeeze and draw the energy up the base of his spine. As time goes by and with practice, he will master this art and be able to hold is sexual life force for extended periods of time.

As you continue to massage their body with your body, both breathing together whilst you consciously caressing and explore him/her, you can cumulate this mind-blowing tantric massage experience with a lingam massage or making love.

It is highly possible that at this point the vibration level in both of your bodies will be utterly lost in rapturous pleasure.

As you cumulate your Tantric Massage, bathe in the ecstasy, and be at one with the universe. Tantric Massage entwines the sexual with the spiritual, nourishing every cell of your being.


tantric massage


Let us know how your Erotic Tantric massage turned out!

Contact us if you wish to learn more of the erotic arts, our directory is packed with Erotic Massage experts ready to help you out.



Sensual Foods and Tantric Massage

Sensual Foods & Tantric Massage

So, you are fed up with the regular kind of relationship with your partner? The fact is that it may be the fault of no one, rather in the approach of loving each other. The relationships do not stay the same with time. What may be making it worse is the conventional way of loving your partner. Thus, you should try something new differently. This is where you should try a tantric massage with sensual food.


Eating the right foods to keeping your libido up

Check out what food you need to eat regularly in your diet to keep your libido high!


What is Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a special kind of body massage that has its roots in Asia. It allows you to feel immense pleasure with special moves. One can experience this ancient spiritual message in different parts of the world. In this massage, a person massages and stimulates your body focusing more on some particular organs such as the vulva and penis. In addition to being an erotic massage, this also involves a lot of mediation, breath tasks, and yoga activities. With its wonderful energetic and spiritual part, it gives an inner peaceful state of mind, thereby promoting healing.

Thus, unlike all other massage types, the tantric massage allows a person to enter into a state of power. It will feel like all the universal forces enter your body allowing you to feel everything. The sensitive touch enters deep into you different layers of your body enhancing the emotional and spiritual feeling. The word tantra has its roots in the Hindu religion with modern tantric massage focusing more on sacred sexuality.

Sexy food and tantric massage

Enjoying Tantric massage with Sensual Foods

What you should prefer next time having a tantric massage is incorporating some juicy food into it. This is going to feel better taking advantage of juicy sensual foods. The concept is not new as people have been utilizing the concept of upraising sensuality using food for centuries. Thus, nourishing the body with several plant foods is a great idea. Humans have been using the plants and their products for healing and nourishing their bodies.

These days the world has changed as we are in a hurry of using hastened means to fill our hunger. Thus, the connection that humans had in the past with these plant food items has been lost somewhere. Thus, eating more plant-based healthy foods will nourish the bodies as using them is quick and simple. This is what sensual tantric massage along with the juicy food items does. This is why tantric massage believes in using raw and unprocessed foods full of nourishment.

This gives you a chance of getting nourished and feeling your surrounding in a better way. This is something like eating with all of your 5 senses. Eating the food this way energizes all of your body and lets you enter into a new world of sensuality. A person feels incredibly well taking the food inside. This improves your relationship with your partner owing to a sensitive and healed body. Thus, the joy and energy that come with the sensual food during a tantric massage are irreplaceable.


What happens after taking the sensual food?

Taking sensual food at the time of a tantric massage helps in several ways. During the massage, the person’s body including sex organs is stimulated and massaged. The juicy food that you take enriches your body and feels good. With the mediation and spiritual work that accompanies it, you enter a whole new world. A person uses all the 5 senses to eat some juicy plant-based food. It improves your health as well as mood. This way you enter into a new level of relationship with your partner. A person can form a more intimate contact with his/her partner.

You can use the technique to form a more intentional and sensual contact with your partner. Many people think massage being a sexual thing only. However, this is not the case as it focuses on releasing energy, relieving your tension, and enter a new state of pleasure. A more spiritual contact is formed with your partner.

sexy fruit


Using sensual food for higher pleasure and a peaceful mind is not a new idea. Our ancients have been using this technique for a long time. In a world where using plant-based and unprocessed products has decreased, tantric massage along with sensual food are reviving it. People use the technique to eat some juicy food with all their senses and entering into a new level of pleasure with their partners.

sexy tantric


What is a Nuru Massage?

What is Nuru Massage?

Hundreds and thousands of people search on Google every month for NURU MASSAGE in London. Nuru massage is the new ‘buzzword’, it has taken over from ‘Tantric massage’. But if your one of these people that like to do your homework first and you want to find out exactly what a Nuru Massage is to know when you are getting the best Nuru Massage in London, then we will furnish you with that very information right here!


Firstly, to give you a little bit of background information, Nuru Massage actually originated in Japan. It was created at a time when sex was illegal and yet people still had human needs that needed to be met, so of course, they found a way around it.


Nuru MassageHow is Nuru Massage different from Tantric Massage?

This website has different sections so you can easily find Nuru Massages or Tantric Massages.

The Nuru Massage itself it’s similar to Tantric massage in the sense that it is ‘the strokes of adoration’. The Massage strokes involved are very slow and sensual. The difference with Nuru massage is the therapists actually use their body to massage your body within the treatment.

They delicately lay their sculpted bodies upon the recipient and skillfully glide slowly and sensually up, down, and around the recipient’s body and it sounds like you are about to be that lucky recipient if you are reading this.

Nuru Gel

Nuru Massage experts use a beautiful natural gel, it is super silky and the ultimate in sensually arousing.


What is this magical Nuru Gel stuff made from?

There are a few different ways Nuru gel can be made, you could even try to make it yourself at home if you are feeling creative.

The Nuru Gel that you buy online are generally the traditional gel.

This will basically be made from extracts of the nori seaweed, combined with beautiful natural healing plant extracts like aloe vera.

They are all made rich in vitamins and very often contain anti-aging oxidants.

Everything in the ingredients is completely natural and full of healing qualities.

There is a wide range of companies that sell slightly different ingredients, but all Nuru Gels have the integral extract of nori seaweed along with plant extracts including Alo vera.


Getting an authentic Nuru Massage

So if you have booked yourself a Nuru massage, make sure that you ask the massage therapist if she will be using the Nuru gel.

If she is using regular massage oil, then this should be a red flag for you that the therapist does not really know what she’s doing.


Best Place to find a Nuru Massage

If you go to therapists’ profiles on the gallery page you can be sure to get yourself a truly authentic Japanese Nuru massage.

As I mentioned before it is important to do your research because Nuru Massages can cost anything between £200 and £300 if it is with the happy ending.

So, let’s say you have consulted The Tantric Massage London’s therapist gallery page, found yourself a perfect masseuse, and made your booking, this is what to expect.


What to expect and in your Nuru Massage.

You will be greeted at the door by a pristinely presented beautiful model like masseuse, she would of course invite you in with a big warm smile.

You will then be encouraged to take a shower as it is highly intimate and much more enjoyable for both parties if one is clean.

Now there are several ways that your Nuru massage can be performed. One is on an air mattress, this is a PVC mattress blown up with a pump a little bit like the kind of bed you would sleep on if you were going Glamping. This of course is a bit of a mission so it is equally as effective to have the Nuru Massage using a PVC sheet or mattress cover that goes over the mattress off the bed.

Some people do prefer to lay on warm fluffy towels so it’s down to personal taste, however, traditionally it is done on a PVC textured cover or mattress to ensure maximum slipperiness and sliddy-ness.


After your shower, you’ll be invited to make your grand entrance and lay upon either bed or mattress as discussed previously. The Nuru Massages normally start with you face down to begin with. The massage therapist will start with a very slow sensual massage on your feet and legs.  The Nuru Massage itself can be tailored to your specific requirements for example; if you have a bad back, be sure to tell your masseuse whether it’s lower back or if you have a sprained muscle somewhere again be sure to tell your masseuse.

Your massage can be a beautiful combination of light and deep strokes and techniques, depending on your needs, everybody’s taste is different.


The Nuru Massage Room

The Massage room will be toasty and warm as will the gel be all extremely conducive to melting slipping, sliding and gliding.

So to continue our journey through your Nuru Massage, masseuse will then move on to your legs, buttocks and so forth.  Now the exciting part that starts to get juicy is when she reaches your buttocks.


Body2Body Massage

Once your masseuse reaches your buttocks she will mount you, yes you heard right she will mount you. The masseuse will nimbly slide up on top of you, sitting straddled across your bottom or around the top of your legs.  At this point, she will start the infamous body-to-body massage techniques that are sensationally oozing with seduction.

Using her arms to support her weight she will place her plump soft breasts upon the tops of your buttocks massaging your buttocks with her breasts in slow delicious circles. She will then expertly glide slowly, sensually and with desire and passion up further up your body.

As this process unfolds you will find your mind becomes a blur as you drift off into the most ecstatic cloud of divine bliss.

Many describe the experience as very much like your two bodies merging into one.  It is an absolutely incredible sensation that everybody deserves the right to experience.

This will continue for quite some time though I’m pretty sure you will completely lose track of time. Time will become an abstract concept long forgotten, as your mind and spirit soar up above the clouds.

They will unfortunately come the time when your masseuse has completed the rest of your back massage and does ask you to turn over.


The front side of your Nuru Massage.

At this point you have the incredible honor of meeting her hypnotizing seductive gaze and casting your vision over her sculpted glistening perfect body. Sometimes the masseuses start at the head and work towards the middle and then they move to the feet and work upwards towards the middle or vice versa.  The sensual massage itself can vary from therapist to therapist, as it can from client’s wishes to client’s wishes. But the important thing is that it ends in the middle of your body around your pelvic area.

She will then again, yes you guessed it! enthusiastically mount you.


More Body2Body Massage.

She will use her breasts to massage your lingam (penis) and work slowly up your body, gliding slowly towards your chest until ultimately tell her cheek rests next to yours and you can feel the soft warmth of her hungrily wanton breath on your neck.


The entire phenomenal experience combined with the lingam massage (penis & genitals massage) which is the ultimate icing-on-the-cake for this insanely liberating, sensation extravaganza.

It is what many have described as divine heaven on earth.


That is pretty much what a Nuru massage in London would consist of.  Varying of course as I’ve previously said from therapist to therapist depending on the client’s particular wants, needs, and ultimately desires.


Book your Nuru Massage now with one of our experts. ! you can whattsapp for an appointment on 07784309637

Tantric Yoga, Tantric Sex & Sexual Energy

The Unique Relationship between Tantric Yoga and Sexual Energy


Is Tantric Yoga the same as sex? Most people erroneously believe that tantra is synonymous with supercharged sex life. On the contrary, tantric yoga aims at enhancing spiritual growth and at the same time strengthening body-mind connection in an individual. Tantric yoga holds that sexual energy is the most concentrated biochemical energy in the body. This energy is imperative for physical wellbeing and the growth of consciousness. For this reason, Tantric yoga does not diminish sexual energy but rather invigorates it, thereby boosting spiritual growth.

Raising Sexual Energy

Sat Kriya is the primary technique Kundalini Tantra designed to raise sexual energy. It is recommendable for everyone on a daily routine. Men who are at crossroads about which yoga technique to use can choose Sat Kriya sessions at Tantric Massage London Team Sat Kriya Session.

Fast facts about tantric yoga:

  • It is a link between yogic practices and numerous meditations.
  • It helps participants get a real connection with themselves.
  • Tantric yoga can be a solo endeavor.
  • It has variations since there different ways to integrate it into your life.
  • You can have a Tantric Massage after Tantric Yoga


Types of Tantra

Tantra is two-fold, that is, white and red. White tantra is practiced solo through the mixing of yoga and meditation. In the recent past, Americans and Europeans have shifted their attention to teachings that blend spirituality and sex to change the sexual relationship to physical ecstasy, a route to personal growth and liberation.


Red tantra, however, is related to sex and aims at orgasm. It also moves sexual energy to the entire body for transformation, healing, and enlightenment. At Tantric Massage London Team, we pride ourselves on tantric yoga with similar outcomes as the red tantra performing with the best Tantric Massages in London.


Benefits of Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga, like Tantric Massage, boasts many benefits such as; improved sleep and self-esteem, diminished anxiety and body pain, a boost in sexual confidence, enhanced intimacy and self-love, and Sat Kriya-tantric yoga treats sexual dysfunctions.


Sexual Energy and Tantric Massage London

How Tantric Massage London team designs Tantric Massage sessions that include Tantric Yoga to raise sexual energy:

First, we stimulate your kundalini through sat kriya. In this manner, we approach your kundalini with both reverence and respect. We cultivate a humble attitude and devotion for trouble-free and peaceful assent of energy through this mantra.

Second, we use vibrations from the mantra to hit the sleeping energy below the spine to stimulate her. Our movements and posture strengthen your sexual energy, directing it upwards for use by the higher centers.


Last, we permit your sat kriya to employ the bandhas (your body locks) to direct your sex energy upwards for spiritual growth.

Let’s get started

To get started for tantric yoga, we advise our esteemed clients to observe the following:

Spend between 5-10 minutes clearing your head before kick-starting the exercise. Ground yourself in your body and observe your breath during this time.


Drink some water to keep hydrated throughout the exercise and keep off or switch off gadgets that may interfere with your concentration. For a client willing to take up lessons from home, we advise that you should clear space to clear up sufficient space by removing obstacles that may increase your anxiety levels. Finally, you can play some soothing music and light a well-scented candle.

Tricks and tips of tantric yoga

Begin at a slow pace since yoga is not all about speed. Be patient as you move from one position to the next. You may not bend to your satisfaction initially: remember flexibility, balance, and endurance are like Rome-they cannot be built in a day. Our dedicated yoga trainers will help you a great deal.


Concentrate on breath because this is the central part of tantric yoga. Your focus should be on the power and quality of breath for the poses. Besides, ensure you are in comfortable attire. Your clothes should not distract your sessions.


Furthermore, the choice of the right partner goes a long way: it is still imperative to have a partner who guarantees you comfort. Remember that tantric yoga can be both intimate and emotional in equal measure.

The bottom line

There exists a stark contrast between Tantric yoga and sex. Tantric yoga aims at strengthening spiritual growth while lignifying body-mind connection. It results in the sexual vigor and spiritual growth of participants. Tantric Massage London team offers the best tantric yoga session in the western hemisphere entwined with Tantric Massage.

We help our customers achieve the best through our professional Tantric Masseuses.


All you need to know about Lingam Massage

Best Lingam Massage Agency In London

The lingam massage is not about orgasm it is about the journey in itself.   The Lingam massage is a whole sequence of techniques, strokes, and moves that massage the whole lingam (penis) and entire pelvis area. The best Massage Agency in London will supply you with a therapist that is highly skilled in this unique form of massage.

Does the lingam have pressure points?Lingam massage

A lingam massage can be a highly orgasmic therapy as well as a healing and nurturing process for the individual. It can be integrated into learning how to cultivate one’s seed. There are pressure points all around the lingam, penis area that promotes vitality and healing throughout the whole body.

Taoist Lingam Massage

Is it possible to learn how to harness and cultivate sexual energy in Lingam massage? Learning to circulate sexual energy can enhance your love-making abilities. In the Taoist traditions, they focus on the microcosmic orbit, which is an energy pathway that circulates around the body, the energy can travel around this circulate, building and re-energizing you.

Why is Lingam massage different from masturbation.?

During a massage session, movement and different techniques of touch provide energetic and orgasmic responses that are different from the usual ejaculation. They result in a kind of “dry” ejaculation known as a full body orgasm, it can also be multiple energetic orgasms. This is where you experience intense pleasure but are not left feeling depleted afterward.
During a Lingam massage, there is a complete integration of sensations: touching helps to spread consciousness throughout the body and focus it in the genital area.

What are the different types of lingam massage?

There are many types of lingam massage, but they are all a combination of many different movements, strokes, pressures, and techniques.
When sensuality and eroticism come into play, opinions sometimes differ widely from one another. For some, sensuality and eroticism have no place in the massage and for others, massage is a highly arousing journey that nourishes the soul. We are from the school of pleasure and believe that beautiful full-body massages or body2body sensual massages should be cumulated with a lingam massage, is heaven itself and should be enjoyed by all.

Advantage of Lingam Massage?

• Spiritual impact
Many men report after a lingam massage that they have not experienced anything like this in their life.
The pleasure spreads in waves from the epicenter in the lingam, penis to other body areas, allowing them to eliminate negative energy, thereby increasing spirituality and inner harmony.
• Promote physical health and relaxation
It provides benefits for mental and physical health and promotes relaxation and relaxation. This practice helps to neutralize the sources of feelings of fatigue and muscle blockage, stress, and eliminate tension.
• Increases potency and improves erectile function.
During a Lingam massage, there are powerful endorphins released into our body that promote a feeling of well-being. The endorphins bring us an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Some of the endorphins are called oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin, dopamine. These natural antidepressants create a sense of well-being, wholeness, and peace; a reduction of stress hormone level – cortisol.
Other benefits are;

• To prevents premature ejaculation.
• It noticeably improves hormonal levels,
• Improves blood circulation, ensuring a stable erection; normalizes lymph outflow.
• Incomparable pleasure.

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How do you find a good tantric masseuse for Lingam Massage?

Simple, consult The best Lingam massage Agency Tantric Massage London, we have listed London’s finest selection of Lingam Massage therapists for you, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

Lingam massage

Things to remember when booking an erotic massage with a lingam massage

• It is essential to have a good shower before starting any session with the masseuse. Luxury showering facilities are available with all the masseuses.
• There are different sessions, and it is best to make plenty of time for your appointment so you are not rushing and stressed.
• Do not worry about your session beforehand you can be sure that all our Lingam Massage specialists are experts and will make you feel calm and welcome. These feelings will then transcend into feeling blissful and joyous, you will leave your therapist completely transformed.


Where is the Best Area in London to get a Lingam Massage?


Bayswater W2 in London is the best place as there are a wide range and variety of masseuses in that area.

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Tantra for Singles

 Tantra for the Singles: Using Tantra To Reunite with Your Body


Are you single and disconnected? If yes, then this article is for you. Here at tantric massage London, we enable you to learn how you can use tantra to reconnect with yourself. While the western culture relates tantra with sexuality and relationships, it is typically beyond that. It’s a mystic and spiritual act that begins by exploring one’s sense of self. In this article, our tantric massage London experts will guide you through the process of reconnecting with yourself using several tantric techniques.


What Does Tantric Masturbation Mean?

Tantric masturbation is considered the most ideal way of experiencing tantric sex, especially for singles. Most tantric sex experts, including tantric massage London, refer to it as a self-pleasure ritual. Usually, it is an energetic exercise to help you reunite with your sexuality and body. That said, instead of focusing on ejaculation or orgasm, this type of masturbation focuses on building up your sexual energy. It fuels your entire body with excitement and pleasant-feeling energy to power you for the rest of the day.


How do I Attain ThisFeel-Good Energy? 

This question is what you’ve been asking yourself. Upon masturbating, exercise getting almost there (orgasm) but not reaching. Get as ‘high’ as possible but master the tricks of preventing orgasm or masturbation from occurring. Doing so will help you pile up critical sexual energy, which is then integrated within your body. This energy brings you stunning advantages to your sex or relationship life.


A Guide to Practicing Tantra Alone

Tantric masturbation is a highly personal experience that allows you to reunite with your entire self. We human beings exist in interdependence with our environment but not in separation. By exploring our bodies and soul, we discover our inner selves. It’s time to look at some of the solitary tantric techniques you can consider.


What Tantric Methods Can I Explore Alone?

You have many choices, but here are some techniques to help you get started. Our Tantric Massage London team will group those approaches into various categories for a better understanding.


Movement and sounds 

Tantric Dance People who exercise tantric methods love dancing. It is not only about moving the body but also a way of expressing creative abilities. Through dancing, you express your emotions and moods. In tantra practice, maintaining a healthy mind-body relationship and dancing is an excellent way of blending mind calmness and body flexibility. That said, we advise you to dance when exercising tantra alone.


  1. Tantric Sounds

When doing it alone, utilize your breath (pranayama) as a way of making tantric sounds. It enables you to feel its healing impact. Besides, tantric sounds send arousal signals when you have a masturbating partner. Here are quick steps on how to make the best out of tantric sounds:

  • Identify a calm environment that doesn’t disturb others and begin to make raw sounds.
  • Let your sound flow naturally while inspecting your vocals for those that need adjustment.
  • Ensure that you feel sound vibrations within the body upon vocalizing.


Tantric Breathing 

  1. The Fire Breath

Fire breathing helps you cleanse your breathing. It energizes and revitalizes you. However, tantric massage London experts recommend avoiding it if you fall in one of the following: pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, or those struggling with vertigo issues. Some of the steps to practicing this technique include:


  • Sit tall and upright and use your nose to breathe in and in.
  • Shorten the breath while picking up your pace. Inhale and exhale at almost the same length and strength.
  • Push the belly while inhaling and pull it when exhaling.


  1. Kickstart Breathing

This type of breathing unlocks your body and its related excitements. It’s good for getting beyond your head into the body.

  • Place fingers against your front side of the neck
  • Identify a hollow, small divot located on your throat
  • Constrict your back throat for a while until you hear whispering sounds.
  • Keep the tension at the back throat to ensure that you continue whispering.
  • At all times, breath through your nose and not otherwise.
  1. Belly Breathing

It is one of the most relaxed and efficient approaches to get air into your lungs. It unconsciously regulates your heartbeat, thus helping you calm down. Belly breathing plays a critical role in attaining ‘the big O’.

  • Lay down on a convenient flat surface
  • Push your belly when inhaling and pull it when exhaling.
  • Breathe alternately (slow and loud)


Tantric Meditation 

This category has two tantra methodologies; the use of symbolic shapes (yantra) and mantra (suggestive words)


  1. Yantra

It involves the use of geometric diagrams such as lotus, squares, and triangles, among others.

  • Draw any diagram of your choice
  • Look at the image keenly to gain the mind’s focus and connect its energy.
  • Meditate on it and fill it with additional elements and color.
  • Appraise the elements you have drawn and their impact on mental, physical, and emotional state.


  1. Mantra

This meditation approach involves the repetition of a phrase or word. It can be done through whispering, chanting, speaking, or repeating it in your mind.



  • Think about any phrase and repeat it during your meditation session.
  • Lean back in a comfy posture and silently repeat the identified phrase.
  • If other feelings or thoughts try to enter your mind, identify them and get back to reciting the identified mantra.

Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga

  1. Kundalini Yoga

This type of yoga combines multiple mystic sounds, yoga postures, symbolic ritual contractions, and gestures of your body’s muscles. It arouses your kundalini (sexual) energy that lies dormant within ourselves.


  1. Conventional Tantra Yoga

This type of yoga combines multiple positions: floor-based and standing positions accompanied by breath-holding. It constructs patience within each of those positions and an innate understanding of the body’s capabilities. For an additional guide on this type of yoga, click here.



Advantages of Performing Tantra Alone 

ü You gain a better understanding of your authentic self.

ü It breaks any sense of confusion, desperation, insecurity, and self-doubt, among other resentments pulling you back.

ü It helps you work out any sexual dysfunction issues that block sensation.

ü It reunites you with your inner self.

ü It cultivates your mental, emotional, and physical intimacy.


Are You Looking for a Tantra Specialist? 

The tantra’s main aim is to help humans learn their true nature and inner selves. Are you afraid to perform a tantra solo? Worry no more as tantric massage London is here to help you through it. Click here and get served by one of our highly qualified massage professionals.



The Art of Conscious Touch in Tantric Massage

The Art of Conscious Touch

The Art of Conscious Touch in Tantric Massage, when one experiences a conscious touch healing in a sensual massage, it communicates infinitely more to the body than spoken words.   When you receive a massage that is performed by a professional Tantric masseuse, you will experience a divine difference in the sensuality of the touch. This is due to the nature of the masseuse’s training and her mindful intention that she channels to you throughout the therapy.

Conscious Touch Can Speak a Thousand Words

The Energy in Conscious Touch

Conscious touch offers a gateway to awakening the life force energy within, connecting heart, soul, and sex.  How will you know when you experienced conscious touch?  If you have a sensual massage with The London Tantric Temple and you have also experienced massages from other therapy centers, you will know the innate difference we are describing. With the crescendo of sensations, you feel almost an electric pulse run through your body as you receive the touch in that moment. With a different style of massage therapy, the masseuses are not following the Tantric path thus not performing a sacred ritual.  A Tantric masseuse uses conscious Touch as she works from a space of true authentic selfless worship of the body.

Conscious TouchYou can experience conscious touch throughout many walks of life, it is not only within a sensual massage.

In fact, any person that touches another, with a loving mindful conscious intention, is touching consciously!  When we talk about conscious touch for the purpose of this article, we are relating it to the use of within a sensual massage.  But conscious touch can come in other forms for example a hug, not just any hug but a heartfelt true hug. The body reacts in such a way on a  neurological level, that our brain releases a chemical called oxytocin into our body. This is what makes us feel loved and connected and is sometimes known as the cuddle hormone.

There is an Indian Guru lady called ‘Mata Amritanandamayi’ if you google her, you will read that she has a huge fan club and travels all around the world with people paying her to hug them!

But the reason these hugs feel so amazing is because she is consciously channeling love at the same time, it is a form of ‘conscious touch’ as the bodies make contact. It is not a hug where her mind and heart are not involved, it is a hug where she consciously holds you within her mind, her body, and her spirit.

Many healers use conscious touch as its healing qualities are profoundly recognized within the results of alternative therapies.

How to give a Conscious Touch Sensual massage to your partner.

Invite your partner into the bedroom after you have created a beautifully soft and warm ambiance for them. Remember that preparation is key when performing a sensual massage at home.

Achieving Conscious Touch Through Mindful Meditation

As you are applying oil to your partner’s body, do not allow your mind to wander onto other things. This can be a challenge for some people as they often experience what we call the ‘monkey mind’ where they are unable to really focus on one thing for long and their mind brings up lots of different subjects jumping from one subject to another.

A proven technique for quietening the ‘monkey mind’ is to use breath and meditation. Start by using a technique called Prana Sukha, this is on a ratio of breathing in for 1 holding for 4, and releasing for 2.  This is one of the simplest Tantric breathes and is known to be the exact ratio for extracting the life force in the breath.   Put your full focus of thought on the feeling of your breath rising up into your nostrils and your chest expanding with the inhalation.  On the exhalation focus your attention on the air leaving through your lips and your chest falling. So, if you breathe in you focus your attention on the breath going up your nostrils and as you breathe out you blow the air out through your lips,  noticing the sensations as the air travels through your mouth and leaves through your lips.

This simple breath will bring you into your body and a very present feeling, off being in that moment and experiencing everything within that moment.

Another great way to experience; to give and receive conscious touch is by using a blindfold. If you are learning conscious touch and are the giver in this instance then by using a blindfold you are removing one of your senses. You will notice that if you start to massage your partner’s body with the blindfold on, it will be like you are touching them for the very first time.   You will experience a touch that is much deeper and more intriguing. When you remove one of your senses the others are heightened.

All of the sensations will be within your fingertips and your palms and you will be utterly conscious of every sensation.

A Conscious Touch Massage blindfolded is a fun and intimate exploration to do with your partner enhancing the loving connection. It opens new channels of communication and is also an excellent way to spend quality time together that is healing for both parties involved.

We invite you to practice touching with true mindful authentic loving intention, within your relationships from here on out.

To be mindful in all walks of life is most beneficial and likely to result in lasting feelings of happiness.  Learn to seize the beauty in the present moment, not only in the touch but in ALL that is.

Book yourself a Conscious Touch Healing Tantric Massage today with one of our therapists Call to BOOK




Best Sex Toy Stores

The Best Sex Toy Stores and Brands

Are you a couple that is struggling with their sex life? If yes, then this article is for you. There are several approaches you can incorporate to revitalize your sexual passion towards your partner. Lucky enough, sex toys are one of the best options you have. However, choosing the best sex toy provider can be tricky. Our tantric massage London team will address the best sex toy stores and brands that you can safely buy sex products from to enhance your sex life. Here is a list of the top 9 reputable sex toy stores:


* Sex Superstore

This sex store allows you to shop for sex toys online. With more than 5,000 lingerie, fetishes, pleasures, and sex toys for various budgets, you can’t miss one that suits you and your partner’s needs. This company provides 24/7 expert customer support and advice through email and live chat. Besides, you can pay through PayPal, credit/debit card, Amazon Pay, and Apple pay. Furthermore, its products have a 30-day return policy and a year warranty.

* We-Vibe 

This sex toy brand primarily focuses on developing innovative sexual products that fit everyone’s love life need. We-Vibe sold about 6 million of its first couple’s vibrators globally. It allows the buyer to use the we-connect application to access its products over their smartphones. Its offices are located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Ottawa. For additional information about We-Vibe, click here.

* Hot Octopuss

This sex toy store creates cutting-edge toys that appear gorgeous and work perfectly for your body needs. This brand believes that sexual expression and pleasure is a critical human right. As a result, it designs sex toys purposely to break taboos surrounding masturbation and sex.

The company takes technologies, materials, and concepts from various aspects of the adult industry. Afterward, it integrates them into its sex toy products. Therefore, regardless of your condition, you can still find a perfect sex toy at Hot Octopuss.

* Sh!

Sh! sex store primarily focuses on women’s pleasure.

It is the first-ever female sex store to be launched in the UK in 1992. Three decades in the industry has enabled its team to develop vast experience in the sector. As a result, this brand designs excellent female pleasure-enhancing sex products for you. Also, they are a trusted source of information regarding sex toys, and their experts provide tailored advice regarding products that can perfectly suit your sexual needs.

* Bondara

This sex store prioritizes its customer’s pleasure. With over 15 years of experience, this brand is safe to deal with and can offer you advice on the best choices concerning sex toys. It sells thousands of exclusive sex toys with appealing designs to meet your needs and those of your partner. Here, sexual excitement is several clicks away.

* Self & More

This brand is an online-based sexual wellness boutique that aims at making you enjoy sexual pleasure unapologetically. It simplifies sex toy shopping like shopping for other self-care items. Its website contains blogposts that address tools and ‘how to’ guides to help you attain a pleasurable sex life.

* Sex Toys UK

This sex toy brand boasts an extensive selection of dildos, anal toys, and vibrators, among others. Regardless of your budget or experience, you can still find an ideal sexual product. Besides, it offers timely customer support and delivers quality products.

* With a Passion

This sex toy store has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. This experience helps it design sex products that can make you run wild due to their pleasure. The store has over 3,000 products offering you a wide variety of options to choose from. Also, its fast and discreet delivery makes it a perfect sex toy brand choice.

* Anya Lust

This brand is inspired by unlimited romance, intoxicating femininity, and decadent sensuality. They offer curated lingerie and sex toy collection to make your life incredibly pleasurable and beautiful.

Best Adult Massage in paddington W2

Do you Want to Experience a Couple’s Tantric Massage? 

Here at tantric massage London, we spice up your sex life with experienced massage techniques, thanks to our experts’ team. Contact us, and book your couple’s massage session.


Your guide to giving the best lingam massage

A Guide to Giving an Awesome Lingam Massage

Are you a lady struggling to heat up things in your bedroom with your man? If yes, then this article is made for you. While it’s good to give your man a mind-blowing hand job, if well undertaken, it increases intimacy, connection and is an excellent way of showing him your appreciation.  Tantric massage London experts will guide you through lingam massage to help you get the best out of your man. So, let’s start.

Lingam Massage

What Does Lingam Massage Mean?

Lingam massage is a sensual massage on a man’s penis. It’s often called ‘lingam worship ritual.’ Lingam massage is designed to foster deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Creating the Scene

Setting a serene environment when giving your man a lingam massage is vital to achieving the ultimate pleasure. Here are several tips to get you on track when setting your massage environment.


  • Soft Lighting: don’t underestimate the impact of lighting. Soft lights enhance relaxation.


  • Gentle Music: songs have a significant impact on ambience. Go for soothing and soft background music.


  • Fragrant Delicate Aromas: the man’s senses are sensitive during a lingam massage. As a result, experts advise you to use scented candles, have flowers in your room, or burn incense to captivate your man’s senses.


  • Massage Oil: Lingam massage sessions get better with massage products. Whether it’s silicon-based lube, oil-based cream, or even massage candles, ensure that you perform a spot test beforehand. Remember to have a towel around to avoid staining your sheets.


  • The ‘little details’: Pay attention to detail, it’s the little things that can sometimes help make things special. You want your lingam massage to be a mind-blowing experience. Such specifics include the room’s temperature, fresh fluffy clean bedding, and plump pillow’s.

Lingam Massage Steps

Step 1: Breath, Relax and Connect

Sit facing and holding each other’s hands. Breathe together as it helps you connect with your partner. You can take off your clothes one cloth at a time while voicing the item you’re taking off, that is, judgement, fear, shame, and stress etc.


Step 2: Position Yourself Strategically

You can opt to sit closely next to him on a sofa or bed. Alternatively, you can kneel down in front of him and let him open his legs. You can change your positioning until you find one that suits both of you.


Step 3: Start Massaging

Let your man lay on his back while facing upwards. Massage him until he’s relaxed. Hold his lingam (penis) decisively while placing the other hand around his heart. Use massage oil and let the party begin.


Step 4: Skiing Stroke

Hold his penis side by side using both hands. Massage it while alternating your movements. Try applying different pressure levels and speed while carefully monitoring his responses.


Step 5: Shiatsu Stroke

Tenderly press his lingam using your index fingers and thumbs, and release it afterwards.Move down or up about one centimetre, depending on where you had held originally and repeat the process. Here, don’t focus on how erect or flaccid his penis is.


Step 6: Frenulum Stroke

Gently massage his frenulum located beneath his penis head. This massage stroke is exquisite for moving inward and moderating the meditative moment. Circle the frenulum in all directions using your thumb and index fingertips.


Step 7: Screwdriver Stroke

As the name suggests, this stroke replicates screwdriver movement. Circle his penis robustly using both hands. Turn them around softly in the opposite directions. Don’t squeeze his penis hard. This stroke gives your man a revitalizing and distinctive sensation.


Step 8: Crossed-Prayer Stroke

Interlace your fingers like you’re praying and worshipping your man. Open and slide your thumbs down and up along both sides of your lover’s penis at different speeds.


Benefits of Lingam Massage

Why should you give your man a lingam massage? Is it worth it? Of course, yes, you should. Here are its benefits:

  • Increased intimacy
  • Extraordinary sexual satisfaction
  • Relief of physical, mental, and emotional ailments
  • More intense orgasms


Where Can I Get a Lingam Masseuse?

You can engage your partner in lingam massage. However, if you want a professional lingam masseuse, choose from any of our stunning experts and drop us a line. THERAPIST GALLERY