Visiting Massage London

The London Tantric Temple offers a Visiting Massage London Service. If You have just arrived at your hotel after a long car drive or perhaps a long flight, with not enough leg room, exhausted and depleted! Just call our number 0203 773 8374 and we will immediately send one of our elite team across the metropolis to tend to your needs. She will transform your tired and aching body into a rejuvenated and invigorated one.

Visiting Massage Agency

Visiting Massage London Service

Some of the more popular massage treatments include. Relaxing Sensual massage, the Sacred Tantric massage journeys, Body2Body massage, 4 Hand Massage, our signature Erotic Massage and of course not forgetting Couples Sensual Massages are of course available.

5 * Outcall Visiting Massage Agency

We invite you to go on a powerful sensual journey, down a mystical pathway that leads to the gates of pure unadulterated pleasure. One of our elite team of erotic massage specialist will arrive at your hotel door within an hour.

On arrival our charismatic beautiful model masseuse will give you a small consultation, in order to bespoke the session around your exact personal desires.  She will then ask to use a private space such as your bathroom whilst she makes all necessary preparations.  She will then emerge in the suitable attire, an image of unrequited beauty and seduction. This is where you will begin your exotic erotic massage journey and will be transported into a world where you feel the king of the world. 

Your personal Visiting Massage Therapist, this beautiful goddess will caress and soothe your aching muscles, she will use sacred Tantric sex arts to invoke the waves of passion to writhe through your body, small ripples, to great waves of energy unleashed.

During a visiting outcall massage service, you will learn new things about yourself and your bodies reactions and capabilities to receive new found pleasures.

Sexual energy is referred to as your Kundalini energy in Tantra, as she turns your body into a deity worshipping every inch of your being, your kundalini energy over flows in a fountain of unrivalled pleasure, pleasure upon pleasure.

 After you have received your sensual tantric massage by your visiting masseuse you will notice long-lasting effects from the erotic massage that lasts for days. Your eyes will shine, your skin will glow, your creative energy will be exploding and you will find yourself excelling in your profession.

People will be drawn to you, to your powerful charisma that is generated by the erotic massage, activating the parts of the brain that laid dormant previously.

 Do you not deny yourself of your right to receive the ultimate in pampering, call for an outcall visiting massage today with London’s elite team of specialists.

We offer a five star Visiting Massage service for elite ladies & gentlemen.

Be sure to call our booking team and make your appointment today 0203 773 8374.

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The Best Naturist Massage in London

Best Naturist Massage in London with Lexie.

Hi my name is Jim and I am going to tell you about one of my sweetest memories! About 2 months ago I decided to visit London! My friend was very involved in the naturist community and had suggested I take a naturist massage whilst In London.

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Penelope : Tantric Erotic Nude Massage in Edgware Road W1

NEWS FLASH : welcome our latest Therapist Penelope  Click here for full profile

Experience supreme indulgence with the Stunning ‘PENELOPE’ bringing to you her personal style of Body to Body Nude Massage in Edgware Road W1

tantric massage therapist

Click image to see Penelope’s Full Gallery.

Tantric Nuru Naked Massage by our newest edition Penelope!
Based in Harcourt Street W1 4HE.
Travel information : nearest tube is Edgware road and Baker Street Station.

Are you visiting Edgware Road or Baker street or Central London in general?

You must treat yourself to a luxurious Sensual Erotic Body to Body Massage Experience with one of London’s most skilled Erotic Massage experts the gorgeous Penelope.

We have Beautiful therapists all across London offering Tantric Nude Massage, but Penelope is our latest temptation for you.

The sultry seductive Penelope offers sensual massage, erotic massage, tantric massage, nuru massage, body-to-body massage, aqua massage and a full range of nude body to massages.

Penelope is not only a beautiful pearl she is charismatic charming and very alluring.

You will enter the realms of heaven on earth in Penelope’s private massage salon in Edgware Road W1 for the elite ladies and gentlemen of London.

Penelope’s exotic massage menu is created with diversity and creativity offering a unique fusion of modern massage combined with the traditional sacred ancient erotic teachings of Tantra.

Penelope is a sizzling hot Spanish Señorita, she has legs that never end, and a naughty twinkle in her eye.

She is 5’7, 34D-24-34 26,  26 years old.

A little personal information for you enjoyment Penelope is a fitness enthusiast who loves to travel to new and exotic places.

All Our massage therapists are highly trained and graceful to perfection, providing you with the height of customer service in all aspects of your experience.

Great reasons for a massage with Penelope.!

Winter Blues

If you suffer from the winter blues massage really is the answer!!

Especially in those dark winter months, as the dark damp evenings set in, it has a significant effect on our general health and wellbeing. The winter blues are a real thing and sensual erotic massages can break that pain and set you free, they will activate your happy endorphins and send them running wild through your system.

Getting the best massage

If you are a visitor to Edgware Road, Baker Street or indeed Central London, you need to do your research as there are many therapists around offering unskilled massage for low fees, you pay less but however leave feeling disappointed and cheated.

Don’t do that to yourself, come and see our uber sexy Penelope, see her gallery for more pictures and treats.

Body to Body Nude Massage Baker Street W1

London Attractions, along with the sizzling Penelope of course!

There are many attractions in London to see, London is a metropolis of shops, bars, restaurants and of course secret little pleasures, but none of them top a nude massage of nothing less than pure bliss with our latest sensual masseuse.

*Our beautiful Penelope at the London Tantric Temple offers an unforgettable, Cherishing and the utter ultimate tantric massage experience*

Based Edgware Road / Baker Street W1*

London Massage Locations

The London Tantric Temple have multiple locations dotted all around central London not just in Edgware Road or Baker Street W1.  Little havens of pleasure, offering sensual and erotic massage just for you, we have a full range of massage therapists in all nationalities age and size, there is someone for everyone.

Our Massage Therapy’s are relaxing, invigorating journeys, replenishing as well as unforgettably pleasurable.

We offer total full body massage using warm delicious hand blended oils and massage gel.

Massage the healing power of touch rejuvenates and balances your mind body and soul.

Every one of our masseuses is extraordinarily prepared, having all the exotic qualities to bring you complete unparalleled pleasure so if you are not in Edgware Road and need a different location just take a peek at our full therapist gallery.

Also an Out-Call Body to Body Massage Service.

If you do not have time in your hectic schedule to get to Penelope’s luxury pad, don’t worry your goddess offers a luxury outcall massage service to Central London Hotels where she turns your room into a paradise of bliss.

Here are 5 Health Benefits from a Body to Body Massage with our newest beauty Penelope who is just waiting to make your dreams come true.

Relaxed Muscles.

Sensual Massage really gets into unwinding those tight aching muscles and gives you a floating lose fluid feeling that kneads away all those pains. Penelope is an expert in massage she can give you a bespoke treatment, being gentle in the areas needed and firmly needing into those deep aches and pains. Soon your muscles will be putty in her hands.

Curing Headaches

Migraines and headaches can come on when you have tight muscles in the shoulders, neck and back. Of course there are other contributing factors for example dehydration and stress but guess what all these can be cured with a blissful nude massage.

You will be offered a glass of water to get the fluids back into you and then massaged into sheer heaven and beyond, the headache will soon become a distant memory.

On a chemical level the pleasure you receive sends little signals to your brain to release and increase the production of dopamine in your system.

Improved Digestive System

Through gentle massaging movements around your abdomen area you can get everything flowing again and unblock your tubes. This helps your digestive system work more smoothly and function with a higher efficiency.

Sleep better at night

Do you have trouble sleeping? you will be astounded at the quality of sleep you get after a beautiful sensual massage with Penelope, it will be the best nights sleep you have had in years.

Your mind will be at peace and you will have an overall feeling of happiness leading to; you guessed it a blissful night’s sleep!

Penelope : balancing your Mind, Body and Soul.

Tantric Massage in MayFair W1 Central London

Mayfair W1
Mayfair W1K Tantric Massage Parlour

Feeling stressed? Disconnected?

Let us transport you to another state with an indulgent, enlightening tantric massage at London Tantric Temple Situated in the heart of Central London Mayfair W1K.

So the next time you are in Mayfair don’t hesitate to give us a call, Mayfair is a very elite and upscale area of London, as you will find our therapists are when you visit our beautiful and classical premises for a relaxing tantric massage.

Our tantric massages go beyond a traditional massage. Traditional therapeutic massages are focused on relieving muscle tension and creating a sense of relaxation. Tantric massages greatly enhance the massage experience by both relaxing and stimulating your senses.

We blend these two very different styles of healing into one incredibly pleasurable experience. Using varying strokes and touches, we will relax you and reignite your sense of pleasure.

We have been pampering London’s Mayfair clients for years. Our company prides itself on offering award-winning services and providing an ethical experience for our customers. Tantric Temple masseuses are carefully selected and fully trained. Each masseuse is passionate about tantra and committed to conveying a sense of warmth and connection to each customer during sessions. Our masseuses are friendly, and will help you feel comfortable. We respect the health and safety of each of our clients and have designed our tantric massage experience with your comfort in mind. Our masseuses act in the most professional manner while still creating a deep connection with you.

Our Mayfair Tantric Temple masseuses are beautiful and our authentic company photography reflects the true beauty of our employees. Not only are the Mayfair W1 Tantric Temple masseuses outwardly beautiful, but they are sincerely positive people whose inner beauty shines brilliantly. Each masseuse is an expert in the art of tantric massage, and her goal is to help you feel at ease for your massage.

Tantric massage allows you to carve out time for yourself, away from the stressors of work, family, and daily life. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You will leave your massage session feeling both relaxed and invigorated. The art of tantra allows you to reconnect with another warm person. This is very healing for our clients in our disconnected society. Your masseuse will create a sense of intimacy and connection, and in her capable hands, you will feel your connections strengthening and stress dissipating. You will be glad you decided to make the choice for your body and soul to be rejuvenated.

Your personal Mayfair W1 Tantric Temple masseuse will also help you reconnect to your own body. The trained sensual touch will release your tension and help you develop a better understanding of your body’s own wants and needs. You will leave your session with a greater appreciation of your body and a stronger connection to your body’s pleasure zones. There will be an emotional tension release as well through your deep tissue massage.

Many of our Mayfair clients prefer the art of tantric massage over sexual experiences and over the services of an escort. The tantric massage is purely a sensual experience, it helps to retrain your body to receive pleasurable touch. Your body contains many sensual elements that may have been neglected for some time.

Your Mayfair Tantric Temple massage will teach you to treasure your whole body. Since the focus is on your entire body, unlike some therapeutic massages, the experience entails total nudity for both masseuse and client. Tantric massage teaches self-love and reverence for the sacredness of your body, never self-doubt or concealment. This seductive environment will leave you feeling renewed and your senses aroused.

Our masseuses keep the mood lighthearted and fun, keeping you relaxed and comfortable. Laughter is welcome in your tantric massage session.

Step away from the worries and stresses of your hectic life, and treat your body and soul to a tantric massage. You will not regret taking this time to relax and reinvigorate your body.

Come visit our lovely Mayfair massage parlour, or we can come to you. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or hotel room, we offer an executive Outcall Massage Service. One of our beautiful masseuses can come to you, bringing massage oils, relaxing music, candles, and a beautiful spirit. Enjoy your tantric massage where you are most comfortable.

For the ultimate sensual, relaxing experience, book a tantric massage with London Tantric Temple today. Serving you will be an absolute pleasure.

London Tantric Temple situated in Mayfair W1K London

Sensual Massage London

tantric massage london logo

Sensual Massage London

With life being quite busy and also stressful, sometimes we all need to take a bit of time out. Having a sensual massage London is one of the many ways that you can unwind. However, it is certainly one of the best ways to relax and the trained masseur knows exactly how to give you the best service possible.

There are many parlours to choose from in London which will suit a wide variety of needs and tastes: there will always be something to suit your preferences. Having a sensual massage London will make you enter a state of complete bliss and feel at one with all your feelings. You can feel a sense of enlightenment after having a sensual massage London and you will see the world differently which really improves the quality of your life.

Sensual massages soothe every ache and pain that you have and make you feel nice and commensurate with all your feelings. It is a sort of spiritual method which exhumes and exonerates all the ghosts from your past and opens the doors to a bright new future where you take advantage of every opportunity which is open to you. The masseurs are specifically trained to develop a great rapport with you and make you feel at ease the moment you walk through the doors. Having a sensual massage in London can really change your life.

Sensual MassageEnjoy a Full Body Sensual Massage in London

Sensual massage London employs the ancient and sacred art of Tantra, which involves the liberation of consciousness from the body. Our team of experienced sensual massage therapists ensure that you have a prolonged session of mental, spiritual, and physical release. A tantric massage is very useful for those individuals suffering from fatigue, back aches, and stress.

Our facilities offer a cool, inviting, and relaxing ambiance that ensure our clients enjoy every second of the sensual massage they pay for. Sensual massage London promises to give a life changing, pleasurable, and mind-opening experience.

There are many massage parlours in London. However, not many provide the feeling of empowerment, release, expansion, and healing as the London Tantric Temple.

The team of masseuses are trained to serve, nurture, and give. Hence, our customers experience a prolonged session of satisfaction because the music, ambiance, and state of the art facilities give the customers a sense of comfort, relaxation, and belonging.

You have the option of choosing any of our wide variety of expert masseuses that are gentle, caring, and pleasure-oriented. They are trained to stimulate the nerve endings on the body while relieving tension in the muscles through various strokes of a tantric massage. Enjoy this blissful experience by savouring the sensual art of touch. We offer one hour sessions so the pricing is fairly fixed because our customers pay for time.

Our testimonials are proof that sensual massage London is worth your time and money. Most of our clientele are retained customers who discovered the secret to staying energetic by taking a little time of their schedule to enjoy a revitalising sensual massage session. Tantra involves weaving together the different aspects of life in a sacred, loving and pleasurable manner. Book a session today, choose the masseuse of your liking and feel the magic of Tantra in London. We promise that you will relish every minute of the full body massage.

If you are looking for an effective way to de-stress, Sensual massage is one of the best things to opt in this regard. A deep sense of relaxation can be achieved using this treatment within short span of time.

Whether you are a corporate person or an athlete, almost everyone nowadays bears the pressure of performing well, handling the overflow of work, managing hectic schedules and so on. This kind of a stressed life does not only reduce your potential of working effectively but also make you become depressed and irritated with life. As a result, you live without any motto, happiness or excitement. Such situations can be avoided by a treatment that can make you energetic by releasing your entire stress.

What is Sensual Massage London about?

The techniques that are utilized by a Sensual Massage London therapist are based upon the ancient form of bodywork that has been passed on through the ages. Utilizing a holistic approach that encompasses the sensual and erotic nature of humankind, the therapists are trained to understand the needs of the body. The natural beauty of the body is explored and applied to provide a healthy balance of emotions within the mind. Using effective tools to provide relaxation, the experienced therapist will professionally prepare you for a busy day of meetings that lie ahead. With a clear sense of calmness, natural confidence will result in better value for the participants.

When a couple opts to get a sensual massage together, it can be a verysensual massage london intimate and sexually liberating affair. On principle, sensual massage is very sensual by nature. Every stroke is designed to greatly relax your body while keeping your mind at high alert. You will feel every touch; every stroke, and this will expand your pleasure pathways, thus making you more comfortable with intimacy. A Sensual massage for men may be a very discreet and pleasurable affair, but when it is elevated to a couples massage, the level of intimacy multiplies immensely.

This experience will act as a guide to a couple’s sexuality. It will heighten their intimacy levels and increase their sexual awareness towards one another. As a new experience, having your partner there with you can be an eye opener. You will become more comfortable in your own self and in one another’s sexuality. This is a wonderful thing to share. It is highly advisable for those partners who have never received a sensual massage to choose separate rooms at first. This will allow them to concentrate on their own pleasure first. Later on, they can share the same experience with their partner in the same room. It is all about liberating the highly sexual being within yourself and in your partner.

The full body massage is all encompassing with the giver starting from the head to the toes, covering every bid of the receiver’s body while sensual relaxing music is playing in the background. Once the receiver is completely relaxed only then does the giver massage the yoni.

Receiving a yoni massage helps with the healing process as far as painful and irregular menstruation is concerned.- It helps increase the receivers sexual appetite by opening up a whole new world of knowledge to them. They realize that there is much more about their ‘sacred space’ that they do not know and the amount of pleasures that can be achieved given the right type of manipulation.- Due to the level of trust developed with the giver, a yoni massage can help the receiver develop a better trust and intimacy with their life partners and other human beings in general.- Helps the receiver develop a much deeper respect for their own sexuality and might eventually reduce cases of infidelity due to the newly found sanctity that their ‘yoni’ demands.

As mentioned earlier, it is only natural that such an intimate process will invite unwanted attention with the armatures, using it to achieve their own disrespectful means contrary to what was originally intended. But once you get a professional practitioner, the benefits (both physical and spiritual) are unrivaled.

Sensual Massage London ~ London Sensual Massage ~ Sensual Massage in London

Tantric Massage In Central London

Tantric Massage In Central London

Tantric Massage in Central LondonTantric massage is one of the greatest experiences you can have and one of the best places to get one is London. With lots of different therapists to choose from, this city is the perfect place to get a Tantric massage. In fact, one area of this international city is known around the world for this form of sensual massage. Tantric massage in central London is the perfect place to have your first session. If you are not sure what to expect, here is a little information on Tantric massage in central London.

Just like a traditional massage parlour, you will find establishments in central London to be set up very similar. Unlike a traditional massage, Tantric massage is both sensual and relaxing. This form of massage therapy has been practiced for hundreds of years and recently it.

Tantric Massage in Central London

Tantric massage has been used, throughout history, for medical and erotic purposes.

Central London is the Mecca, the International Global heart of England. If you visit Central London be sure to seek out a Tantric Temple and treat yourself to an amazing gift, A TANTRIC MASSAGE IN CENTRAL LONDON. Part of a Tantric Massage that you can find in Central London is a delicious full naked body massage, the main idea behind this practice that combines sexual energy with traditional massage techniques is to awaken the seven energy centres.

The energy centres, also known as chakras, are located along the spine. The masseuse aligns these to release the energy stored within, allowing blocked energy to unravel and flow throughout the body; from the base of the spine and rising throughout the rest of the body. When finding a Tantric massage in Central London, there are health benefits that can be achieve such as improved breathing and relaxed body and mind can be drawn from tantra massage.

Tantric Massage in Central LondonLondon Tantric Massage Centres often have session that usually combine with breathing techniques, these are called pranayama,. The aim is to move energy throughout the body more effectively. A regular performance of the combination improves alertness and exercising capabilities. Improved relaxation and breathing are also known to improve the healing time from diseases and injury.

On relaxing the body and mind, tantric massage can be used to relieve emotional pain. Many people have reported reduced feelings of guilt and fear a receiving a tantric massage. Some people have also said that they feel more alert and energetic. With this, they are more active during the day and have a sound sleep at night.

Lovers can derive immense benefits tantric massage when used a method of creating sexual arousal. When performed between couples, the technique is beneficial in strengthening their connection and lead to a more intimate moment. Sexual arousal can also happen when getting a tantra massage from a professional. In such case, it is important to inform the masseuse of any feelings of intimate sensations that make you uncomfortable.

With tantric massage, people with sexual problems such as low libido and premature ejaculation, are able to enjoy optimum sexual pleasure. This is mainly due to how slowed down and focused the process is; much less than how we are used to. The improved breathing techniques also has a role to play in the control of men’s sexual performance, as far as tantric massage is concerned.

Whenever in the need for some therapy, just to release tension and stress, or whether you need some sensual and erotic therapy, professional tantric massage is the way to go. In the UK, the city of London is known worldwide for this kind of massage.

Tantric Massage in Central London offers the finest and complete erotic massage therapy. This is the place to find extensively experienced and sexy masseuses that will offer you a wide range of tantra style massage services. With a wide variety of therapists to choose from, tantric massage in London will not only give you an unforgettable experience but also leave you energetic and rejuvenated.

London Tantric Massage ~ Tantric Massage in Central London ~ Massage in Central London ~ Tantric Massage

Visiting Massage London

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Visiting Massage London

Visiting Massage AgencyInternational Institute of Tantra offers a Visiting Massage London Service You have arrived at your hotel after a long car drive or perhaps a long flight, with not enough leg room, exhausted and depleted! Just call our number and we will immediately send one of our elite team across the metropolis to tend to your needs. She will transform your tired and aching body into a rejuvenated and invigorated one.

Visiting Massage London Service

The London Tantric Temple, the International Institute of Tantra is proud to offer a 5 star visiting sensual visiting massage service. We offer and easy and efficient booking service, just call one of our delightful receptionists who will answer all your questions and help you decide which is the best therapist and treatment for you, she will arrange this and send one of our beautiful and talented therapists immediately!

All Our visiting massage therapists have been trained and deliver nothing but the epicurean of a breath taking experience and each are qualified in a wide range of therapies so you can be sure she will be able to cater for your exact specific needs. Please ensure you ask our receptionists, who are there to answer your questions, and ask who offers the different massage styles if you have a particular preference. Some of the popular styles include. Sensual Tantric massage, Body to Body massage, Four Hand Massage, Erotic Massage and Couples Sensual Massage.

Visiting Massage agency5 Star Visiting Massage Agency

Experience an intense and unique initiation into the wonders and mystical sensual secrets through a tantric massage Journey. One of our professional and elite team will arrive promptly at your hotel, She will begin by creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere with candles, dimming the lights and a few little tweeks. she will then disappear into your bathroom whilst she prepares herself. Re appearing in an evocative and sensual apparition of unrequited beauty, enticing you to begin the exotic journey and turning your body into a deity to be worshipped.

Her hypnotising eyes and delicate touch will caress and sooth away your worries and cares, she will use a variety of techniques, some very soft , some deep and intense, evoking waves of kundalini energy washing over your body. Kundalinin energy spoken of in Tantra is our sexual energy, this is a very powerful energy that once unleashed and channelled can activate the parts of our brain that produce creativity, courage and a feeling of well being and balance. It is mother natures most powerful energy that creates life all over the planet it is the reason we all exist.

Tantric massage galleryThis connection with our own powers allows every single one of us to tap into our own resource of creativity and life force, to access realms far beyond seeing and touching. The London Tantric Temple has been providing an unparalleled service for over a decade and has worked with people from all walks of life. We provide stunning therapists who are professionals and dedicated to their roles. For first class body-pampering call The London Tantric Temple for your visiting masseuse to come to your hotel room and give you the very best sensual massage that London has to offer.

Sensual Tantric Massage ~ Body to Body Massage ~ Four Hand Massage ~ Erotic Massage ~ Couples Massage ~ Sensual Massage ~ Visiting Massage Agency ~ Visiting Massage London ~ Visiting Massage Service ~ London Tantric ~ Visiting Massage in London