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All you need to know about Lingam Massage

Best Lingam Massage Agency In London

The lingam massage is not about orgasm it is about the journey in itself.   The Lingam massage is a whole sequence of techniques, strokes, and moves that massage the whole lingam (penis) and entire pelvis area. The best Massage Agency in London will supply you with a therapist that is highly skilled in this unique form of massage.

Does the lingam have pressure points?Lingam massage

A lingam massage can be a highly orgasmic therapy as well as a healing and nurturing process for the individual. It can be integrated into learning how to cultivate one’s seed. There are pressure points all around the lingam, penis area that promotes vitality and healing throughout the whole body.

Taoist Lingam Massage

Is it possible to learn how to harness and cultivate sexual energy in Lingam massage? Learning to circulate sexual energy can enhance your love-making abilities. In the Taoist traditions, they focus on the microcosmic orbit, which is an energy pathway that circulates around the body, the energy can travel around this circulate, building and re-energizing you.

Why is Lingam massage different from masturbation.?

During a massage session, movement and different techniques of touch provide energetic and orgasmic responses that are different from the usual ejaculation. They result in a kind of “dry” ejaculation known as a full body orgasm, it can also be multiple energetic orgasms. This is where you experience intense pleasure but are not left feeling depleted afterward.
During a Lingam massage, there is a complete integration of sensations: touching helps to spread consciousness throughout the body and focus it in the genital area.

What are the different types of lingam massage?

There are many types of lingam massage, but they are all a combination of many different movements, strokes, pressures, and techniques.
When sensuality and eroticism come into play, opinions sometimes differ widely from one another. For some, sensuality and eroticism have no place in the massage and for others, massage is a highly arousing journey that nourishes the soul. We are from the school of pleasure and believe that beautiful full-body massages or body2body sensual massages should be cumulated with a lingam massage, is heaven itself and should be enjoyed by all.

Advantage of Lingam Massage?

• Spiritual impact
Many men report after a lingam massage that they have not experienced anything like this in their life.
The pleasure spreads in waves from the epicenter in the lingam, penis to other body areas, allowing them to eliminate negative energy, thereby increasing spirituality and inner harmony.
• Promote physical health and relaxation
It provides benefits for mental and physical health and promotes relaxation and relaxation. This practice helps to neutralize the sources of feelings of fatigue and muscle blockage, stress, and eliminate tension.
• Increases potency and improves erectile function.
During a Lingam massage, there are powerful endorphins released into our body that promote a feeling of well-being. The endorphins bring us an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Some of the endorphins are called oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin, dopamine. These natural antidepressants create a sense of well-being, wholeness, and peace; a reduction of stress hormone level – cortisol.
Other benefits are;

• To prevents premature ejaculation.
• It noticeably improves hormonal levels,
• Improves blood circulation, ensuring a stable erection; normalizes lymph outflow.
• Incomparable pleasure.

Booking your Lingam massage with London’s best Massage Agency.

All our therapist’s photos are genuine and up to date, so you can be sure that the lingam massage therapist you pick on the website will be the therapist that greets you warmly at the door.
Having regular Lingam Massages has many benefits and is completely normal it should not be seen as a luxury, it is essential.

How do you find a good tantric masseuse for Lingam Massage?

Simple, consult The best Lingam massage Agency Tantric Massage London, we have listed London’s finest selection of Lingam Massage therapists for you, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

Lingam massage

Things to remember when booking an erotic massage with a lingam massage

• It is essential to have a good shower before starting any session with the masseuse. Luxury showering facilities are available with all the masseuses.
• There are different sessions, and it is best to make plenty of time for your appointment so you are not rushing and stressed.
• Do not worry about your session beforehand you can be sure that all our Lingam Massage specialists are experts and will make you feel calm and welcome. These feelings will then transcend into feeling blissful and joyous, you will leave your therapist completely transformed.


Where is the Best Area in London to get a Lingam Massage?


Bayswater W2 in London is the best place as there are a wide range and variety of masseuses in that area.

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